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Even though I write three other blogs, I’ve kept this one alive for a reason..

1. There’s some pretty funny shit on here


2. Sometimes I need to get things off my chest without having everybody know who I’m talking about.

If it was just me and my screwed up antics, that would be one thing. I freely wave my “fucked up” flag with boldness.. but it isn’t just about me, it’s about people in my life with their own family and friends.. and while I would gladly post pictures, names, addresses, phone numbers and license plate numbers of SOME people, I can’t.

And so here I am…

And these are the deeds…

First, to catch up on some stuff, we’re moving.  Loooooooooooooong story here that I’m not going to bore you with but by January 31st, we’re going to be planting out asses 8 hours away from where we’re at now.

That’s good and bad. Bad because I’m going to be so far away from my family and friends and well, my shelters from the storm. Good because we’re going to be that far from the Crack Whore.

She is whom the picture on this post is referring to.

So where to begin with that? Well, there’s the whole child support thing. 43.00 a week for two kids. She didn’t pay July, August or September so the courts sent out a summons to appear. She paid it two days before the court day and told Chief not to show. He went anyway because that’s what you’re suppose to do. She didn’t show. Didn’t look good for her but because she had paid it, oh well.

The she skipped October, November and December. Another summons. Another court date on Dec 8th. Another call telling him not to show. Only this time she didn’t pay anything and on the day of court, he showed up.. she didn’t. The courts called her.. she asked for an extension. They said no way.. she would have until the end of the following day to pay it or else they would issue a bench warrant.. she still hasn’t paid and now there’s another hearing on Feb 28th.

Because her reality is clouded and because she refuses to accept responsibility for her actions, she went around telling the boys that their “… asshole father is trying to put her in jail for missing ONE month”. That’s a direct quote there.

Just to make sure we are absolutely clear here:

HE didn’t call anyone… the courts automatically schedule a date after three months of non-payment

SHE missed more then ONE month.

Now.. with all that in mind.. two things happened the week of their court date that made me slam the door on anything and everything that even remotely has to do with her.. regardless of whether her kids are involved or not.

The weekend before the court date, we were upstate trying to secure a place to move to. She knew where we were and what we were doing so at the last minute, she tells Spaz that he can’t stay at her place the weekend because she had plans. It was too late for us to cancel what we were doing, so we told Bubba that he was going to have to babysit Spaz.

Not the best situation but we hung a baby sitting fee in front of Bubba and that kid will do anything for cash. The house was stocked with food.. Spaz would probably sit in front of the PS3 until he fell asleep and Bubba would do the same in front of the computer so we really weren’t that worried.

We got a text message from her at 6pm slamming Chief about leaving Spaz home by himself.. how he’s just a little boy.. how it was illegal and she was going to call the police.

I’m not going to go into the whole back and forth thing. I’m just going to say that all attempts to contact Bubba on his cell phone went unanswered… all attempts to get the Crack Whore on the phone went unanswered.. and here we are 4 hours away in a snow storm wondering what the fuck was going on at home. Did Bubba go out and leave Spaz alone? Why wasn’t he answering his cell phone? Why wasn’t SHE answering HER cell phone if she was so worried.. did she pick up Spaz? Was he still home??

The only response we got from her after leaving numerous voice mails and text messages was “… u no ur wrong. leave me be”

That’s a direct quote there.

You know you’re wrong.. leave me be.

So not knowing ANYTHING and not being able to FIND anything out, we drove the 4 hours back, through a snow storm and lost the money we had already put out that we couldn’t afford to lose.

We were NOT happy campers by the time we got home and both kids got yelled at. By me. Because make no mistake about it, they were at fault to.. but not as much as she was. She is supposedly the adult and she knew exactly what she was doing when she did it. If she was really THAT concerned, then why not call? Why not alter your plans?

The truth of the matter is that she had no plans. Spaz was bored because Bubba wouldn’t let him on the computer and he called her to go over to her house. She couldn’t/didn’t want to pick him up.. he didn’t want to walk.. and his attempt at getting what he wanted was to tell her he was by himself.

