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That’s a tiny picture!!

Anyway … in case you haven’t realized, I haven’t been on line the past three days. I’ve been stuck in bed.. on my back.. with nothing but my iPhone to connect me to the universe!! LoL ..

Basically, I went to bed Sunday night with my neck hurting a little and woke up not being able to move it AT ALL .. and if I did, well… did you ever experience white hot pain? Or literally see stars?

Honestly, it’s not something that I would wish on my worst enemy. It’s just that bad! I actually have a high pain threshold.. and rarely am I reduced to tears but yea.. this will do it to you.

However.. a neck brace, loads of Motrin and Tiger Balm did wonders and so I’m finally able to get around and feel more like myself.

So how did it happen? Well.. hard to say.

From what I understand, whiplash can sneak up on you. It’s basically soft tissue damage so something may not have been right from when I ran over the stop sign with my car a few weekends ago and then the way I lay on the bed with my laptop or hold my head in my hands when I watch tv may have just added to it .. you don’t need to be in an accident to get whiplash so.. y’know.. that’s where I’m at with that.

Better news.. BIGGER news actually, is the missing girl from Alabama.. Madeline Busby.. is home safe. I don’t know any details and that’s ok. So many other parents never get to feel the elation of having their teens return home so I hope that both side can be more open with each other and get to a point where they can communicate so this never happens again.

Baby Faith is now home with Bird and her husband. I haven’t really talked to them much .. them being all enveloped in pink clouds and under the influence of baby powder and me not being able to move an eyelid without screaming in pain.. but I’m sure we’ll catch up soon …

16″ of snow got dumped on us. This doesn’t make me happy. Especially since they already closed the schools.

Annnnnnd that’s about that .. !!

I’m going to catch up on my comments and blog reading after I get up and get a cup of coffee..

Because I FINALLY can!!