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Bubba is NOT pictured above..

Bubba turned 16 yesterday and as usual, it wasn’t without drama.

We were kind of stressing about this birthday.

Not because he would start bugging us to learn how to drive .. or because he thinks it’s some magical age that allows him to stay up to all hours of the night.. or because he now thinks he can command Spaz to do his bidding.

Chief and I were both a little thrown under because Bubba’s last 2 birthdays were kind of slighted because of other things going on.

And let’s face it, birthdays are important to people.. kids especially.

When we first started to discuss moving back in October, we told the kids that it would be better for all of us financially. And since Bubba’s birthday was then 4 months away, we did the absolute wrong thing and told him that since our finances would be better he wouldn’t have to suffer through a horrible birthday. We thought it would ease the blow a little.

Boy, were we wrong.. and boy, did it blow up in our faces.

So Friday was his 16th birthday .. a milestone.. and we have a little over 11.00 in the bank.

Not being able to have a Christmas this year and now not going to be able to have a birthday for Bubba really, REALLY brought Chief down lower then I’ve seen him in a long time. He felt like a failure.. worse then that actually.. and I, for once, was powerless to do anything.

Chief had told me he tossed and turned all night.. up.. down.. up.. down.. in.. out.. in.. out.. and a few times sobbing.

This morning he woke Spaz up for school and while he prepared him breakfast and Spaz was in the shower, I stayed in the bedroom snuggling with Ernie.

And then all hell broke loose.

I’m not exactly sure what set it off.. but I do know that it had something to do with Spaz being Spaz and his belief that the Crack Whore is the Mother of the Millenium and hearing that caused Chief to say something under his breath that Spaz heard which made Spaz say something completely disrespectful to his father.

And Chief let him have it .. telling him that at his age, he was going to hear just how great and wonderful that Crack Whore was.. and how he wasn’t important enough to her to pay 21.00 a week for his support. Spaz started crying and Chief told him that that’s exactly what he’s been doing all week because he couldn’t get anything for Bubba.. and how they are of no help when it comes to conserving energy or gas or hot water..

Did those things need to be said? Yes.

Did they need to be said in that way at that time? Um.. probably not.

But understand that what doesn’t get said at our house, gets said to them at hers.. and she isn’t one to be fair and impartial. That’s been WELL documented here.

But I couldn’t change what was going on in the living room but I knew that if Chief got to that point, he was way more stressed and depressed then I thought.

So sitting on the bed, I’m trying to figure out what I can do.. ANYTHING I can do.. and I saw the Playstation 3 sitting on the desk and it hit me.. sell the thing on Craigslist.

I like having my own PS3 .. I can play what I wanted to play when I wanted to play it without having to hear the boys complain that THEY wanted to play THEIR games… so even though it may have been an easy decision for some, it wasn’t for me.

Well.. let me rephrase that …

In the grand scheme of things, the PS3 isn’t important at all.. but there was a little piece of me that felt like, one again, I was the one making the sacrifice.

That didn’t last long.. like I said.. grand scheme of things.

So I went on Craigslist and saw how much this particular unit was going for (PS3 160gb) and posted an ad listing the selling price at a little bit under what everyone else had their’s listed for .. and I’m truly sorry about that, other sellers! I just needed to unload it and unload it quick.

And boy … that thing wasn’t up for 5 minutes before I started getting bombarded with texts and emails. I had never sold anything on Craigslist before so really wasn’t prepared for the onslaught.

But to make a long story short, I wound up selling it to a guy who lived on the opposite end of the city so we had to drive like a half hour or so to meet him. He was a really, really nice guy and when we spoke on the phone I thought I understood that he was looking to buy it for HIS kid’s birthday which, you know, made me feel even better that I was selling it.

Turns out, he was buying it for himself for HIS birthday but anyway.. it was a great experience..

We decided that instead of buying Bubba something, we would just give him money. He’s always going to movies with his friends or the mall and this way, he would have his own cash to do what he wanted to do with it.

For our birthday’s, Chief makes us a special dinner of all our favorite foods.. so this past Christmas when we received an Omaha Steak gift package from my brother and his family, I told Chief to hide the Filet Mignon. Bubba LOVES them and I figured we wouldn’t be a position to buy them come January 21st.

Good idea on my part!

So Chief made the filets.. I made the bacon cheddar mashed potato puffs that he loves.. we had asparagus and we also make a 4 layer peanut butter chocolate cake.

