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If you don’t know who Sister Fica Hedonista is.. read THIS

It’s been a few years since Sr. Fica showed his .. um.. hairy face. And with good reason.

Apparently, Sr. Fica’s whereabouts were revealed when one of the other nuns in her convent saw the good sister standing the wrong way in a bathroom stall.

Mind you, Sr. Fica WAS castrated after the father of one of his altar boys found out what really went on in the confessional booth but obviously this poor father was so distraught that he didn’t do that best of jobs and left a little nub.

Of course, there were also OTHER flags that didn’t make sense until her true identity was discovered.

Things like her habit of sitting on the couch with her legs open… scratching her absent balls.. hellatious flatuance and large hairy ape hands.

Identity discovered, Sr. Fica went under ground :: some say as an understudy in the Piora Theater’s version of “Black Patten Leather Shoes Reflect Up” :: and it’s also been reported that Sr. Fica appeared in an untitled role in Mamma Mia.

This picture of Sr. Fica was taken in an unknown unemployment office.


A few Halloween’s ago, the company that Goober works for was holding a Halloween contest and being the good Catholic boy that he is, he went dressed a nun. All 6’4″ 6’2″ of him with big man hands and goatee.

So he does THE worse thing he could possibly do. He takes a picture of himself and emails it to me. Ok.. that’s not the WORSE thing he ever emailed me but that’s not the point.

I immediately post the picture up on the other blog I used to have on Bravenet.

I called her/him Sister Fica Hedonista.

Fica being the Italian slang for “pussy”. With the goatee, it just seemed to fit, ok?

I went on to describe how Sr. Fica USED to be Father Paul but that nasty little “issue” in the rectumory caused him to lose his manhood at the hands of a chain-saw welding parent. Since he was .. for the most part.. “almost” transgenered and his vocation still strong, he entered the nunnery to serve out the rest of his/her life is relative isolation.

That was a hit.. believe me.. and IF GOOBER GIVES ME PERMISSION I will post the picture.

IF Goober gives me permission..

IF GOOBER gives me permission..

IF GOOBER GIVES me permission..

IF GOOBER GIVES ME permission..


IF GOOBER GIVES ME permission..

IF GOOBER GIVES me permission..

IF GOOBER gives me permission..

IF Goober gives me persission..

:: do it Goob.. do it!! ::