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.. granted, I grew up in the 80’s where every boy my age wanted to drive an IROC and be like Don Johnson but still .. is this kid handsome or what?

Really.. it should be a crime!!

This is my cousin’s oldest son, AJ from his first marriage.

He’s now on his third.

And I bring this up because I was having a conversation with No. 3 .. who is actually a really, really sweet person.

Anyway.. No. 3 happens to have been :: see if you can follow this :: my cousin’s step-sister’s best friend since high school. And it was more then a mild shock when No. 3 hooked up with my cousin in the first place, let alone married him.

Anyway .. so we were having this conversation and I don’t know if she had a little too much to drink or what but she says to me, “… yknow, the other day when AJ was over for dinner I was like DAMN! He’s hot.”

Then I said, “.. Did you feel dirty afterwards?”

Then she said, “.. OMG! I DID!! I was like, HE’S YOUR STEPSON!!!”

Then I said, “.. well, they do make Lifetime movies about shit like that”

Then she was like, “.. omg!”

It was funny…

But maybe you had to be there!