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My Fave Valentine’s Day Movies

Posted: February 14, 2011 in Holidays, Reviews
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This took a VERY long time to compile so throw some love my way this Valentine’s Day and check it out..

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If you like Nicolas Cage in movies where he’s being witty and sarcastic :: think National Treasure :: then you’re going to like this movie.

Chief’s been wanting to see this movie for EONS and so yesterday when the kids were being obnoxious assholes, I said “.. you wanna sneak out and go see it?” I mean, what’s 14 bucks when you get two hours plus of peace.

It actually wound up costing 37 but.. again.. I’d pay anything to be away from those two for two plus hours..

Anyway.. this movie is a well written twist on the old story of Merlin the Magician of King Arthur’s court. LOVE Merlin and LOVE King Arthur so I was interested in how they were going to spin this. Cage plays Balthazar :: love saying that name too.. BALTHazar!! Try it.. it’s cool :: who is one of three apprentice’s under Merlin.

Morgana, one of Merlin’s arch-enemies, is trying to steal a spell from him and not to get too much into the plot, she winds up in a locked Russian nesting doll along with Merlin’s other apprentice, Veronica.

It is up to Balthazar to find Merlin’s successor and get rid of Morgana forever.

Of course.. Merlin’s successor is a modern day geek named David who has his own issues.

I liked the story… loved the special effects.. and even though there is one scene stolen from the animated movie with Mickey Mouse and some mops that I really could have done without.. I’d say we didn’t waste our money going to see it.

Because.. yknow.. with the price of movies today going to see one that sucks well.. sucks.

And in keeping with the tradition of us two being idiots.. we were REALLY low on gas driving out to the theater but since it was getting really late and there’s a gas station a block away from the movies, we figured we’d get gas on the way home. So after the movies, we get into the car and it wouldn’t start. I’m trying and trying and trying and it won’t turn over.

Chief’s in the passenger seat and was like, “Let me try..”

Oh.. like.. you didn’t just see me burning out my starter because I’m inept turning the freakin’ key???

But he tried and then said, “.. call my dad” .. who lives like five blocks away and when I when I started dialing his number my phone died. We both looked at each other and busted out laughing.

So he puts the car in gear and starts backing down the hill I was parked on.. almost hitting a big ass dumpster because why WOULDN’T I park near a big ass dumpster.. but was able to get the car facing the opposite way which made the gas in the tank move to the part of the tank that would start the car.

And it started.. and we got gas.. and made it home.

If something like that didn’t happen.. believe me.. I would have worried!! LOL!!

But go see this movie and let me know what you think.