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I’m sure you all know Weed’s story but if you don’t.. or if your new here to my little insane world that keeps me sane, then here’s the down low:

Weed is my oldest stepson who decided that drinking and doing drugs was NOT the only thing life has to offer.. so he started dealing. And not only was he dealing from our house, he was also dealing out of our store. Along with the fact that one of his cronies robbed our house three times in a week ( the first week of December ’08) he was kicked out and has been living with the Crack Whore ever since.

The Crack Whore being his mother who drinks and drugs as much as he does.

Oh.. not to mention that he was arrested last year for breaking into neighborhood cars at 4am with no shoes on. The fact that he had no shoes on was disturbing enough. I mean, he literally walked out of our house and started trying door handles. But what was REALLY messed up was the things he stole.. a half roll of pennies, a shower cap, a candy bar, a car manual.

I mean.. REALLY!

So it’s been a LOOOOOONG year with him.. from trying to get him into rehab.. to trying to convince him to take rehab seriously.. but the straw that broke the proverbial camels back was when the things HE was doing caused Chief to get arrested last January.

Parents? Never name your son after their father if there is ANY CHANCE that he will grow up to be a drug dealing junkie with a vendetta for being thrown out of your house.

I honestly never thought that I would be able to look this kid in the eye again without dropping him on his ass. He still has no idea how much suffering he caused and how getting his father arrested almost cost us everything.. including custody of his brothers.

But that’s a junkie mind for you.. never look past anything that has to do with you and what you can get for what you need.

At any rate..

I, of course, have a different perspective on things because he isn’t my kid. And I had to give Chief a little bit of a lead because that’s his son and I don’t think any father could completely right off their kid. Well, maybe they can but I know Chief can’t.

I think a lot of his feeling had to do with not wanting to believe Weed was as far gone as he was… dunno. I wasn’t in his shoes but I did have to take a stance a while back and tell him that if he had any intentions of Weed moving back in that have him use the back door because I’d be moving my shit out the front door.

But time does make a difference and about two months ago, the Crack Whore contacted me in a panic because Weed needed to pay for his GED test before his next court date. Of course, the next court date was the following day and so to make sure he did what he was suppose to do, we put up the money.

He took the test and then he got another letter saying that if he didn’t pay his 1400.00 in fines, he was going to be removed from whatever program they had put him in for first time offenders and go to jail.

Of course, the Crack Whore was in a panic again.

And of course, it was me being the adult and stepping up to the plate.

I talked to Chief about what I was thinking and then talked to Weed.

Since he wasn’t able to get a decent job without his GED :: he has since been notified that he passed :: I told him that I would pay his fine BUT he had to work a few hours in the store for it. I wouldn’t give him the money.. I would send it directly to the courthouse. If he didn’t work, it didn’t get paid.

He readily agreed .. well, he really didn’t have a choice.. and I gave him a letter outlining the deal for him to present to the judge.

Everybody went along with it and I’m really surprised and excited to say that he’s been keeping up his end of the bargain. Without bitching or complaining or being a pain in the ass.

He comes in when he’s suppose to .. does things that need to be done without being asked.. and has taken a load off of both me and Chief.

He isn’t unsupervised .. not left in the store alone.. or has his friends in.. or is near the register without Chief being over his shoulder because let’s face it, neither of us really trust him .. but it seems to be working out and relationships are in the processes of being mended. Won’t say “fixed” because I don’t think they ever will.. but it’s gotten better so that’s a good thing.

Plus he’s been putting on a little weight and generally looking not as junkie-ish as he was:

April 08

December 09

Hmm.. he does look a little wasted in this picture, doesn’t he??

Anyway, I know he wasn’t because he was with us the whole day and there wasn’t really any opportunity or alcohol around to entice him.

He seems to be getting his life in order.. or at least straighter.. and for Chief’s sake, I couldn’t be happier.

This is another “keep your finger’s crossed” thing

… ok. So considering everything that happened to Chief and me last January with his being arrested :: read the TRAVESTY category :: .. there were a lot of people who told me that I was too close to the situation to see it fairly. That the police department, judge, DA’s Office is my town are “.. only doing their jobs” and acting on tips from “reliable” sources.




I’m not going to rehash everything here. Just read those posts OR if enough people want, I’ll just post the crib note version.