As we sat down to eat, Bubba tells us that we didn’t have to worry about getting him a gift. He’s 16 now and didn’t need material things. He also said that he had heard Chief and Spaz’ argument that morning.

I was proud of him for saying that.. but also felt bad that he had to hear what he did so I told him that what had happened that morning shouldn’t have happened but we had it covered and not to worry.

Chief was impressed with his maturity about the situation also..

We wound up having a great dinner and he probably more appreciative of our gift then he let on.. afterward, he went over to the Crack Whore’s.

When he returned, he knocked on our door and told us that the Crack Whore said that if Chief wrote her a letter, she would give him 400.00. The letter proving that she had paid some of her back child support.

Before he could say ANYTHING, I piped up and said, “.. No. Tell her she has to put it through the courts.”

Bubba said that the Crack Whore told him that if she didn’t give Chief the money, it would take three weeks before he got it.

Chief said it wouldn’t. It would only take two days to process through the court.

I then said to Bubba, “.. Look, if she doesn’t put it through the court she could get into a lot of trouble. She’s already in a lot of trouble and even though we could really use the money, you have to do things the right way.. the responsible way.. to make things right. It’s a life lesson.”

Mind you, I could give two hoots what happens to the Crack Whore. I only said what I said because I really don’t appreciate the fact that she has these conversations with her kids and not with Chief and at least one of the “adults” in their lives has to come across as reasonable and not vindictive.

And too.. you know.. I don’t trust her as far as I can throw her. She takes every opportunity to use our misfortunes to her advantage. What’s to stop her from saying that she gave more then she really did.. or alter the “letter” or reproduce another one?

But I digress..

The whole point is that Bubba is growing up.. maturing in ways that three years ago I wouldn’t have thought possible. It’s a wonderful thing to witness and I’m proud of him!


I get it..

You saw the YouTube video on how to make a lag switch and you went for it … Good for you!!

You tested it.. and it worked.. and you’re ALL thrilled with yourself because you FINALLY.. FINALLY.. got a higher kill / death ratio…

Feel good about yourself, bucky?


Now put the damn thing away because YOU are ruining EVERYBODY else’s game.

Look.. I understand how you feel when you’re always on the bottom of your team.. or how your 3/21 ration would make you want to just throw your controller across the room.. but for me.. and everybody else like me that has played for a ridiculous number of hours so that we can LEAD our team with a +20 or more K/D ration you’re nothing but a cheating bag o’douche.

It’s not necessary and all your doing is driving people away from playing and taking the fun out of it.

So if you think you can beat me ( hey, I have bad rounds too ) then go ahead.. but do it fair because if you beat me using a lag switch then you’re really not beating anything but your dick against your mother’s crocheted blanket in her basement where you troll.

I play on PS3 either under (uzz)WarKittenz or (uzz)DooFuzz

Comment your screen name and we’ll get a round going..

Hey… so here’s the deal

IF you’re a PS3-er … AND you’re just as obsessed with Call of Duty as I am.. then I want you to consider clanning-up.


PSN ID: WarKittenz

And before all my non-COD friends start bitching about how much time I actually spend playing this game, let me just say that it keeps me from going REAL LIFE postal!! LOL!!

Actually shooting virtual enemies is very calming.. much more so then those 19.00 “zen” candles I tried last year!

At any rate.. fellow COD-ers know what I’m saying.



NOTE: If you have absolutely NO interest in what I’m about to say then you can stop reading right now. I promise I won’t be offended. I also promise that I won’t take is SO DAMN personally that I’ll show up on your doorstep with a virtual MP40 or AK47 or SCAR and pop your virtual melon. See what I mean about stress relieving?? LOL

Ok.. so back to the clan-thing.

Well.. technically.. it doesn’t even have to be a clan thing. People tend to get territorial over their clan tags and people NOT part of a clan tend to leave matches when a clan shows up on the opposing team.

I’m just looking for people to play with that actually KNOW how to play strategically.. without running around doing stupid things to get themselves killed and ME killed in the process.


You don’t have to be Einstein to figure out that if your team is holding an area, the opposing team is going to come to you giving YOU the advantage of killing them first. It may not always work out that way because one well place grenade will cause major cluster-fuckage but I think you kind of get the idea.

