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Have you heard about this movie?

I’m sure you did … it was this little scary movie that caught the interest of Steven Spielberg and is SUPPOSE to be THE.SCARIEST.MOVIE.OF.ALL.TIME.

Say that last part like an old 50’s radio announcer. It just has a nice effect.

paranormal The premise is sort of a Blair Witch thing… that being the whole movie being shot with a hand held video camera.

The story is about this couple :: of course :: who live in a house and start hearing bizarre noises and stuff. The woman :: of course :: is prone to this kind of thing since childhood but NOW! DAMMIT! she wants to get to the bottom of it! :: of course ::

The boyfriend goes out and buys a video recorder and obnoxiously :: of course :: records everything. Every blessed thing. Which, of course, you have to sit and watch.

It’s kind of like when my dad bought his first video recorder and set it up to record the moon. All night. And then expected us to sit and watch 8 FUCKING HOURS of the moon the next day.

Which we did :: of course :: because you did NOT want to piss off my dad!

Anyway… this movie had SOOO much hype and so we watched it and guess what? It sucked. There may have been a few good moments but they were few and far between.

What killed it for me :: sorry for the pun :: when this little scene where they’re doing some internet research on the exorcisms. I think that’s when I pulled out the DSi and started playing Luxor.

Anyway .. maybe you just need the right movie crowd to get into it. Mine certainly wasn’t like the one advertised. And definitely wasn’t like the one when I saw The Sixth Sense.

EVERYBODY in the theater let out a real loud OH MY FUCKING GOD at then end when the wedding ring rolls across the floor.

But anyway… personally, I wouldn’t waste any duckits seeing it.. but that’s just my opinion!