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So it’s 1am .. I just got back from the laundromat a little bit ago.

I came into the bedroom and obviously, Chief was watching Heroes On Demand because it was on and he was sleeping.

I don’t bother with the tv ’cause I jumped on my laptop but once Heroes finished.. the On Demand thingy timed out and went back to the regular cable. I don’t remember exactly what I heard that made me look at the screen but I did and saw the Animal Planet logo.

I don’t do Animal Planet because whenever I try to.. they’re either always showing something traumatic to my psyche.. or I can’t get to the remote fast enough to change the channel from the commercial that will be showing something traumatic to my psyche..

Hello?? Did you ever SEE the ASPCA commercials with Sarah McLaughlin sing about the arms of the angel or Willie Nelson singing about maybe how you didn’t love me?

I’m tearing up now..

Anyway.. The show that happens to be on is called The Haunted.

You know, that show about people living in haunted houses that’s usually on A&E or some other station other then the Animal Planet?

Yea.. well they got one on the Animal Planet ‘cuase.. yknow.. pets can sense ghosts and stuff.

But come on…


Is there not ANYTHING else to show on the Animal Planet??

And WHY the hell would you see a ghost with black eyes in your bedroom that causes your two black labs to go high tailing out of the house AND NOT TELL ANYONE?????

Are you fucking DENSE???

Must really be time for sleep!!!

.. so this is the kind of movie that SO isn’t a “family” film. In fact, I’m kinda glad that I watched it by myself because there were plenty of WTF! and WHA??? moments even for an Indie flick.

It’s hella long (over 2 hours) and even though the central story is about Kate Winslet :: a personal fave :: and the hottie known as Patrick Wilson as parents involved in their own empty marriages who wind up hooking up.. there are SO many under current story lines.

Like the sex offender who moves back in with his mother only to be harassed by an ex-cop who was thrown off the force for accidentally killing a 13 year old.

Apparently, everyone in this quiet little Connecticut town has a dirty little secret .. which contributes to the WTF!! moments. Let’s just say there’s a lot of shock n’ awe. Even for me.

I’m not going to say I absolutely LOVED it .. I mean, it was good and I would recommend watching it.. if you were in the time and space to do so. It’s definitely NOT a light movie.

Here are just some random, personal thoughts though:

Jennifer Connelly, as Patrick Wilson’s bread-winning, testicle stealing wife looks as hot as ever FROM THE NECK DOWN. Girlfriend got some serious aging going on in the face.

Kate Winslet has some of the biggest, darkest areolae I’ve seen in my life! And she’s ENGLISH!! Sorry to generalize but I wouldn’t think that an English woman’s areolae would be THAT big and THAT dark!

The Sex Offender was played by Jackie Earle Haley. Jackie Earle Haley being MY VERY FIRST CRUSH back when he played in the Bad News Bears EONS ago. I had NO idea it was him until the credits rolled and if I wasn’t feeling so weak from pig virus, I would have high tailed my ass to the bathroom and vomited. That’s how grossed out I was.

It’s currently on Cinemax On Demand so if you have the opportunity, give it a go and let me know what you think…

I don’t normally watch television other then for Top Chef and Project Runway so I’m not all together surprised that I never hit upon this show. It’s everything that I like in entertainment .. left of center, witty, dry humor..

So thanks to one of those 3am channel surf-est where there was absolutely nothing to watch, I found this show.

After three days, I’m already on Season 2, Episode 2 and I’m seriously considering barricading myself in my bedroom to watch it straight through… it’s that good. I even got Chief hooked and considering NOTHING entertains him unless it’s on the Syfy Channel, History Channel or Fox News Network.. that’s a feat in itself.

Without giving too much away :: you really should watch it :: the series is about a serial killer who only kills serial killers. His baggage and why he is the way he is was outlined during the course of the 12 episode first season :: and my chin is STILL hanging down to my knees :: and Season 2 is continuing with a story line that’s completely rocking Dexter’s world.

If you like quirky.. if you like smartly written scripts.. if you like sarcastic humor I really think you’ll enjoy this show.

Watch.. and let me know


All is right in my world now that Project Runway is back on the air! And the best part of it’s move from Bravo to Lifetime is that IT’S ON DEMAND!!! The good Lord definitely knows what I need to make my life easier… LOL!


