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BBBIIIITTTTCCCCHHH!!!So how funny is it watching people with boujie money getting all ghetto?

Last year we had the infamous table turning incident with Theresa yelling WHOREPROSTITUTIONBITCH .. or something like that and tonight we finally get to see the epi where Jacqueline’s daughter Ashley pulls out a handful of Danielle’s extension.

Now, I’m all for watching a good train wreck. Anything that circumnavigates the drama under my roof gets a thumbs up from me.. but this show has gone beyond entertaining.

In Season 1, I’ll admit that I had a soft spot for Danielle, the resident wanna-be. The portrayed her :: the wonders of editing!! :: as someone who has always been on the outside looking in and really just wanted to run with the big dogs.. those being the Manzo sisters Caroline, Dina and sister in law Jacqueline.

So yea, she made some bad choices in her life and got caught upDanielle? Beverly? Madonna????? with the wrong people for probably the wrong reasons. But hey, we all got skeletons in our closet, right? Mine don’t include felony charges, kidnapping and stripping but hey, who am I to judge.

It wasn’t until the last scene in the last episode of the first season where, completely out of the character she had portrayed thus far, she whipped out a cigarette.. lit it.. did the ghetto pose and said something :: can’t remember :: that was more Camden then Franklin Lakes .. or where ever it is she lives.

It was then I thought, AHHHHHHHHH!!! True colors showing now, huh?

So I kinda figured that this season was going to be titled “The Season Of Revenge” but let me tell you.. the little universe that girlfriend is the center of needs a WHOLE LOTTA prozac.. or lithium..  or shock treatments.

Week after week was nothing but her delusions and paranoia. Hiring bubble gum gangsters with bad tattoos and even worse hair who probably wouldn’t be able to spell their names without Vanna White and some vowel buying.

It was sad.. and even sadder for the two little girls she birthed who actually, seem more in touch with reality then she is.

She engaged in all kinds of immature and child-ish behavior.. twitter wars with a teenager, for one.. that was like, Girl just give it a REST!

For her sake, I hope her role was just a case of editing because if THAT’s how she really IS? OMG..

So tonight we have the infamous hair extention pulling and we get to see if she can cash the checks her mouth wrote.

I’m not going to lie.. I can’t wait to see it. There’s something morbidly entertaining about watching the high and mighty face plant!