So. Did this man of mine get in touch with her and ream her for her part in this? No.

Fast forward two days. It’s a Monday night (3 days before court) .. Spaz has homework that he doesn’t want to do. He says he wants to go to the youth group that he hasn’t been to in 5 weeks. When I bring up that he hasn’t been there for 5 weeks, he gets an attitude with me and says something sarcastic about him not knowing that he wasn’t allowed to go to church anymore.

Still reeling from the weekend, I tell him that because of his attitude, I’m not taking him to church. He can call the Crack Whore for all I care. He does and she agrees to take him. Now.. you think that she would pick him up, right?

His group ends at 9. At 9:20, I get a call from him that he needs a ride home. Mind you, it’s freezing out and it’s late. Chief gets up, gets dressed and head out. Within 3 minutes of his leaving (I know this because I was making microwave popcorn at the time).. my cell phone rings and it comes up with the Crack Whore’s number. I answer and it’s Spaz. He asks if his father had already left.. I said he did.. he said that the Crack Whore picked him up. There’s no way to get in touch with Chief so I tell him that they’re going to have to turn around. They were no more then three blocks away. IF that.

Maybe it’ll be easier for you to relate from the picture on the right.

My house is Point A.

The Church is Point B.

Where Spaz was when he called me saying that the Crack Whore has picked him up is the red X.

Not far at all.

So I hang up and within the next five minutes, Spaz comes walking in the door.

I asked him where his father was.

He said that she wouldn’t turn the car around.



Knowing that there was no way to get in touch with Chief because he didn’t have the cell phone on him, SHE WOULDN’T TURN AROUND and go back to the church.

Is it me, or was that the ultimate “fuck you”?

So now here’s this guy.. not finding the kid who had JUST CALLED saying that he needed to get picked up not where he was suppose to be.. at night.. in freezing temperatures.. in an empty parking lot.. freaking out because he can’t find his kid.

Why did you call, Spaz? When she showed up, why didn’t you just wait, SPAZ????? I’m asking him these questions while I’m putting on my coat. There was nothing else to do but walk to the church hoping to see Chief somewhere between here and there to tell him that Spaz was home.

And believe me.. I was NOT quiet about having to do it and with Bubba and Spaz sitting there wide eyed I told them ALL about their vaginal incubator. I can’t even stomach calling her their “mother” because “mother’s” don’t do shit like this. Mother’s don’t say things to their kids that shouldn’t be said (the doozy of all examples coming up in a sec)..

Cousin Bird, who lives right near the church wasn’t answering her phone. I had hoped that she could drive over there. Bubba asked me if I wanted him to call the Crack Whore. I told him that as sure as I was standing there, I would drop her on her simple ass. He volunteered to walk with me but I didn’t want to be around anyone that shared her DNA.

I got half way to the church when Bubba called telling me that his father had come home. He didn’t have to say anything, because I heard him screaming at the top of his lungs at Spaz.

I hoofed it home to find Spaz crying in his bedroom and Chief in our bedroom. I tell him that what she did was the ultimate in “fuck you’s”. He agreed. But did he yell at HER as bad as he yelled at Spaz? Nope. Never even confronted her.

That was when it all ended for me. HE might allow her to pull HIS puppet strings but she wasn’t pulling mine anymore. I could give a rat’s ass about her or anything having to do with her. I blocked her phone on my cell and blocked her email address.

Oh.. but it gets better.

When we made the decision to move to another state, Chief’s father had come over and we were discussing it with him while Bubba was on the phone with the Crack Whore. That wasn’t on purpose. We were already talking when she called and I guess she asked who was over and what we were talking about and Bubba told her. When she found out where we were moving and how far it was, she flipped out.

This is what I heard Bubba saying:

“.. he has full custody”

“.. that’s going to piss him off”

“.. that’s a mortar shell”

When he hung up with her, he tells us that she said that he wasn’t going to take Spaz. That Spaz wasn’t his son.

