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If you love watching the train wreck that is the Real Housewives of New Jersey  then you need to watch this Babelgum.Com parody HERE.

I couldn’t embed the video because I’m an idiot with that kind of stuff but if the link doesn’t work then just go to Babelgum.Com and find the video.

I must have watched it at least a dozen time and keep laughing harder and harder!

I’d don’t want to call you “honey”, bitch … is that better?

Luvs It!!

Can’t wait for the new season.

I have to tell you.. for some reason :: that for the life of me I really can’t explain myself :: I gotten into the whole Real Housewives shows on Bravo.

And honestly, I love watching the train wreck.

New season starts May 5th

This show is right up my alley because it has to do with genealogy and connecting with your roots.

Hence the title of the show.

Anyone who knows me in person knows that I diligently work on my family tree.. over achiever that I am, I’m doing both my mother and father’s family at the same time!


The limited series :: I hope there’s more in production :: delved into the family trees of Sarah Jessica Parker, Emmet Smith, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Broderick, Brook Shields, Susan Sarandon so far with Spike Lee to be shown next week.

The celebrities themselves are hands on with the research .. to an extent. I mean, the good folks at have a way of turning up some incredible documents as well as the professors and historians making cameo appearences and making things a hell of a whole lot easier for them then it would be for you and I.

But the stories.. oh my God, the STORIES are incredible. Like, did you know that:

Sarah Jessica Parker has an ancestor that was one of the last woman tried as a witch in Salem.. but was released because there was some type of ordinance passed that discontinued the whole “witch” thing?

Emmet Smith was found, through DNA testing, to be 80% African .. one of the highest percentages known?

That Brooke Shields can trace her Italian roots back to an ancestor who originally migrated from France and started the first Italian bank which grew into one of the largest in the world.. and that her French roots go back to include the most prestigious of Kings?

But Susan Saradon’s story is the one that really broke my heart.

She was trying to find information on her maternal grandmother, who had left her small young children and then disappeared. No one knew anything about her save for a picture that someone had from a long time ago. She was able to find out that her maternal grandmother’s family was from Tuscany and had strong roots there but back in the day, her great-grandfather came to the United States skilled in making statues.. thinking he would have a better life.

He didn’t.

Him and his wife settled into an NYC tenament where 6 of their 9 children died. His wife died also. It was found that Susan’s grandmother got pregnant when she was 12 by her 18 year old neighbor. They were probably forced to marry and I guess life being what it was, she wound up leaving for the bright lights of the clubs in Manhattan. She remarried but that marriage didn’t last either.

With a little more digging, Susan was able to find out that her grandmother married a 3rd time and this marriage had lasted 30+ year.

She lived out her life an hour away from NYC and I wondered .. as I’m sure Susan did .. if this woman who had gone through so much ever wondered what had happened to her own children. I’m going to assume that she did. The pictured they had shown of her as an elderly lady :: her nieces through marriage were found and a meeting was filmed :: showed a great sadness to her.

Usually at the end of the show, the celebrity would have a conversation about what they had discovered with one of their family members. This didn’t happen this time because I’m assuming that the knowledge and emotions would be too hard for Susan’s mother to show on camera.

If you have a chance to watch it.. please do. I highly recommend it.

The shows are also listed On Demand if you have it..


If the following pictures mean NOTHING to you, then you might just want to skip this post because well.. it’s going to mean NOTHING to you.

Martha Jones

Pictured are David Tennant as The Doctor along side the Tardis and the characters of  Rose Tyler.. Martha Jones and Donna Noble.

From what I understand.. this show has been around since the 70’s. I never heard of it, but I’m not a Sci-Fi geek. Chief is.. and when I first met him, we’d rush back from where ever it is we were on a Friday night in time to watch it.

In the beginning, I was all pretending to be into it but then I did get into it.. some what.. and then once it hit me that The Doctor was freakin’ hot.. well, I couldn’t NOT watch it, could I?

Anyway.. if you don’t know the story, I’ll just give you a brief sum up..

The Doctor is a time lord that bops around the universe meeting all kinds of trouble makers and weird creatures and stuff.. he usually has a “companion” .. Rose Tyler :: who he fell in love with but had to put her in a parallel universe :: then Martha Jones :: my personal fave who fell in love with HIM but he never took a second look at because of the whole complication with Rose :: and then Donna Noble :: who just wanted to be friends with him which was fine except there was some accidental something or other that made him have to erase her memory :: Oh.. and he regenerates into a new Doctor :: this so that there isn’t a problem with a non-aging alien being played by an aging actor ::

I hate to say this, but the show is brilliant. The writing is soo good and quirky and comical and the writers really dotted their I’s and crossed their T’s because everything connects.. no matter how many seasons or episodes in between.

But as with any good thing, it was time to end and David Tennant’s Doctor was being replaced. So there was a two and a half DAY marathon showing the whole David Tennant series. And we watched them.. all..

And during the last half hour.. when the doctor is fighting his final battle and the Oods are singing their song and he is saying his own good byes to everyone that apart of his time I started sobbing. Really sobbing. And when Chief realized I was sobbing and got all “.. omg, I can’t believe your sobbing”… I sobbed some more.

And yknow.. they did show the “new” season’s doctor and I already told Chief that  I hated him. That nope… there was no way I was going to accept him as The Doctor with his mushy chin and stupid hair.

He laughed.. but he has NO idea how loyal I am to The Doctor!!!


If you you haven’t seen the show yet and DON’T want to know who’s going to Bryant Park then STOP READING RIGHT NOW!!!

Out of the five remaining designers, Carol Hannah.. Althea.. and Irina are going to show a collection during Fashion Week.

Christopher and Gordana were auffed.

I have to say, as much as I thought Christopher should have packed his needle and threat A LONG time ago… I kind of feel bad for him. I don’t think I didn’t like him as much as I thought I did…

I felt bad for Gordana too because she has such a sad story filled with triumph.. but yknow.. it’s not Dr. Phil and damn, if sad stories won you things then I at least should be able to open a door on Let’s Make A Deal, dammit! LOL

Out of the three, Irina is probably going to win but I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see Carol Hannah take it … she’s grown on me and I kind of like her all around general attitude. Plus, she never had formal training so to be THAT good by being self taught then to me, that’s just talent.

We shall see!

Oh.. and btw.. just how bad did Cindy Crawford look! Give up the bouffant girl, this ain’t no Kenny Chesney video!!

Alright.. alright.. don’t all you Kenny fans start sending the hate mail. I KNOW Kenny doesn’t have bouffant hair in his videos .. it’s just a damn reference to his song “The Good Stuff” .. so just settle yourselves down!! LOL