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I’m sure you know who Camille Grammer is, right?

She, the soon to be ex-wife of Kelsey Grammer?

He, who after almost 14 years of marriage and two kids decides to take on a mistress and ends said 14 year marriage.

I have to admit that I wasn’t a fan of Camille at the beginning of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I only watched the show because I WAS a fan of Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump.

I initially found Camille child-like and child-ish. I thought that she relied far too heavily on her looks and seemed to be just holding her head above water trying to deal with the day to day dealings with her husband out of town.

I thought that she was out of place and out of touch.

I’ve since changed my mind..

Maybe it’s because it’s become apparent (at least to me) that Kelsey wanted her to do the show to keep her occupied while he ran around with is mistress on the other side of the country.. and that doesn’t sit well with me.

I don’t understand “cheating” .. if you feel as though your relationship has gone as far as it has gone then buck up and be honest. It doesn’t serve anyone any good.. doesn’t make one look better than the other.. and certainly, when there are kids involved and you’re in the spotlight no good can come of it.

I feel bad for Camille… I think she has always had to prove herself beyond her looks and has been put in situations where she was definitely a feeder fish in a tank full of piranhas.

I also think that she truly believed in her marriage and wasn’t like oh.. I don’t know.. Taylor Armstrong, maybe?

And while she has been going on various talk shows and radio shows saying some pretty eyebrow raising things about her almost former husband, I think it’s more out of self preservation then lashing out. I mean, really, with all the ammo she has and with all the embarrassment she’s suffered because of him she could be putting up billboards y’know?

So it looks like she’s taken a more higher road then a lot of other people may have taken and that really does say more about her then it does about him.

Ok.. first of all.. I’m not a big fan of Danielle.

Used to be.. but not anymore.

Actually, the whole damn show has gotten WAY too over the top for me but once I start something I have to finish it so there I am on Monday nights at 10.

But before I get to Danielle.. what the FUCK was up with the christening?

To bring you up to speed, Teresa :: the one with the bankruptcy drama and foreclosure drama :: held a christening for her fourth daughter.

Now.. I’m Italian and even though christenings ARE a big deal if you’re Italian and decided to remain Catholic once you were old enough to know better.. can we say OVER THE TOP here?

RIDICULOUS over the top?

Not sure if this “event” occurred before or after their money troubles but OBVIOUSLY her husband knew something was up financially just because of all the looks he was giving her through out the episode.

Teresa, honey.. ignorance isn’t always bliss and hopefully, if you heard NOW what you said THEN.. you may need to get a better grasp on reality.

Of course.. Bravo could have footed the bill and the Brownstone could have given a HUGE discount but it just doesn’t make you look good, girlfriend.

Ok.. now back to Danielle

We all know she’s a fucking crazy .. has issues.. and is a therapist’s wet dream .. but I have to side on her on this episode.

Excuse me while I dodge the daggers.

Danielle confides in her “closest .. most dearest” friend Kim G :: who btw, is double dealing her :: that she wants to seek out her birth mother. I’m not going to into all the various stories about who Danielle said her birth mother was or the various stories surrounding her birth because when someone believes something.. regardless of whether it’s true or not .. they believe it and that’s that.

So she confides in Kim G .. who OBVIOUSLY couldn’t wait to tell someone.. namely Teresa.. about it. Teresa then tells someone at the place where she gets her bush eyebrows waxed and in turn, the waxer relays a story to a girl who turns out to be Danielle’s daughter’s friend.

Did you follow that?

Danielle’s daughter then says something to her mother about it and Danielle freaks.

Honestly, she is one HELL of an actress if the hurt showing on her face wasn’t real. I literally thought she was going to cry right then. And I don’t think it had  much to do with WHO Kim G told :: well, yea it did but that only added salt to the wound :: but the fact that her daughter found out about it from someone other then her.

And I have to respect her there for that because maybe she didn’t want her daughters to know.. maybe if this woman turned out to be some wack job, she wouldn’t want her around her daughters…  for whatever her reasons are, Danielle should have been the one to either tell or not tell her daughters.