You read that right. SHE said to BUBBA that SPAZ was NOT Chief’s SON.

She said she was going to go to court and have a DNA test done to prove it.

Chief’s response was that he didn’t care.. Spaz was his son. He raised him. He was his. Then he took the dogs outside because I don’t think he wanted Bubba to witness any other kind of emotion from him then confidence.

Bubba wanted to talk to me about it. All I said was “.. oh, that’s real nice” but then explained to him that if she did go to court and Spaz wasn’t his, then he had every right to sue her for 12 years of support. And she would have Spaz.. what was she going to do, try to remember every guy she fucked behind a dumpster and sue them for child support? Because SHE was going to look SO GOOD in front of a judge… right?

Bubba said she had the mentality of a 5 year old.. I told him I had the intelligence of a 45 year old. Who did he think would win?

And did Chief ever say anything to her? Anything at ALL about saying that shit to their 15 year old son? Nope.

Because he had the opportunity to… had it when she called him asking when we were moving and if we were taking Weed with us because SHE was moving and she wasn’t taking Weed. Nope.

And speaking of Weed.. who got picked up for a failure to appear warrant that they both blamed on us for not paying his fines. Um.. ok.. because how exactly does a failure to appear warrant have anything to do with fines?

And speaking of Weed.. who called up earlier to say that she had stolen the money he got for Christmas so she could get fucked up on pills so he broke her flat screen tv.. and then she started sending messages from her pimp’s boyfriend’s phone saying that she threw all his clothes out on the street and called the police because he broke her tv.

Because you’re going to call the police even though your fucked up on pills with the money you stole from your son. I told Weed, who was just as fucked up on something, that he should call the police on her for theft.. since, you know, she has a felony burglary rap already.

Chief told him he had no right to bust her tv.

I wanted to bust HIM in his bald head.

Puppet strings. See what I’m saying?

Weed wound up leaving the house after he had slept off whatever he was on.. Not sure where he went.. he didn’t even say anything when he left the house. I’m sure it was to get trashed again. We’re his clothes outside? Who knows? Did she call the cops? Who knows.

Chief said to me that he felt horrible thinking it, but he thought it would be a burden lifted if Weed and the Crack Whore got into one of their fights and he accidentally killed her. She’d be dead and he’d being doing life in prison and we’d be 8 hours away. Bold talk but did he mean it? Fuck no.

Because a puppet can’t move without a puppet master.

My plan.. not that anyone has ever asked me but I’ll share anyway.. is to move, get him and the boys settled.. make sure he can afford it and then leave. Come back to my family, my friends and my sanity.


I’d be threatening myself if I had the chance to.

I don’t know if you heard about this story or not but apparently this 81 year old woman.. who lived in a second floor apartment with her daughter, son in law and three 20-something grandkids was left in a recliner.. soaked in her own body waste.. with open sores and all kind of other nasty stuff.

This is the article written by Brian Fraga of SouthCoastToday.Com:

FALL RIVER — The Fall River grandmother who prosecutors say was left by her relatives to lie on a recliner, soaking in her own blood and waste for more than a month, died Thursday at St. Anne’s Hospital in Fall River.

Mary M. Araujo, formerly of 161 Lonsdale St. in Fall River, died on her 81st birthday.

Five relatives who lived with the victim in an apartment are already in custody, charged with permitting serious injury to an elderly or disabled person.

Assistant District Steven E. Gagne said earlier this week — while Araujo was still on life support — that the charges against them could be upgraded to murder or manslaughter if the victim died.

The Bristol County District Attorney’s Office said Thursday no determination had been made on whether to upgrade the charges.

“Because the investigation into this matter remains open and pendng, no further comment will be made at this time,” said Gregg Miliote, spokesman for the Bristol County District Attorney’s Office.

An autopsy is scheduled to be conducted today by the state Medical Examiner’s Office.

Meanwhile, the family members charged with neglecting Araujo have been placed in protective custody at the Dartmouth House of Corrections after a growing number of threats against them from inmates.