So, yknow, with 16 contestants it’s a little hard to keep every detail straight so this post is basically just an introduction to the designers and my first impressions of ’em

NOTE: Other then having an art degree, I have no clue about how the designers do what they do so if you’re looking for some professional criticism or critiques then you came to the wrong damn place!! LOL

So Episode 1’s Challenge is to crate a red carpet dress that shows the designers point of view.

NOTE: After five seasons of the show I still don’t know what the hell “Point Of View” means!!

Guest Judge this epi was Lindsay Lohan who.. well.. didn’t seem as dysfunctional and random as Perez Hilton makes her out to be. Maybe it was the lighting.. dunno.

Althea Harper

Althea Harper

Althea is everything a tall.. good looking 23 year old should be. Cocky as all hell!

Her gown was just ok. It was some silvery – grey satiny number that had some flowery something or other on the bust line that at first, reminded me of something Demi Moore wore to the Oscars like 20 years ago or something.

I really wasn’t that impressed especially after hearing say how incredibly brilliant she is.. but you know, it was the first challenge and I guess nerves worked into the equation. We’ll see how she does. She’s not at the top of my list but really isn’t at the bottom either.

Ari Fish

Ari Fish

Okay.. this Ari chick was nothing short of fucking weird. Alright.. so maybe I shouldn’t have said that but come one.. look at this picture and tell me she doesn’t look like Mia Farrow in “Rosemary’s Baby” meets the Clockwork Orange dude.

She wants to make clothes that are multi-functional.. like a halter top that turns into a tent with water filters and air purifiers built in. Just completely random and strange. I was like.. WTF???

If I remember correctly, she doesn’t have any formal training :: if she does, then I apologize for the error :: and while I really don’t believe that it’s necessary… I really don’t believe that she was selected. I’m certain I heard a collective howl coming from the other designers who tried out and weren’t selected.

Needless to say, her mylar soccer ball looking halter thingy just had people’s head scratching and poor Ari was sent home.

She did have a parting word or two of wisdom :: seriously :: that I thought was very insightful but right now, I can’t remember it. Too late.. not enough caffeine!

Carol Hannah Whitfield

Carol Hannah Whitfield

Carol Hannah is another young girl all filled with piss.. vinegar and confidence. Unfortunately, I don’t think she’s AS talented as Althea but what do I know.

She made this tan-ish gold – ivory dress that from the waist down wasn’t bad.. I just wasn’t too crazy about the corset-y top with the piping stuff all over the place. I think in the preview, she made a number of pieces the same way so maybe that’s her “signature” or maybe :: like Althea :: she had the butterflies and just resorted to something that she knew how to do.

Christopher Straub

Christopher Straub

Okay… I like this dude. I really do and I really hope that he makes it to the end and at least has an opportunity to do a collection for the finale.

I like that he is self trained.. no formal schooling. I like that he doesn’t pretend like he does :: he had asked the other designers about certain terms they used that he hadn’t heard of :: but what I like most about him is that he uses material from Wal-Mart in real life to create his designs. To me, it only proves that you don’t have to have a lot of money to either build your dream or in the case of one of his dresses… buy your dream.

He got emotional when his dress appeared on the runway and I don’t blame him… it was a big deal and I can appreciate that.

He also won .. and has immunity for next week. TEAM CHRIS!



I truly like this dude. He’s just so calm and serene and laid back and so NOT about the drama.

He’s just a real cool cat.

He definitely has talent.. but I wasn’t feeling this particular dress. I liked the plumy color but wasn’t too thrilled about all the scarf action happening at the neck.

At any rate.. I hope he does well. I also hope that he goes far enough so that his world changes for the better and he gets to have his own line or whatever it is he wants to do.

Gordana Gehlhausen

Gordana Gehlhausen


This chick scares the hell out of me.

She reminds me a Nazi matron that yells YOU VILL LIKE MY DREVESS while hitting you with a riding crop.

I did like some of the designs they showed from her shop but what she created on the runway for this episode was just “eh”.

Looks nothing like the design she sketched which is a shame because I liked the sketch better then the actual dress.

She always looks miserable though and I can count on some kind of drama with her this season

Irina Shabayeva

Irina Shabayeva

My jury is still out on Irina.

I did like the dress she created.. it was a neutral lace sleeveless top with a deep decolletage over a satin skirt of the same color. A black sash belt made it pop and to me, it just moved like water.

