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I know that getting some semblence of joy from the following may be wrong. And I know that it is going to have an adverse affect on Spaz… but y’know… so fucking what?

A few things happened today that I’ll post about later :: I have dinner on the stove and Chief will be home soon :: but I couldn’t put this one off any longer.

This morning Chief told me that Bubba relayed to him that the Crack Whore had an appointment today with her parole officer.

The PO told her that if she didn’t get a job soon, she was going to jail.


She, in turn, went back to her apartment and told Spaz what the parole officer had said and finished with, “… so I guess I’m going to jail.”

The sad part in all this is.. as Chief pointed out.. is that Spaz is the only one who cares about her. And of course, his over-worked nerves are going to go into yet another tail spin because of her.

Chief said he was going to talk to her about saying stuff like that to Spaz :: but we already know that if he does, it isn’t going to be with the same intensity that he tells me he’s going to speak to her ::

That aside… I can’t help but laugh at her simple ass.

You would rather go to jail then find your lazy, junkie ass a job.

Incredible, isn’t it?

Even the most brain-dead junkie I know whould rather to whatever it takes then to be hauled off to an 8X8, right?

AND to pass this on to a child?

Do you SEE what I’m dealing with here?

I think the chicken is burning so I gotta run…