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I haven’t felt like posting lately …

No reason ..

Well.. there was an issue involving coffee and my laptop but that’s been fixed..

I’ve been trying to get my sleep schedule back to something relatively normal .. not that I’ve been successful but being on the laptop all night doesn’t help any ..

But anyway..

Nothing major is going on .. nothing major has changed .. just going with the flow and almost managing the damage!! LoL!!

The situation with Baby Faith is still the same .. the original lawyer said that getting custody of her was going to be an up hill battle but didn’t seem to want to fight the good fight .. so another lawyer has been approached.

Let me tell you something tho .. Faith is one sweet, sweet baby. Yesterday I babysat for her for a few hours and she’s such a sweetheart and I swear she was giggling at my feeble attempts to change her diaper!

There was also a minor issue with Chief’s twin brother Sarge.

I’m not particularly fond of him because I can see right through him. He isn’t interested because he’s interested, he’s interested to get gossip. He doesn’t do anything unless it gives him some kind of leverage. He also has to have the latest and greatest and biggest and better. It’s stupid. It’s pathetic.

He also lies. A lot. About nothing..

Last week, him and his wife went to see Baby Faith. They didn’t go because they were excited to have her in the family, they wanted to go because Bird posted Faith’s picture and a fairly cryptic message on Facebook. He wanted to leave almost as soon as he got there.

Anyway.. Sarge’s stepdaughter is getting married this summer. Something her mother is over the moon about because she never thought her daughter would get married. Not going to go into the reason why but if you saw her, you’d understand why her mother was so excited.

Before I go further.. let’s get a time line here.

Last time I saw the bride to be? Never. Never met her. Never met her fiance. Although we are “friends” on FB, she never responded to any message I ever sent her congratulating her on her engagement or the sympathy note I sent when her aunt died. Her fiance is actually very nice. We post back and forth on FB.

Last time I saw or spoke Sarge’s wife? Last Christmas. Not the 2010 Christmas.. the 2009 Christmas. BEFORE her daughter got engaged.  I did send her a message after I found out her sister in law had died and she did respond thanking me. That’s it.

Last time I saw Sarge? A few months ago.. way before we closed the shop. I did wish them a Merry Christmas and  Happy New Year but never got a response back.

So imagine my surprise when Sarge pulled out his violin and started whining to Bird that me and Chief were mad at him and he has no idea why we were mad at him..

So imagine my surprise when Bird tells me that while they were discussing the upcoming wedding and it dawns on Bird that they are getting married on my birthday. Sarge’s wife insists that I told her that I definitely confirmed that I was going to the wedding.

Now.. let me make something even clearer here..

Since I don’t know this girl.. and have never met her.. I wasn’t under the assumption that we were even going to get invited. What started out as the swanky dreams of a newly engaged bride to be who wanted THE best of everything turned into a reception in a fire hall so.. yknow.. who knew if we were going to get invited or not.

So for me to say that I was I definitely going was a lie. For me to say that to someone I haven’t spoken to in over a year is a lie.

And I don’t like liars.

Liars and Thieves.. two things I despise the most and he’s both.

So ..

I happen to tell Chief that we are going away that weekend for my birthday. He was fine with it.. he doesn’t like his brother anymore then I do .. I will still send something to the bride because it’s the only right thing to do and I would have gone to the wedding if I was invited .. but not after now.

Am I wrong?

.. ok.

So August 28th, Chief and I are going to Washington DC for the Restore America Rally at the Lincoln Memorial.

NOTE: Honestly, if you have anything negative to say about it then keep it to yourself. I’m way too busy to get into a debate right now.

This will be the first “vacation” we will be going on.. if you can call a one night stay two hours down the highway a vacation.. but realistically, driving to the supermarket with the kids is a damn vacation!

We did contemplate taking the boys with us for like.. oh.. less then a NANO second.. but whenever they tag along someplace it’s nothing but arguing and fighting and miserable. Beside, they have no clue what’s going on and I really didn’t feel like hearing Spaz whine and complain about being hungry or thirsty every 10 seconds.

So the Crack Whore was told WAY BACK IN FEBRUARY when we booked the hotel room that she was going to have to keep the boys for that night.

Both of them.

Or.. Bubba could stay with her brother (he has a son Bubba’s age that spends every other weekend there).

They just couldn’t stay HERE and I was personally going to make sure that everything was locked down tight so they couldn’t go in and out… or SHE couldn’t go in and out.

She likes to do that.

Or DID.. before I got hip to it and told her the next time she was in my house I was going to have her arrested for trespassing.


So since the summer, she’s been going away every weekend. She found another john “boyfriend” that has a place somewhere or other. I think she took Spaz once.. the weekend before school ended.

But anyway.. so today I text her and tell her not to forget that she has to take the boys Saturday into Sunday night.

And the response came back that she couldn’t because she was going away and then the little comment about me waiting for the last minute to tell her.

So I calmly text back that she needed to take the opposite of whatever color pill she already took because it ISN’T last minute.. it’s TWO WEEKS away..

Nope.. she still won’t do it. We’re going to have to take them and wow!! What kind of people are we that WE would go on vacation and NOT take the kids.

I told her that OBVIOUSLY we were the SAME kind of person SHE was because SHE goes away every weekend and DOESN”T TAKE THE KIDS.. oh.. my bad, I said.. we AREN’T like you because WE NEVER GO AWAY.

Then she says :: and this is where her manipulation talent kicks in :: that is she WAS going to take them, then we were going to have to provide food and drinks for them to which point I told her that she was ALREADY two months behind on her child support payments .. going on three.. and I’m sure her case worker at welfare will be very interested in knowing that she’s still getting 700+ a month in food stamps for a SINGLE PERSON WITH A JOB.

Oh.. and I know that the job is under the table and since, yknow, my brother is a big wig at the IRS who investigates small business I’m just SO sure he’ll be interested in knowing that her boss is paying people off the books.

She’s going to take them.

With people like her, black mail is the only option.