The Cabrals — Araujo’s daughter Karen, her husband Duarte and three sons, ages 21-28 — were removed this week from the general population and locked in individual cells for their own safety, said Bernard Sullivan, spokesman for the Bristol County Sheriff Department.

“The correctional staff became aware of a growing undercurrent of threats and tension,” Sullivan said.

The Cabrals are scheduled to return Aug. 25 to Fall River District Court.

Prosecutors said Araujo was allegedly left alone on a recliner for more than a month, soaking in her own urine, feces and blood.

When police and paramedics found her Saturday at the family home on Lonsdale Street, they said Araujo was covered with bedsores so severe that they exposed tendons and bone, her bloodstream was infected and she was unconscious.

The woman had several infected ulcers, resulting in a bacterial infection to her bloodstream. Facial hair had grown to a length of 1 inch around her mouth. Her fingernails and toenails had grown to the point they curled back toward her foot, prosecutors said.

Authorities said the woman had little contact with the outside world and had not left the family apartment in two years.

Police learned of the woman’s plight after the victim’s relatives called 911 Saturday to report she had lost consciousness. The woman was taken by ambulance to St. Anne’s Hospital, which notified Fall River police and Bristol Elder Services.

The woman lived in the apartment with the five defendants, prosecutors said.

Karen Cabral, 49, and Duarte Cabral, 51, were arrested by Fall River police on charges of permitting serious injury to an elderly or disabled person. They are both held on $20,000 bail.

Their three adult children — Corey Cabral, 21, Scott Cabral, 24, and Keith Cabral, 28 — also face charges of abusing an elderly person and remain in custody.

The defendants said through their attorneys that they did not neglect the grandmother, some adding that Araujo was a proud woman who refused help and up until recently had been able to take care of herself.

Now I ask you…



Five people are living in an apartment and nobody.. NOBODY.. does anything about bed sores and ulcers and 1″ hair growth and nails so long that they curl under because she was a PROUD woman?

If she was a proud woman.. do ya think she’d want to be that way??

Was there not an unbearable stench? Even is she WAS proud, what kind of people are you that you live like that? What did you do? Hang car freshener’s off her??

Here’s this 81 year old woman who probably worked herself to the bone to provide for this simple ass daughter and this is the thanks she gets? To go out of this world without the dignity that she deserved?

I mean, WHAT the FUCK people!!!!!

To me, their punishment should be to get exactly what they gave her.. sit in their own piss and shit with sores and ulcers and a bacterial infection.

Can you tell how pissed off I am??

Too fucking ridiculous!

Ok.. this is just an update on THIS post.

There was an article written some time last week and in that article, it was written that she had just been released from country prison.. had been “clean” for a few months and that her mother wasn’t being too cooperative with the local police chief. The article went on to say that she had a court date coming up for a variety of offenses and was a victim of domestic abuse.

Did we really need to know this?

Did printing her past criminal history and upcoming court date mean that the police thought she had taken off voluntarily leaving her young son?

If that was the case.. and considering what her family is like.. wouldn’t you think that she would have told them and they wouldn’t have reported her missing?

AND considering all that AND the fact that the local police chief is one of the biggest douche bags around.. it wasn’t surprising that the mother didn’t want to talk to him. She didn’t disappear from HERE so what .. was he all up and interested to get his face on the front of the paper?

Ahh.. life in a small town.

At any rate.. it was reported that she was found by family and friends. Of course she was.. because if you have a little bit of sense about you and if you watch any one of the million of crime detective tv shows, they would know where her “haunts” were.. where she would go to do what she needed to do to get what she needed to get. It really is that simple. And isn’t hard to assume that the reason why she was clean was because she was on lock down until around the time she went missing.

Like I said in the original post.. you reap what you sow. It’s really is a shame that she died but it didn’t come as a huge surprise that she was found dead.

What’s horrendous is that she left behind a child that is too young to understand what happened and will have to carry that around when they ARE old enough to understand.

Sad all the way around..

