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thump thump! thump thump!

So I just finished watching The Back Up Plan.

First let me say that I really, really like Jenny From The Block when she plays these quirky woman in these silly romantic comedies.

Lest anyone forget that I AM a girl and that sometimes I like watching silly romantic comedies. Especially when Jennifer Lopez plays quirky in them.

If you’ve don’t already know, the movie is about this single woman who wants to have a baby so she buys some sperm and gets turkey basted.. only to meet the man of her dreams after she leaves the doctor’s office.

The doctor, by the way, played HYSTERICALLY by Robert Klein.

Anyway.. the man of her dreams?

Alex O’Loughlin … who just may have replaced Gerald Butler as the man of MY dreams.

I mean really…

Where the HELL did this man come from?

Ok.. I know he’s from Australia :: yes, I’m pathetic. I googled him :: .. but seriously. How the hell has HE been flying under my radar??

I actually had to watch the movie twice because  the first time I was way too occupied wiping the drool off my chin but honestly, I thought it was a really cute movie.

JLo is much better when she plays this type of character :: think The Wedding Planner :: then she is in flicks like Angel Eyes or Enough. She’s kinda like Hugh Grant that way.

Alex O’Louglin is the dude that knocks her off her heels.. not that I think he would have to try that hard. At all.

If you just take it for what it is.. a light hearted, funny little movie with a smoking hot Australian actor playing the lead roll.. you won’t be disappointed.

Highly recommended for the other card carrying sisters of the SLEEPING NEXT TO A SNORING PASTY WHITE MAN club!!