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The Shoe Whore

Posted: July 29, 2010 in Just Stuff
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… so I mentioned a few posts back that I was going to start another blog dedicated to my love of shoes.

Ok.. LOVE is a huge understatement but you get the idea.

Jean from Jean Has Been Shopping was over the top awesome and made a banner for the site:

Jean Knows Me Sooooo Well

Click on the banner to jump on over and check it out..

Leave comments.. tell me how wonderful I am.. how you’re amazed at the fount of knowledge I’ve amassed in this little pea brain of mine!!

No serious.. would love to hear your feedback and by all means… pass the sight along to everyone you know who’s a Shoe Whore.

We are legion!!!


So y’all should know by now that the only thing I’m addicted to are cigarettes and shoes.

NOTE: Please save yourself the frustration of trying to enlighten me  of the hazards of smoking. I know all about it but come on.. do you READ my blog?? It’s either smoking or black tar heroine!! LOL!!

And since my broke ass can no longer afford to drop paychecks on a pair of Manolo’s :: Yes, I did that. Yes, I still have them. Yes, they are surrounded by velvet ropes and are uplit! :: I quench my thirst and kill my early mornings drooling over the latest craftmanship of leather.. or patent leather.. or canvas.. HELL, they don’t even have to be crafted by a man!!

Anway.. the point is that last night I was had an epiphany.

Since I spend soooo much time looking at shoes.. since I have soooo many pairs of shoes… AND since I am a wealth of shoe knowledge.. why don’t I just create a blog??

So I threw the idea out there and got a lot of positive feedback.


So only BRAY left positive feedback but fuck.. it doesn’t take too much to motivate me, yknow!

The new blog is called THE SHOE WHORE .. because, really.. what the hell else would I call it, right?

Check it out and tell me what you think because your mission is a banner.

I am sooo not good with banners and I know some of you are **coughJEANcough** so if you want to help a sista out and waste a little bit of your time I would greatly appreciate it..

AND when I get that show on the Style Channel .. you’ll be the first one I thank!!!

OR.. you may not think it needs a new banner. Don’t know.. sometimes I’m not objectionable with these kinds of things.. Especially because I just started it so I’m not really THAT awake!! LOL!!

NOTE: It was not my intent to pressure Jean in ANYWAY to create a banner for me. She, after all DOES have a life!!


OH.. one other thing.. if anyone knows how to change the BIG BOLD BLACK lettering, can you let me know.. it’s just a little TOO BIG BLACK AND BOLD..!!

If you make one, just email it to me at!

Remember that classic line when Carrie Bradshaw sees a gorgeous pair of Manolo’s in a store window?’

Guess what? It’s 3:30 am and you know what THAT MEANS!!

Ogles these:

** sigh **

Aaahhhh!!! Right up my alley!!

Not as high a heel as I prefer but simply gorgeous!

These are made by B Style and what you can’t really see is the zipper that runs up the heel and behind the ankle.

It’s all in the details!

ALL in the details.

Plus.. yknow.. even though they have a four inch heel, it’s not really a stilleto so even if you aren’t that great walking in heels, these will give you more balance.


Am I actually REVIEWING these??

What the HELL?

No.. no.. no.. no.. !! I just want to swoon and ogle and fantasize about them pointing towards the ceiling!!

But yknow what? At 34.00 on Barefoot.Com, these are right in my price range so I guess maybe the difference in attitude is affordability??

We’ll see.. I do have a BareFeet near me so I just may take a ride down and see if they have them in stock.. of course, I have to pass a DSW to get there and I can NEVER pass a DSW without their giant magnets dragging my car into their parking lot!!

At any rate.. these make me feel better enough to go to sleep with happy dreams !!

Michael Kors is becoming my new bestie!!

You know  how there are guys that you want to cuddle and develop a deep meaningful relationship with and then there are the guys that you just want to have wild monkey sex with?


Meet the Monkey.

I know I was all gaga over the last pair I just posted but I should have known myself better and realized that after page 2, there is a page 3 and then a 4 and then THESE lovely creatures jumped at me so fast that I almost dropped my coffee.

Aren’t they beautiful? Don’t you just love love love the zipper and top stitching?

Could there BE another pair that just screams YEA.. BETCHA WANNA WEAR ME WHILE MAKING A CORN BEEF SPECIAL!!

Actually.. um.. there are 264 pages on Endless.Com so I think I better just shut down my laptop and go to bed before I REALLY prove myself to have earned the Shoe Whore sash!!

Michael Kors? Who knew...

You know you have absolutely, positively NO life when you’re laying in bed at 1am pouring over internet pages and internet pages of shoes!

Not that you don’t already HAVE at LEAST 250 pairs under roof.. but only the Shoe Fairy knows how many pairs you still have left at your mom’s house because your house just doesn’t have the space for them..

Because.. you know.. putting them in the attic is sacrilege .. and beside, how could one slip a pair on to prance around the house in appreciation of all things stiletto if they were locked away in a dusty attic?

But you know, the days of dropping paychecks are long gone and since you’re out of a job where exactly would you wear these marvelous creations?


That’s right.. I’m talking about me, huh?

Ok… so while I was paging through shoe and after shoe after shoe at 1am, I came across these Michael Kors sandals and just instantly fell in love..

So I drooled alittle.. ok, a lot.. big hairy deal!!

I actually have an Italian pair that’s very.. very.. similar but so what? Don’t you just LOVE these?? Casual yet with a high enough heel to make them dressy? Can you picture wearing them with a pair of jeans? Do you hear them screaming YES! WEAR ME FOR 7 HOURS WHILE YOU SLICE LUNCH MEAT!!!

Oops.. sorry!!! That’s my brain screaming that.. not the shoes!!

Anyway… they’re only 104.00 at Endless.Com so.. yknow.. if you JUST HAPPEN to feel guilty about missing my birthday then feel free to make it up to me!!

BTW.. I am joking about that.