But hopefully, this will be a lesson to some other young girl and maybe that will be the only bright spot in this tragedy.

Do you see the time??

It’s 4 freakin’ 30 in the AM .. as in MORNING.. as in WHAT THE HELL IS THIS CRAZY BITCH DOING WRITING A POST??

Yknow.. something are just too damn bizarro not to write in the moment.

So .. ok.. I wake up to Ernie, The Terrorist Puppy flung over my chest like a bean-bag.. his head nuzzling my neck and he’s doing that insane nasally whine thing that he does.

For those of you who don’t know, Ernie thinks he’s a boy without thumbs. My fault. I made him that way. He was way too young when we got him and I was all hearing whatever biological thing was ticking and so he became my baaaaabbbbbbyyyyy. He’s a lot older then 6 weeks now and he’s a mental head so I guess I have to live with it.

A’ight.. so he’s doing his whining thing and I know it’s because he wants to go O-U-T :: I have to spell it because if he hears the word he’ll want to go again!! :: Usually, Chief takes them around 6am but I guess him getting up to go to the bathroom threw off Ernie’s routine.

Or he needs a watch. Or maybe he just needs to tell time, dammit.

So he’s bugging me since I was already awake :: I hate when I fall asleep too early because Chief is watching Entering the Worm Hole for the millionth time! :: and I figure I’ll take them out and give Chief the morning off.

Ernie’s all excited .. WE’RE GOING OUT! WE’RE GOING OUT! WAKE UP BELLA, WE’RE GOING OUT!!! .. which makes Bella all confused because you know, she’s old and probably senile and the only thing she’s really concerned with is getting the treat when they come in so she’s WHOOOO WHOOO WHOOO-ing .. they’re both weaving themselves in and out of my ankles as I’m trying to get out of bed.. find my shoes.. grab my cigarettes and glasses and find my way  out of the bedroom without waking the house up or tripping over Chief’s shorts that he left on the floor.

Now.. for those of you who don’t know, I live in a big old single house that’s on the point of where three streets intersect. I have a fairly decent size front lawn.. a fairly decent size side lawn that runs the length of the house to the fairly decent back yard. It’s just big enough to piss you off when you have to either mow it or shovel the sidewalks when it snows. Unfortunately, I don’t have a fence. The owner of this Ghetto Chateau wouldn’t allow up to put one up even though we offered to pay for the whole thing.

Ok.. so never mind about that.

Anyway.. Ernie has to be kept on a leash because he’s a runner. He still has his balls :: which are going to be clipped soon, little dog! :: and so we have something like 4 extra long leashes tied together for him. Bella is a WHOLE other story. She’s old and slow and fat and has arthritis in her hips. She’s kinda like a baby seal. Plus, even though she may bark she only has about 3 teeth left and their wobbly so she is absolutely no threat to anyone. I don’t put her on a leash because she sticks to the grass does her business and goes back inside.

Now.. I know you’re going to scream at me that accidents happen and the what not.. and you’re absolutely right. I don’t condone walking dogs off a leash but trust me, you can cut me some slack on this one.

Anyway.. 604+ words later..

So I’m outside with the dogs and it’s beyond quiet. I live across the street from a cemetery and since we’re basically behind the center of town there’s no traffic.. no people.. no nothing. Just me and the dogs. We’re on the side of the house near the big ass shade tree when I hear a car roll up and when I turn around I’ m staring into head lights.

The city girl in me is like, WTF Asshole??? And then the little red and blue lights start flashing and then the suburban girl in me is like WTF ASSHOLE??? You see the illustrious police force here are a bunch of morons.. idiots and douchebags. All four of them.

So when I face the car, DoucheBadge #311 says to me: Do you want to tell me what you’re doing out at this hour? To which I responded Are you KIDDING me? while holding up the dog leash.

DoucheBadge #311 looks at Ernie and says: Is that your dog?

At that point, I thought he  may have been referring to Bella but she’s black and back in the dark part of the yard laying down near a pile of broken tree branches. I knew she was there but there was no way he hell he could of. So I was like Um.. yeaaaa.. I just take random people’s dog for walks at 4 o’clock int he morning.

