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Considering who’s in this movie, you have to know that it’s going to be funny. That goes without saying.

I originally didn’t want to go see this movie because I figured it was going to be one of those stupid guy movies with jokes about boobs and butts that really, teenage films do much better.

But I was wrong.

This great cast of comedians play adult. Yes there are a lot of funny scenes and jokes that make the person sitting in front of you wish you didn’t have a mouth full of popcorn when you belly laughed but the movie in and of itself isn’t juvie.

These childhood friends come together after 30 years due to the death of their beloved basketball coach. All have had different degrees of success and failure of the years. Adam Sandler is now a Hollywood agent married to a fashion designer played by Selma Hayak :: who is definitely underrated as an actress ) .. Chris Rock is a house husband who has to deal with his wife’s constant insults and mother-in-laws jabs.. Kevin James has a wife who still breast feeds her 4 year old.. David Spade is the never married eternal frat boy and Rob Schneider is.. well.. Rob Schneider. He’s just freakin’ hilarious with his older then dirt wife and hotter then hell daughters. Well, two are.

Hilarity ensues.. as expected.. but there is one really tender moment that completely sums up the notion that success in life isn’t always about how much is in your bank account.. it’s how you live your life.

If you’ve seen it, leave a comment. I’d love to hear what you think!