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So I made a few calls and there is a meeting sponsered by S.A.F.E ( Self Abuse Finally Ends ) not to far from here at 5pm so I’m going to head over.

I knew that I would be late getting home so I had to tell Chief.

Well, let me rephrase. I didn’t meant it to sound that way. I want to tell him.. I want to tell him everything it’s just that sometimes the way it comes out of my mouth isn’t the way it’s worded in my head.

So I call him and we make small talk for alittle bit and then I tell him that I’m going to be home late.

He asks why and I told him that I had a meeting after work. I actually don’t remember the way I phrased it but he said that he loves me and he worries about me and this is just going to make him worry more.

I tell him that it’s not physical.. it’s mental.. and that I need a tune up. And I went on to explain tht like his drinking, I have something that I need to control. He said he figured what it was about and that just remember how much he loves me.. if it helps any.

I hope it does.