DoucheBadge #311 gets out of the car and says .. I kid you not .. Why are you walking your dog at 4am? And I’m all ARE YOU KIDDING ME? DO YOU NOT THINK I’D RATHER BE IN BED??? which came out as: Um.. because he had to go to the bathroom? Complete with shoulder shake and head bob.

He actually looked confused and further established that this is THE most idiotic police department in the county by saying You are aware that there are leash laws in this borough? I hold up Ernie’s blue leash and tell him that there’s a dog attached to the other end. And then I swear I saw a flash of the 12 year old boy who used to get bullied in the school year because he responded Yea.. well.. there’s litter laws too!!

By now I’m done playing the game. I wanted to get back in the house.. back to sleep.. AND get the one dog who was OFF the leash back inside without him seeing that she was OFF the leash :: I did have a plan in case he spotted her though :: so I say to him: Are you looking for somebody or SHOULD you be looking for somebody because I have my LEASHED dog on my OWN property and I’m sure there are TONS of meth heads and drunks on the boulevard RIGHT NOW that you could be harassing.

He did not appreciate that.

At all.

He said: You could be arrested for disorderly conduct.

So I rolled my eyes and said: Fine. Let me put the dog in the house, throw on some socks and underwear and I’ll be right out so you can do that, ok Bucky?

Here’s the thing. When I know that I’m in trouble for doing something that I actually did then yea, I get all worried about being sent up to the big house and being somebody’s bitch but this bullshit is just bullshit and he knew that I knew it was bullshit but he had committed to laying down the bullshit.

He wound up getting a call over the radio .. I think there was a donut delivery at Dunkin’ Donuts that needed his immediate attention.. and so he gets back into his car saying: Keep that dog on a leash.

So he drives off and I come back in the house with the dogs.. wake Chief up and tell him that he has dog duty from now on. He just grunted and went back to sleep and I just had to tell SOMEBODY about this!! LOL!!

Lucky.. lucky you!!

.. so Saturday, Weed started trying to call collect from prison and we had to go through the whole phone set up again.

NOTE: In case you weren’t aware :: and really, why should you be :: an inmate just can’t call collect and have you accept the charges. You have to set up a pre-paid account :: either on a website or by phone :: and add money to the account. This is the only way that the call will go through when you agree to accept the charges. This is fucked for a number of reason .. although now you can use your cell phone where as before, you could only use a LAN line and it could only be for certain carriers.. but if you over fill your account, you don’t get your money back.

Anyway.. so earlier, Chief calls me on Spaz’s cell phone because I left my cell phone at the shop. He tells me that he tried calling on the house phone but it didn’t go through. I told him that was because it was broke. He asked me how it broke and I told him that his sons dropped it too many times.


He tells me that Weed called him and because we had set up the account, he was finally able to talk to him and he told me that he was going to call back again on the house phone.

Um. Yea. One problem.


Another Oh.

So I tell him where the old store phone was and that he really should stick it up his ass in his back pack now so that he doesn’t forget it again. Then I asked him what Weed said.

Chief told me that Weed started crying and that Chief told him that he was the only one who put himself in there.

But then a customer came in so I don’t know if there was more to the conversation or whether that was the end of the conversation until tonight.

So we’ll see.

I also know that I re-affirmed with him again that he is NOT moving back into the house.

This morning I asked him what he thought would happen in court tomorrow and if the judge would send him back to jail or if he would release him on his own recognizance. He said he didn’t know but he might. I told him then that the Crack Whore can’t have him living with her anymore and he said that he knew.. that he had talked to her earlier and that he wasn’t touching the subject with her.

Ostrich? There’s your hole.

So that’s when I told him that he wasn’t moving back in here because he hasn’t learned a damn thing about respecting other people’s property and that he was doing in her place what he used to do in ours.

He said he completely agreed.

But we’ll see.

I may be moving out sooner then expected.