At any rate… THIS is what I wanted to post about. And mind you, this happened in the town I live in where there’s only 1 judge and 4 police officers.

About a month ago, a 17 year old was riding his bike through the park. He was approached by a 19 year old who, with a bunch of friends, tried to steal the 17 year old’s bike. There was a confrontation and the 17 year old stabbed the 19 year old with a pen knife. The 19 year old suffered a collapsed lung and was in the hospital for a week.

The 17 year old was arrested for attempted murder and aggravated assault. Don’t remember how much the bail was.. but it was high.

Fast foward and what comes to light? The fact that this 19 year old’s posse video taped the whole thing and put it up on YouTube :: it’s since been taken down ::

The video tape CLEARLY shows what transpired and how the 17 year old’s last resort was to stab the 19 year old.

The attempted murder charge was dropped but the aggravated assault charge isn’t.. so basically, this kid is facing 20 years in jail and a felony tag for clearly defending himself.

The 19 year old wasn’t charged with anything.

The family of the 17 year old doesn’t want to talk to the press because they’re afraid it would have an adverse reaction for the 17 year old. Because, like, we all KNOW that that doesn’t happen, right??

When questioned by the well respected reported writing the story, the Chief of Police :: who’s a real dick, btw :: admitted that the pen knife was just that.. a pen knife. Not a switchblade.. Not a hunting knife.. not even ILLEGAL to carry. In fact, the 19 year old only got away with a collapsed lung because he was stuck with a pen knife.

He also said that the 19 year old hasn’t been charged with anything and won’t be charged with anything.

The ADA.. when questioned about the situation.. said:

the law says you cannot use deadly force unless deadly force is used against you

Um.. yea.. that’s not what that state law allows for the use of lethal force any time a faultless victim reasonably believes that unlawful force which will cause death or grievous bodily harm is about to be used on him

State law allows for the use of lethal force any time a faultless victim reasonably believes that unlawful force which will cause death or grievous bodily harm is about to be used on him

The ADA said that that was true but that the 17 year old had no reason to believe that force was going to be used.

Are you SERIOUS? This man is actually getting PAID to defend our laws and prosecute those who break them??

The 19 year old even said that he was being aggressive and confrontational.. he was with a bunch of his friends.. the 17 year old was by himself.. wouldn’t YOU feel threatened? Especially considering everything else that is going on in and around this town and county?

This isn’t a case of speculation… THERE IS A VIDEO TAPE OF THE WHOLE THING.. so instead following the law.. instead of protecting our justice system.. these Barney Fife’s are trying doing the complete opposite.

Now tell me.. after everything with Chief and the case above, do you wonder why I have complete distrust?

Comments MORE then welcome!

Birds of a Feather

Posted: April 19, 2009 in Friends, Weed
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… this is a pretty busy morning.

Chief is down at the shop repairing the floors and I have a guy here at the house now ripping out my carpets.

From the looks of it.. he completely UNDERcharged us!!

Anyway.. I was in my bedroom making the bed when somebody knocks at the front door and asks if [name] lives here.

Now Chief and Weed share the same first name so I automatically assumed she meant Chief. I said yes and then she asked if [another name] was here.

I thought she was talking about Bubba so I asked her what she wanted him for and she said “I’m his mother”.

Well.. I know what the Crack Whore Prima Donna Of The Gutter looks like it wasn’t who was standing in front of me. This woman looked like she hadn’t done a drug a day in her life…!!!

She must of saw the look on my face because she said the full name. Then it all makes sense.

She was looking for her son who is a friend of Weed’s.

I told her that Weed didn’t live here anymore and she said that her house had been robbed three times and she was looking for him to get his key back.

When he used to come around, he had lived in another county with his girlfriend and had a job as a refridgeration apprentice.

I told her that I haven’t seen Weed OR any of his friends since January so I wasn’t able to help her and that I know how she feels and that I’m sorry she has to go through the same thing.

She said she wasn’t driving around looking for him but since she saw our door open she’d chance it.

I may have even invited her in to commiserate over coffee!

Out of all Weed’s friends, I though Zep and this kid were the two most responsible. Guess not.

I hope that Zep stays far far away because it would be really sad if the got drugged :: excuse the pun :: down in the gutter too.