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Okay… so one kid was out with his friends… the other kid was glued in front of the tv and the husband was putting in a new car stereo so I actually had 2 hours of peace..

So in between loads of laundry.. I got to watch Episode 9 and had the chance to really disect things.

Let’s get too it:

Two things from that were repeated in the recap made me think of something:

Burned Man: Abby coming home has set this whole thing off


JD: It’s all about you, Abby

The obvious is that the Abby / Wakefield / Sheriff triangle was the catalyst for the murders starting. But for some reason I was thinking that hmmm.. maybe there’s a different spin on that. Haven’t quite worked it all out in my head yet.. but I have a gut feeling that it’s NOT the obvious.

So the show opens and Shae, Trish, Danny are waiting at the Candlewick when Katherine walks in and informs everyone that the phone’s are still out.

Danny wants to know how many hours there are until sunrise and Katherine replies “.. too many”.

Um.. yea.. like the sun is going to change things right? Just HOW many people where murdered during the day? But then, that’s something WE know and they don’t.

Sully and Beth show up so the only people not accounted for are Jimmy, Henry, Abby, the Sheriff, Chloe and Cal.

The next scene explains that.

The Sheriff, Abby, Chloe and Cal are in the .. medical examiner’s? .. place.

When did they meet up? The Sheriff was left in Jimmy’s truck when JD was found. I’ll go out on a limb and say that Abby goes back to the Sheriff leaving Henry with JD. As for Jimmy, either he goes to the truck to and is imformed by Abby about JD  -OR- Jimmy finds Henry / Abby / JD and sends Abby back to her dad.. thus staying with Henry. Either way, I’m not really sure that it’s important.  Remember, I had a lot of time on my hands today!

As Cal starts working on the Sheriff, he says that it’s been a long time since he worked on a life patient.

Given that I didn’t even remember that he WAS a doctor, I may have missed what exactly he does for a living now.

He instructs Chloe to find O-negative blood :: how does he know that? Some test or something that we assume happened or what? :: meanwhile, the Sheriff tells Abby to “… keep Harkin’s [the Burned Man] book safe.”

It’s then that Henry and Jimmy make their first appearance, carrying JD’s body into the room next to.. or down the hall from.. the Sheriff’s. :: Don’t know.. but it was definitely the same building! :: Henry is visibly upset. Sincerely upset.

Jimmy happens to look down and sees some folded up papers :: obvious to us that they’re pages from Wakefield’s diary :: and gives them to Henry, saying that they were JD’s.

But did they REALLY fall out of JD’s pocket… or is it possible that he planted them?

Quite possible that I had too much time on my hands! But it’s a thought!

Maybe JD saying that all this was about Abby was suggesting that Jimmy was the one behind all this because he was pissed off that Abby left?

We cut to Shae freaking out at Sully for attempting to leave the island and putting Madison at risk. Trish asks about Henry and Sully tells them about JD.. Trish wonders out loud if JD being dead means that he didn’t kill her father.

What? WHAT? Sorry but I thought that was a really random thing to say!

All of sudden, lights and music blare into the room. Sully and Danny :: doing their best Tubbs and Crockett impersonation :: check out what turns out to be an empty truck.. turns out that it’s Shane’s who :: weilding his own shotgun :: is looking for JD.

They tell him that JD’s dead and honestly, I think his reaction is legit. I didn’t get the impression that he had something to do with it :: a thought from last week ::

Chloe finds the blood and brings it to Cal.  Jimmy pops in and asks how the Sheriff is doing and Abby tells him that the state police will be there in the morning and then they could get him to a hospital.

How do we know the state police are on their way? Are we to assume that someone from the wedding party that made the trip back to the mainland is going to inform them? And if so, don’t they have boats with lights? You have all these murders going on and yea.. we’re just going to wait until the sun comes up to travel over.

Abby goes over to see Henry :: who’s still with JD :: He’s tells her that he couldn’t save JD and it’s either the actor playing Henry’s best acting -OR- HENRY’s best acting. Either way, I felt bad for him. He also wonders aloud who’s doing all this.

Abby asks him if JD said anything… and Henry said “no”.

Odd? You’re dying and with your only surviving relative and YOU DON’T SAY ANYTHING? Nothing?  Of course, maybe JD did but Henry isn’t saying.

Henry asks Abby what he [JD] said to her…

Odd again? Or presumption? OR are we not suppose to think about that?

Abby tells him. Henry both stumped and feeling guilty of JD tells Abby that he needs to go to the Inn and check on Trish. Abby insists that he doesn’t go alone but he tells her to stay with the Sheriff and to lock the doors.

Back at the Candlewick, Danny and Sully comes in with Shane. Katherine asks about the Sheriff :: I’m wondering if SHE’S wondering if he has a big pension! :: and Shae asks about Madison. Shea wants to do “something”. She’s a mom so I can understand her going off about it. Henry tells her that they have to stay. Trish seconds it saying that it’s the only way they’ll be safe.