And SNIPERS!! My god there is a need for sniping .. but the whole point of sniping is to :: gasp! :: ADVANCE YOUR TEAM FOWARD! There is nothing more frustrating then to have a sniper in a map that actually doesn’t even NEED one and having to keep respawning all the way on the other side of where the fighting is because the sniper is just sitting and sitting and sitting and sitting………………….. and sitting and sitting and getting up to go to the bathroom and then sitting some more.

And while I’m on my little mini-rant .. the other thing that gets me goat all twisted up in knots is when you’re playing strategically .. you’re getting the enemy to come to you .. and then SOMEBODY ELSE comes into your space.. shoves in front of you because.. OMG! You’re getting kills and they aren’t so they want to be where you’re at so that they can get the kills but the only thing that happens is that YOU get killed because they’re blocking your view.

See.. THAT’S why I’m not hooked up to the microphone. Too many bad words said to too many people!! ;)

Anyway.. so I’m putting the offer out there. Me and Chief are actually really, really good :: I’m better. I know it.. he knows it.. but I still let him believe that he kicks my ass because I don’t want to hurt his feelings :: and we’re just looking to play with other people who are really really good.

If your interested, just add me as a friend and just add a message that you’re from here so I’ll add you.

In case it isn’t blatantly obvious .. Chief and I are MAJOR PS3 Call of Duty gamers.

Our mode of choice is online play and I, personally, have never been this addicted to a FPS (First Person Shooter) game before. Brain games, absolutely.. but not FPS’s.

I really thought that Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare couldn’t get any better.. but then came Call Of Duty 5: World At War and in the immortal words of somebody that I can’t remember: FUGGEDIBOUTIT!

I could play all day.. everyday.. and really does alleviate a lot of the stress that otherwise would have me scoping out nice high towers!! LOL!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is set to be released on November 10th. We already pre-ordered it and have made arrangements with our local GameStop to send up some catering because they’ll be open until past midnight. They were all “OMG! You Rock!” but really, it’s just making sure that I have my copy at a minute past midnight!

I already told Chief we’re closing the store for the day so we can sit and enjoy playing on our 52″ flat screen while the kids on in school!

Hey.. it’s the little things in life, right?

Snap shot of a recent game we played

Snap shot of a recent game we played

So if you’re into it and want to play with the big dogs.. my screen name is WarKittenz and Chief’s is DooFuzz … we both play under each other’s but I’m better.. the student has well surpassed the master!!



Okay.. so it’s been a fairly eventful few days.

I had yet ANOTHER funeral to attend :: this for the mother of one of my “other” brother’s :: that I’ll post about later but right now, I’ll just focus on the dysfunction that is my family.

So Friday we’re in the shop.. it’s a few minutes after 7 and we’re closed. I told Chief that he was crazy for answering it but he did anyway. I was in the back but heard him yell, “… I didn’t say he was punished but he’s NOT sleeping out”

Yep.. the Crack Whore.

Rewind to earlier in the day.

The Crack Whore’s half brother :: hereby referred to as “Dumbass” :: called asking if Bubba could sleep over his house the weekend. Now Dumbass has about 4 different kids with 4 different woman. None of them live with him and whenever the son that’s Bubba’s age stays with him, Dumbass wants Bubba to sleep over so that he [Dumbass] won’t have to entertain or be bothered with him.

Most times, Bubba doesn’t want to go over because at his age, he’d rather be with his friends. But that’s neither here nor there.

Anyway… it was the kid’s birthday and I guess it was an excuse to get their addiction riddled family together but I told Dumbass that Bubba wasn’t allowed to sleep over. School is starting in a few days and he needs to get back on track with sleeping earlier and whatever and he’s been not doing what he’s suppose to be doing so he’s being banned from doing certain things and sleeping out is one of them.

Dumbass starts giving me a hard time about it.. “.. but it’s the last weekend of the summer” and “.. can’t you just bend this time?” .. that type of I WANT WHAT I WANT AND I’LL WEAR YOU DOWN UNTIL YOU GIVE IT ME syndrome.

That seems to run rampant on that side of the family along with their various addictions.

Anyway, I tell him that no, I can’t allow him to go because that would mean we’re not following through with our word and he needs to learn that their are consequences for his actions.. that he needs to mature a little :: ok, a lot :: and if we go back on our word then he’s just going to skate again.

“But”, I said, “.. you’re a parent, Dumbass. You know all about that. Oh, sorry.. you’re kids don’t live with you. Never mind.”

