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I love.. Love.. LOVE Project Runway. The artist in me is glued to anything that demonstrates people’s creativity. Regardless of what medium. But for reality shows, this and Top Chef are smart ones.¬† You actually NEED some sort of talent to begin with. Most of the “contestants” are already successful to some degree already.

That’s why people who normally put there noses high in the air when it comes to reality shows didn’t feel like such a hypocrite for watching Bravo’s.

Until now.

Until The Fashion Show.

Because of some type of legal-ese that I’m not even going to pretend or be an expert about, Project Runway was moving to the Lifetime Channel. It was still going to have Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn, Michael Kors and Nina Garcia but it was not going to be on Bravo any longer.

This caused a big brouhaha and just recently have been settled by the courts. Project Runway is suppose to return in the summer I think but until I actually see a promo for it, I can’t say for sure.

I only know that it won’t be on Bravo.

AND because Bravo knew what it was losing, decided to produce a bad knock off called The Fashion Show.

It’s the same premise as Poject Runway .. mini challenges, elimination challenges, guest judges, big prizes, drama.. drama and DUH-RA-MA! but after watching the season premiere last night it’s painfully obvious that Isaac Mizrahi aside, the show is a knock off.. it’s a CHEAP knockoff.

It’s like when you buy an imitation. You want it to look like the original.. but you certainly don’t want anyone to notice that COACH is spelled COOCH. Because then, what’s the point?

The Fashion Show is definitely a COOCH with what appears to be contestants that could not make it past the Project Runway auditions. EVERYONE is over the top in their own way.. You have the guy wearing the tomato red spandex body suit wearing a hot with this HUGE feather sticking out of it and a broach stone that looked like something that was way too popular in the 80’s.. you have the guy wearing the wooden Chinese shoes.. you have the guy who dresses like a samurai.

You have “characters” .. and even though they may have some degree of talent they’re “character” is what is played up.

Needless to say, I was disappointed. Very disappointed. But I’ll watch it if I remember it’s one because it will fill the void a little.