Of course, her jumping down her youngest daughter’s throat wasn’t cool…and her plotting and scheming with her Denny Terio Wanna Be friend wasn’t cool.. and her just twisting things around like she usually does wasn’t cool but this one time, yea.. I have to agree.


If you love watching the train wreck that is the Real Housewives of New Jersey  then you need to watch this Babelgum.Com parody HERE.

I couldn’t embed the video because I’m an idiot with that kind of stuff but if the link doesn’t work then just go to Babelgum.Com and find the video.

I must have watched it at least a dozen time and keep laughing harder and harder!

BBBIIIITTTTCCCCHHH!!!So how funny is it watching people with boujie money getting all ghetto?

Last year we had the infamous table turning incident with Theresa yelling WHOREPROSTITUTIONBITCH .. or something like that and tonight we finally get to see the epi where Jacqueline’s daughter Ashley pulls out a handful of Danielle’s extension.

Now, I’m all for watching a good train wreck. Anything that circumnavigates the drama under my roof gets a thumbs up from me.. but this show has gone beyond entertaining.

In Season 1, I’ll admit that I had a soft spot for Danielle, the resident wanna-be. The portrayed her :: the wonders of editing!! :: as someone who has always been on the outside looking in and really just wanted to run with the big dogs.. those being the Manzo sisters Caroline, Dina and sister in law Jacqueline.

So yea, she made some bad choices in her life and got caught upDanielle? Beverly? Madonna????? with the wrong people for probably the wrong reasons. But hey, we all got skeletons in our closet, right? Mine don’t include felony charges, kidnapping and stripping but hey, who am I to judge.

It wasn’t until the last scene in the last episode of the first season where, completely out of the character she had portrayed thus far, she whipped out a cigarette.. lit it.. did the ghetto pose and said something :: can’t remember :: that was more Camden then Franklin Lakes .. or where ever it is she lives.

It was then I thought, AHHHHHHHHH!!! True colors showing now, huh?

So I kinda figured that this season was going to be titled “The Season Of Revenge” but let me tell you.. the little universe that girlfriend is the center of needs a WHOLE LOTTA prozac.. or lithium..  or shock treatments.

Week after week was nothing but her delusions and paranoia. Hiring bubble gum gangsters with bad tattoos and even worse hair who probably wouldn’t be able to spell their names without Vanna White and some vowel buying.

It was sad.. and even sadder for the two little girls she birthed who actually, seem more in touch with reality then she is.

She engaged in all kinds of immature and child-ish behavior.. twitter wars with a teenager, for one.. that was like, Girl just give it a REST!

For her sake, I hope her role was just a case of editing because if THAT’s how she really IS? OMG..

So tonight we have the infamous hair extention pulling and we get to see if she can cash the checks her mouth wrote.

I’m not going to lie.. I can’t wait to see it. There’s something morbidly entertaining about watching the high and mighty face plant!

From OK! Magazine SpreadI’m going to say that Bethenny Frankel late of The Real Housewives of New York and most recently Bethenny Getting Married?  is the type of person you either like.. or you don’t.

I never really watched RHWONY so I didn’t really follow her or pay attention to things written about her and then one day I watched a RHWONY marathon because the remote fell and the batteries when under the bed and if you ever looked under my bed, you’d think I made the wise choice too.

Anyway… so I’m watching this Bethenny Frankel person and I’m thinking.. I dig this chick and I dig her for the exact same reasons why people don’t.

She’s loud, abrasive, forgets the mouth filter, tells it like it is and doesn’t hide from her past.. no matter how brutal it is.

She’s a like like me in a lot of ways so how could I not like her?

On her show, Bethenny really lets you in. I don’t know how much was let out during the RHWOFNY seasons but to tell anyone watching about your childhood.. about your baggage.. about your phobias.. I give her credit. And last night when she finally got married and you can see.. even on tv.. how in awe she was .. well, you can fell her happiness. At least I could. And yes, I cried. I cried because of the words she said to her husband and cried because I am just as happy for her as she is.

I’m a hopeless romantic … and a dork!