All during this exchange, Chief is yelling “No! No! NO!” but Dumbass doesn’t want to hear that either. I guess he thinks he has more chance to get me to give him what he wants then he does from Chief. Who knows. There’s a reason why I refer to him as dumbass.

Anyway.. I tell him that I have to go back to work and he says, “.. well, see if you can work on it.” and that’s that.

So when the Crack Whore called, she wanted to know why Bubba was punished. Chief told her that he wasn’t necessarily punished but he wasn’t sleeping out because he needed to start getting into a routine. She started the same full court press as Dumbass but Chief was like, NO! YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY’RE LIKE EVEYRDAY. YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT’S LIKE TO GET HIM UP IN THE MORNING.

He told her that he didn’t have a problem with Bubba going to the party.. as long as Spaz goes to.

NOTE: Because Dumbass doesn’t have a kid Spaz’s age, he never invites him over to his house and gets very perturbed when reminded that Spaz is just as much his nephew as Bubba is. And you wonder why Spaz has issues?

Then she must have asked something about having Spaz spend the weekend at her place and at first Chief said he didn’t know but that was when I popped my head out and made the NOOOOOOOOO face. He then told her no. She must have asked why not and he went into all the things that go on over at her place. She must have said ” oh really ” or something because Chief started going off on her about “… Yes! REALLY!” and proceeds to go into how every time Spaz comes home from her place he’s always upset about the things she says to him about Chief or Me or both or whatever.

I honestly don’t remember how it came about but he said something to her about once again, she goes to the kids about something instead of talking to him first about it and she said that Spaz was the one who asked HER to sleep over.

NOTE: Not for anything… but how sad is that? If Spaz didn’t say anything to her, she wouldn’t have wanted him to stay over.

So Chief asked her where she was at and how was it that Spaz was asking her anything and she said she was up at the house. His immediate response was YOUR NOT IN MY HOUSE ARE YOU? and she said she wasn’t.. that she stopped by because she wanted to talk to Bubba. No doubt to put the guilt trip on him about his cousin’s birthday party.

They do that a lot to the kids.. put guilt trips on him.. and they’re both too young to see it for what it is and they both feel bad and get sucked into their vortex. Sad situation.

Anyway.. he tells her again that none of his kids are sleeping out anywhere and then tells her that he’s hanging up because he just wants to get done work.

So he hangs up and you know, whenever she slithers out of her crack den I get an attitude. So we have some kind of dialog about how they just won’t take no for an answer and went back to doing what we were doing to close the shop.

I wound up asking him if she’s been in the shop.. because, you know, the food stamp cards got filled up.. and he was like, “Hell no”. But I’m still not sure if I believe him or not.

We finally finished with the shop.. grabbed dinner and went home. I was half expecting her to still be there and was gearing myself up for a confrontation but she wasn’t there.

So we go inside and Chief immediately starts telling Spaz that the reasons why he doesn’t want him spending the night over at the crack den.  But.. umm.. Chief really isn’t good at “saying” things. So I jump in and tell Spaz that it’s our responsibility to keep him safe and look out for his well-being and HE [Spaz] even told me that everyone in her family except for her step father is an addict.

He said, “.. well, I THINK everybody is”

And then all the bells.. whistles.. and flags started flashing in my head.

I said, “YOU’RE the one who tells me these things so if you’re lying about it then you need to realize that you’re lies are causing A LOT of problems.. like when you lied about being sick all last year in class just to get sent to the nurse and not do your work”

Spaz smiles and giggles when he gets caught in a lie and tries to change the subject. That’s what he started doing but Chief had heard the conversation and said, “.. Bubba says the same things”.

He does. He’s told me plenty of things so it’s not that I don’t believe Spaz in this case but I just wanted to press upon him that his lying causes problems.

So Spaz goes off to bed and me and Chief go watch something in our bedroom. I ask him if he told Bubba about the party and he said that he hadn’t, but he would.

Fast foward a few hours and Chief is fast asleep. Bubba was still up and in the living room watching tv when I got up to go to the bathroom so I tell him about the party.

Bubba tells me that Spaz had told him about it.. that they have to be at the crach den at noon and also that the Crack Whore was suppose to give Spaz the 200.00 she owes him.

