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Last night.. rather really early this morning.. I read a really long comment posted by Auroracoda on THIS post.

I was in NO position to read anything last night but I get so excited about long anythings :: shut up! :: that I read through it and immediately started to type a reply.

Bad move.

I could bearly keep my eyes open.. In fact, I was SO tired that Chief’s snoring was almost like a lullaby.. but I started typing typing typing and then I realized that it made no sense.. it was all over the map without a flow.

I may never have taken a journalism or creative writing course but I’ve read enough books and articles in my lifetime to know that THIS WAS NOT GOOD.

Especially on that particular post, I really just needed to be clear, focused and concise. Her reply and her view deserve that respect.

So I offer my apology and promise to get my shit together!!

… I’m exhausted. I’ve been pulling long night and today was brutally long with tons of work to do so I didn’t get a chance to post anything today.

I do have alot of things TO post but I’m making so many typos right now that it would take me forever to keep back spacing and re-typing.

No lie.. it’s taken me at least 20 minutes to type the four lines above!!

Beside.. it’s thunderstorming out so I’m all about the cuddle time with Chief even though he’s snoring so damn loud right now I want to take Ernie, The Terrorist Puppy’s toy and shove it down his throat!

So as a reminder, here’s are some things that will posted tomorrow.. today?.. whatever:

  • Details of Weed’s current arrest
  • Spaz’s ADHD
  • Homosexual rights and marriage