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Ok.. I know you’re waiting for the main event but I have to throw this in first because I happened to mention it to Chief a few weeks ago and earlier today he brought it up so I’m throwing it out there for y’all..

Google toilet seat images.. you'll be AMAZED at how many really cool toilet seats there are. Who knew?

This thought had popped into my head that I will put my bare ass on a toilet seat, but if I had to sit on one with my pants up, I get all skeeved out.


Wouldn’t you think that because my ass is protected from the toilet seat by a layer of denim that it wouldn’t bother me?

It’s like I’m favoring my jeans from getting some type of demin-eating-disease over my skin and ass?

How can that possibly make any sense?

Well.. in my world it does but you know what I’m saying..

The other thing is that I will sit on the toilet lid with my pants up .. but NEVER EVEN CONCEIVE of the idea if my pants are down.

Isn’t that like a double standard?

Because wouldn’t you think a CLOSED toilet lid is CLEANER then the seat since ours is always up anyway and there are any number of bare asses that sit on the seat beside mine?

Which is why.. yknow.. I always spray mine down with the handy bottle of Clorox Clean-Up I keep on the bathroom window sill.

So I randomly mention this to Chief a few days ago and he is all.. yknow.. why didn’t I find out her real name was Abby Normal before I married her.. until this morning when he tells me that he realized that HE just can’t sit on the toilet seat with his pants up.. even for a few minutes.. he tried and just can’t do it either.

So I’m putting this out there for you, Blog-O-Sphere…

Can YOU sit on a toilet seat with your pants up??

I’m sure that most public restroom now have the paper toilet seat liners so if you ever realize too late that there isn’t any toilet paper, use one of the liners.

They’re not as comfy as the regular stuff but it beats straddling the toilet and drip drying for a hour.

And in case you have to poop and don’t want anyone to hear the “kurplunk” toss a liner in the toilet water and that will prevent the noise of your composted food hitting the tide!

Now the smell? Well, you’re on your own with that.