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.. okay, so the whole pelting Santa with a snowball happened like.. I don’t know.. 30 or 40 years ago … and it happened during an Eagles’ game.. AND in the old Veteran’s Stadium.

Veteran’s Stadium being that big cement stadium that actually covered a hell hole and sucked all reasoning out of your brain when entered. That and the cheap beer.

Philly fans have this in-your-face reputation that supposedly makes fans rooting for opposing teams very, very afraid to wear their team colors.

As a Philadelphia :: I know, I feel bad for me too! :: I’ve had to listen to this time and time again over the course of my 40-some odd years. And as much as I tried to be all “… that was then this is now”-ish, you know there’s a reason why you get a reputation, yknow?

I’ve been to Phillies games, Eagles’ games, Flyers’ games and maybe a Sixer game here or there :: not big on the B-ball :: and every one I went to there was always “something” going on in the stands.

Things that you just want to say, “.. grow the FUCK UP” to the instigator and things like “.. okay, you stay RIGHT THERE while I call the police”.

Not all fans are like that…

Let me repeat so I don’t get hate mail or threatened with bodily harm


But the one’s that are are really turning the one’s that aren’t away from enjoying a live game.

For instance.. there was a Phillies game I went to last season :: against the Dodgers, go figure :: It was one of those Dollar Dog Sunday afternoon games. Loaded with college kids.

A man in the section next to me was there with his two young sons.. about maybe 9 and 6.. each wearing a Dodger’s cap. The bunch of drunk ass college kids in the rows behind them started ribbing and harassing the kids because of their caps.

Remember.. they are 9 and 6 ( or something like that)

The father tries to reason with them and all that did was make the college kids harass them more. So the father moved down to empty seats in the front row.

A security guard :: rent a cop :: approached the father and he explained why he had moved. Security then went up to the and approached the college kids who began throwing beer and hot dogs at the security guard.

Cops were called.. college kids were being dragged down the section steps and the father just got disgusted with the whole thing and left.

Can you blame him?

After the Phillies won the series last year.. all hell broke lose in the city. Cars were being turned over.. people harassed at red lights.. city trash cans set on fire..

We won’t even go into the poor guy who got beaten to death in the parking lot because he accidentally bumped into someone in a crowded stadium bar, spilling their beer.

Beaten to death.. over spilled beer.. in the Phillies’ parking lot.

Just so happens that these guys were being refused beer in the stands so they went into the bar to be served.


Don’t get me wrong.. Philly is a great place if you like history and cheesesteaks but I can’t stand the way these dumbasses don’t know how to behave themselves.. enjoy a win.. and celebrate without causing a national headline.

The Phillies have a great team.. work hard.. and really should be able to win a championship and not have it marred by assholes.

But I don’t think that’s going to happen.

And that’s really a shame.

… long title, I know.

Forgive for that but I’m more then a little pissed at the Eagles for signing CONVICTED FELON Michael Vick.

A few things you need to know:

  • I have absolutely NO clue on the details of what happened to the poor dogs that had the misfortune of being in CONVICTED FELON Michael Vick’s dog fighting ring. Honestly, I can’t bear any type of animal abuse and I will literally break down in tears and get severely depressed if I did. Even now, the mere thought of Sarah McLaughlin’s song “Angel” gets me teary because it was used in a ASPCA commercial. Dogs played an important roll in my life growing up and I hold the deepest compassion for them and their loyalty.
  • My family and I are were die hard Eagle’s fans. Well.. they might still be, I don’t know.
  • While I do believe in second chances, the very nature of being sorry for your wrong deeds means that you accept the consequences of those deeds. No excuses.. no passes :: no pun intended ::

Yesterday, I found out that the Eagles’ had signed CONVICTED FELON Michael Vick and I thought I was going to go through the roof. What happened to keeping the team and the players respectable? How do you expect me :: or anyone else who feels the way I do :: to honor the OTHER charities that you endorse? What about your responsibility to THEM? Does it mean nothing what this man did? Yes, he was served his time… yes, he DOES deserve a second chance. But that second chance should be to become a more decent human being not to sign a mega contract to play football. How did HIS life really change then because of his misdeeds?

When I texted a fellow Eagle’s die-hard saying that I couldn’t possibly stand behind them anymore, I got more then a cold response. The reason being is that it’s FOOTBALL and they were just thinking strategy.

‘Cause.. .like.. I’m sure the dogs that were hanged in a tree and electrocuted with jumper cables are okay with that. It being “just football” and everything.

So here’s the other thing…

Everyone who knows me knows that I am SO not a fan of Donovan McNabb. Never was. To me, he was just a prima donna. Same thing with coach Andy Nobody-Knows-The-Troubles-I’ve-Seen Reid.

Everyone who knows me also knows that I firmly believe that Jeff Garcia did as well as he did that half season that he started because the universe just happened to be tilted in his favor and .. let’s face it.. the Eagle’s had a hell of a line then.

Never was a fan of AJ Feeley… who needed a GPS and a bread crumb trail to find his helmet during games where he was given a nod to replace McNabb.

But the thing is.. when the Eagles sand-bagged Garcia, their reasoning was their blind faith in Kevin Kolb. HE was suppose to be THE. NEXT. BEST. THING.

Of course, he came along with his own “Mama McNabb” :: that being his father :: but hey.. whatever.

The thing is.. they never game his a serious opportunity to get his game feet together. Practices and the whatnot is NOT real live game play regardless of what anybody says.

So in all of Andy Reid’s wisdom, he relied .. and relied heavily.. on the ACL injured McNabb.

Come the fuck on. I never, EVER pretend to know anything about football other then what I read and what I watch and it’s so blatantly apparent that Reid and McNabb are joined at the hip or have naked pictures of each other doing things that would SO revoke Reid’s Morman Membership Card.

Of course now… Kolb is having problems with his left knee :: anyone seen Tonya Harding around practice? Hmm? :: and I’m sure the QB position is going to be reduce significantly to make CONVICTED FELON Michael Vick signing seem like a brilliant fucking idea.

Because that’s what the Eagle’s organization has become… just smoke and mirrors.

So much for football strategy huh? This makes the whole Terrell “TO” Owens fiasco look like a picnic.

At any rate, I’m pretty peeved at this whole thing and actually will cheer on the Eagle’s two biggest rivals, the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants with one ounce of guilt or regret.

Right now, there are a lot of people who agree with me. But Philadelphia fans are notoriously fickle. Let CONVICTED FELON Michael Vick start winning games and you’ll start seeing a whole lot of jersey’s being bought up and worn with pride.

But not me…




Fuck you, Eagles.. I hope you lose every fucking game as long as he’s on your roster.