NOTE: A few years ago, the Crack Whore told Spaz that she would give him $5.00 for every “A” he had gotten on his report card. He’s been keeping track. Since she told him about her settlement, he called her out on it and she said she would give it to him when her check clears. Let’s all hold our breath waiting for that to happen.

I tell Bubba that I know nothing about it and he asks me if I want to play a few round of Call of Duty.

Since he asked, I figured I would play a couple of rounds because I think it’s important to spend as much time with them as possible. Even though I was dragging and just wanted to go to sleep.

He then tells me that he’s hungry and if I would drive him to McDonald’s or something. I tell him to forget it because there are things in the kitchen. He said there wasn’t and when I went to check.. sure enough.. there wasn’t anything there.

You can thank Spaz for that :: but more on that later ::

So because I felt bad that 1) he was hungry and 2) I felt completely irresponsible that I didn’t know there wasn’t anything to eat in the house and wound up taking him to go get something.

I tell him to make sure he cleans up after himself and then into my bedroom to crash.

The following morning, Saturday, I had to get up early because I needed to be at my mom’s by 8am for the funeral. So I get up and of course, there’s shit in the sink and there’s a big ass soda cup left on the dining room table.

Spaz was already up watching tv so I told him that before he went to the crack whore’s that he needed to take a shower.. change his underwear.. and make sure the kitchen and house were straight.

So I go to the funeral and get back to the store around 5. We closed an hour early because of the holiday weekend and went to do some food shopping for the house. For dinner, he was going to make Pork Fried Rice, Ribs and Egg Rolls :: from scratch. I <3 living with a chef! :: So we get home and guess what? Nothing in the sink was washed.. the house was a wreck.. Spaz changed his clothes but didn’t take a shower and didn’t change his underwear. Bubba left a pile of clothes on the floor… TWO FEET away from the damn laundry basket.

I’m pissed.

Beyond pissed.

So I tell Chief that when they get home they were both going in their bedroom and no Playstation or computer Sunday. That’s the consequence. They know that and I’m determined not to go back on that.

I have to be honest. I didn’t think they WOULD be home. Since both the crack whore and Dumbass wanted the kids to sleep over.. and more importantly, Chief said NO.. my thought was that :: as it got later and later :: the phone call was going to come saying that she wasn’t bringing the kids home for one bullshit reason or the other.

So about 9:30, my cell phone rings and I immediately hand it to Chief and he groans.

Turns out, it was Bubba. He wanted to know if he could stay out later. Chief was like, “.. how late? And where’s Spaz?” and then he said, “.. ok. Tell her to bring you back at 11” and then he had some kind of look on his face and hung up the phone.

He tells me that after he told Bubba to be home at 11, Bubba responded with, “.. we might as well come home now then” in that whole dejected Oh-Pooh-I-Lost-My-Tale Eeyore attitude. So Chief asks me if I thought that I was fair and I told him more so.. and that I didn’t think that she was going to bring them home anyway and he said that that had crossed his mind too.

They came home and I immediately told them that they had to go to their bedroom.. that they couldn’t play on the computer or the video games and the reason why. And then Chief told them that there was food in the kitchen if they were hungry and to grab something to eat before they went to bed.

Spaz immediately went in his bedroom but Bubba is not one to pass up food so he made a plate and sat at the table to eat.

I forget what started it.. maybe nothing.. but I think Chief mentioned something about school and Bubba came in to the living and said, “… yea, about that.” And proceeded to say that the Crack Whore was freaking out because she asked him if we had bought them clothes and Bubba said, “.. not that I know of”

Then I freaked out on him. I said, “… not that you KNOW of? Didn’t I just buy you 4 pairs of jeans, about 10 shirts, 2 packs of underwear and about 40 pairs of socks? And why is she asking YOU about that when she should be asking HIM [Chief]”

He said he didn’t know and I said that .. as usual.. they had or would have everything they needed with no help from her.

Really. If she was THAT concerned about them having clothes.. or haircuts.. or shoes.. or whatever.. then why the HELL doesn’t SHE buy them? She’s getting a settlement from a fake lawsuit.. go to town, bitch.

Ok. So I know that that isn’t the correct way that I should have handled it but you know what? You can’t expect me to ALWAYS suck things up. I’m only human after all.

So Bubba goes to sleep.. and Chief goes to sleep.. and I wound up spending most of the early morning having amazing Call of Duty games because every single enemy that came in front of my weapon had the crack whore’s name written on the bullet.

Whatever works, right?