Don’t know whether or not I like her personality or not but realistically, it’s about her talent so I guess I can’t say too much.

She does have a dog so really.. how bad can she be??

Johnny Sakalis

Johnny Sakalis


I like Johnny.

I REALLY like Johnny.. even though he has a penchant for flip flops and that’s just wrong but anyway…

Johnny had a rough time this episode. He’s a recovering meth head and I give him all the props for turning his life around.. but I guess being in the high pressure situation he was started playing with his head. I felt bad for him.

I kind of figured that if Bravo went so much into detail about his melt down then Johnny was going to shine and he did. I wasn’t too crazy about the bubble hem but everything else was sexy as hell and if I had the body to wear it, I’d scoop it up today.

I hope he does well. I really do.

Logan Neitzel

Logan Neitzel

Dunno how I feel about Logan.

Ok, I guess.

I wasn’t exactly godsmack at his designs in the preview and wasn’t really impressed with the two tone gown he designed for the runway.

But we’ll see… there’s still a lot of show to go.

Louise Black

Louise Black

Weezy got some quirk to her.

She’s some kind of throw back to something but I give her credit for walking the talk.

Her clothes are a little quirky too.. definitely has an old school 20’s or 30’s feel to them..

Her design followed the same mode but I wasn’t really two thrilled with the frilly stuff on one shoulder or the movie theater drape hem but it wasn’t all together awful.

Not sure if she will go far in the competition or not but she is an interesting character to say the least.

Malvin Vien

Malvin Vien

Malvin is … well.. I’m not really sure how to describe Malvin.

He appears to be one of those young designers who are under the philosophy that anything he designs tells a story longer then War and Peace.

Sometimes a dress is just a dress, yknow?

His design was okay.. A little grey number. Nothing that I was like OMG about but we’ll see what he does in the coming episodes.

Mitchell Hall

Mitchell Hall

Oh Mitch!

What the hell were you thinking, buddy?

Mitchell started out with this .. this.. “thing” that resembled something that Queen Victoria would wear.. this high collard bunched up thing that wound up not fitting the model right.

Under the gun, he basically just wrapped the model in the left over SHEER NUDE COLORED FABRIC basically ensuring that she would be showing all her naughty bits under the bright television lights.

In hindsight.. it was a good thing his original design tanked.. because I think he would have been sent home. We’ll see how he does next week.

Nicolas Putvinski

Nicolas Putvinski

The self described PRINCE OF FEATHERS or something like that reminds me of some way other there make up artist on some other reality show on some other network.

You’ll have to forgive me.. I try to watch them all and sometimes forget the details!

Anyway… his black dress was okay. I mean, I liked it but it could have been something that you’d find at Hot Topic or Charlotte and Russe.

Qristyl Frazier

Qristyl Frazier

OMG.. girlfriend got SOLD!

All the judges slammed her dress and I have to be honest with you.. I didn’t think it was that bad.

I mean.. yes, the dress did look like a solid one and a print one ripped in half and then sewn together but my GOD they made it seemed like something that was horrible.

Maybe it looked different in person then it did on tv.. I don’t know but this was just one of those moments that made ME feel stupid because I wasn’t seeing what the “professional” were seeing.

Ra'mon Lawrence Coleman

Ra'mon Lawrence Coleman

I like Ra’mon.

I do.

I like that fact that he’s smart :: he was a pre-med student before chucking it all to be a designer :: and I like that he really understands the body.

Most of all.. I liked the fact that when Johnny was having a serious meltdown, Ra’mon went to talk to him.. to try and understand what he was going through.

To me, that showed the kind of heart he has and I hope as the season continues he excels.

Shirin Askari

Shirin Askari


This kid is my favorite.

She’s a new fashion grad with a WHOLE lot of confidence but doesn’t come off cocky like Althea.

She’s goofy.. she’s sweet.. she laughs.. and she makes amazing clothes.

The dress she made for this challenge though, fell a little short from the designs they showed in the preview but, like the others, it may have been a little bit of nerves and a little bit of the lack of time they had to actually create.

At any rate, I hope she does well. She just has that IT thing going on

So there you have it..

I hope you watch the show.. and I hope you add your own comments.

Being in a house full of testosterone means that I’m in serious need of girl stuff to talk about!! LOL