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… being raised Catholic, I was taught very early on that whenever something was lost you pray to St. Anthony.

Saint Anthony, Saint Anthony please come around…

Something’s lost and must be found!

Have NOT been a practicing Catholic for more years then I was, it was kind of surprising a few hours ago that I found myself reciting the above “prayer” when I was looking for my keys.

Didn’t find them.

Wasn’t surprised.

So a few minutes ago, when I was sitting her watching the latest Angelina Jolie video I thought, “… bag St. Anthony. Go right to the source.”

I prayed to God to help me find my keys. Sounds exaggerated but my job is really, REALLY on the line because of the amount of times I’ve called out at the last minute and in fact, I am on warning for it. So to email my boss and tell her the I wasn’t going to be in the office because I lost my keys caused a huge lump in my throat.

Since I have already ransacked the house and checked the trash :: nasty :: I figured I would look outside again. Retracing my steps from last night, steps that I retraced about 18 times since 7am… and steps that both Spaz and Bubba retraced with me I found my keys.

Right there.

On the grass.

Next to the car.

Not covered by leaves.. not covered by debris. Right there on top.

Goes to show you when you need something done, cut out the middle man and go right to the BIG GUY!