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I’d be threatening myself if I had the chance to.

I don’t know if you heard about this story or not but apparently this 81 year old woman.. who lived in a second floor apartment with her daughter, son in law and three 20-something grandkids was left in a recliner.. soaked in her own body waste.. with open sores and all kind of other nasty stuff.

This is the article written by Brian Fraga of SouthCoastToday.Com:

FALL RIVER — The Fall River grandmother who prosecutors say was left by her relatives to lie on a recliner, soaking in her own blood and waste for more than a month, died Thursday at St. Anne’s Hospital in Fall River.

Mary M. Araujo, formerly of 161 Lonsdale St. in Fall River, died on her 81st birthday.

Five relatives who lived with the victim in an apartment are already in custody, charged with permitting serious injury to an elderly or disabled person.

Assistant District Steven E. Gagne said earlier this week — while Araujo was still on life support — that the charges against them could be upgraded to murder or manslaughter if the victim died.

The Bristol County District Attorney’s Office said Thursday no determination had been made on whether to upgrade the charges.

“Because the investigation into this matter remains open and pendng, no further comment will be made at this time,” said Gregg Miliote, spokesman for the Bristol County District Attorney’s Office.

An autopsy is scheduled to be conducted today by the state Medical Examiner’s Office.

Meanwhile, the family members charged with neglecting Araujo have been placed in protective custody at the Dartmouth House of Corrections after a growing number of threats against them from inmates.

The Cabrals — Araujo’s daughter Karen, her husband Duarte and three sons, ages 21-28 — were removed this week from the general population and locked in individual cells for their own safety, said Bernard Sullivan, spokesman for the Bristol County Sheriff Department.

“The correctional staff became aware of a growing undercurrent of threats and tension,” Sullivan said.

The Cabrals are scheduled to return Aug. 25 to Fall River District Court.

Prosecutors said Araujo was allegedly left alone on a recliner for more than a month, soaking in her own urine, feces and blood.

When police and paramedics found her Saturday at the family home on Lonsdale Street, they said Araujo was covered with bedsores so severe that they exposed tendons and bone, her bloodstream was infected and she was unconscious.

The woman had several infected ulcers, resulting in a bacterial infection to her bloodstream. Facial hair had grown to a length of 1 inch around her mouth. Her fingernails and toenails had grown to the point they curled back toward her foot, prosecutors said.

Authorities said the woman had little contact with the outside world and had not left the family apartment in two years.

Police learned of the woman’s plight after the victim’s relatives called 911 Saturday to report she had lost consciousness. The woman was taken by ambulance to St. Anne’s Hospital, which notified Fall River police and Bristol Elder Services.

The woman lived in the apartment with the five defendants, prosecutors said.

Karen Cabral, 49, and Duarte Cabral, 51, were arrested by Fall River police on charges of permitting serious injury to an elderly or disabled person. They are both held on $20,000 bail.

Their three adult children — Corey Cabral, 21, Scott Cabral, 24, and Keith Cabral, 28 — also face charges of abusing an elderly person and remain in custody.

The defendants said through their attorneys that they did not neglect the grandmother, some adding that Araujo was a proud woman who refused help and up until recently had been able to take care of herself.

Now I ask you…



Five people are living in an apartment and nobody.. NOBODY.. does anything about bed sores and ulcers and 1″ hair growth and nails so long that they curl under because she was a PROUD woman?

If she was a proud woman.. do ya think she’d want to be that way??

Was there not an unbearable stench? Even is she WAS proud, what kind of people are you that you live like that? What did you do? Hang car freshener’s off her??

Here’s this 81 year old woman who probably worked herself to the bone to provide for this simple ass daughter and this is the thanks she gets? To go out of this world without the dignity that she deserved?

I mean, WHAT the FUCK people!!!!!

To me, their punishment should be to get exactly what they gave her.. sit in their own piss and shit with sores and ulcers and a bacterial infection.

Can you tell how pissed off I am??

Too fucking ridiculous!