Um.. where’s Beth? Does anyone know where Beth it?

Back at the medical examiner’s place, Jimmy comes up behind Abby reading the diary. She says that even though it’s pretty burned up, she can still see the Sheriff being spoken about all over the diary. She confides in Jimmy about her mother’s relationship with Wakefield. Jimmy tells her about the pages he found with JD but had given them to Henry.


Sorry.. couldn’t resist.

Next thing we know.. Maggie :: hello Maggie! :: shows up saying that she’s locked all the doors and gave the keys to Trish saying that there is now only one way in and one way out.

Uh-huh. We know what THAT means!

.. and why give the keys to Trish? Why not keep them yourself? And why are you even still there? I would have suspected, like most of the workers there that they lived on the island.

Henry goes into the kitchen where Danny and Sully are with Shane.. who throws his digs at Henry about JD.

Shane also states the obvious.. that all the murders started to happen after the wedding party arrived. But the smartest thing Shane has said all season was that they were being locked IN with the killer.


Henry challanges Shane.. he can either be locked inside OR outside. When Shane doesn’t answer, Henry tell him to help “lock the place up”.

Um.. Didn’t One-Door-In-One-Door-Out Maggie already do that? And wasn’t Henry there when she said it?

The next thing we see is Trish cleaning Henry’s wounds. He doesn’t remember how he got them.. said he didn’t feel them… they don’t look like scratch marks.. more like knife marks. Did something happen with JD that he’s blocking out?

Abby and Jimmy come in. Henry asks for the Sheriff and is told that Cal said that he would be ok.

Abby asks to see the pages and Henry gives them to her. Coincidentally, she opens the journal to the EXACT spot where the pages were ripped out and begins to read.. gasping at the sentence that her mother had Wakefield’s baby and figures that she could be his daughter.

Now.. although that has been my theory all along, it dawned on me that I just assumed that Abby was her mother’s only child. Maybe she had too.. Maybe Henry is Abby’s half-brother? I know.. that part I just added for affect but going back to the openning of this post, maybe it’s all about Abby because the killer is her half-sibling who is jealous of the life she’s had.  No better or no worse then any other theory out there, right?

Only Trish, Henry and Jimmy were with Abby when she read it but Shane over hears it and goes back and tells Sully and Danny.

Jimmy confronts Shane. The cat’s out of the bag, Shane says… Abby is Wakefield’s daughter.  Abby looks like she’s going to cry.

Next thing we know, Sully, Danny and Oh! Look! BETH! are walking through the kitchen :: again with the kitchen? … and for what? What possible reason could they have for walking through the kitchen again? :: when they hear Henry yelling “You Son Of A Bitch!”

He’s confronting Shane who just says that he’s only stating the obvious.. the 7 years without a murder.. blah blah blah. Henry is getting defensive :: Hey! Isn’t that Jimmy’s job? :: Sully is kind of agreeing with Henry.. and Henry gives him a look like “.. you asshole!”

Shane goes on about everybody dying and how it all connects to Abby. Abby gets upset and walks out.

In a scene that I personally think was just filler .. Katherine goes looking for Shae :: when did she leave? :: .. as she’s walking down a hallway, she hears a noise that makes her pause but finds Shae in her room apparenlty with Madison’s clothes. :: weren’t they already packed to leave the island? :: Katherine wants Shae to join the group. Shae says she HAS TO DO SOMETHING :: that mother thing again :: but Katherine tells her everything is going to be ok. Shae goes bizerk telling Katherine that she ruined everything, Katherine says the whole Richard “thing” wasn’t meant to hurt her :: um, are you delusional woman? :: and that she loves Madison. Shae.. in probably one of the best lines she’s had says, “.. you don’t get to love her.”

Then she tells her what every self-respecting woman tells the woman who was being tied up by her husband.. GET OUT.

In the meantime, Jimmy finds Abby outside :: wait! isn’t there a killer out there? :: Abby has the diary and tells Jimmy about the phone calls.. about the article planted in her room. She says something.. can’t remember what.. about being wanted and Jimmy says that [the killer] can’t have her.

Is that an “aww” moment or is he showing signs of being a controlling homocidal maniac?

We now switch over to Cal and Chloe. Chloe is all godsmack about Cal saving the Sheriff’s life. Cal says something about how he now disects dead things and Chloe responds, “.. I know. Brains.”

Hmm. Interesting. What popped into my mind was a scene in Young Frankstein when Igor finds AB E NORMAL‘s brain!

He then mentions NEUROANATOMY. Odd.

Chloe is obviously horny. As they leave the Sheriff’s room, the camera pans down to an oxygen tank. I think I hear a hissing sound like it’s leaking. Is that why Chloe is in heat? Weird. Why focus on an oxygen tank unless it’s going to come into play sometime soon…

Meanwhile.. Jimmy and Abby attempt to get back into the Inn but Shane has locked the door. He won’t let them in but Henry shows up and bangs Shane’s head against the door and a fight ensues. Henry’s a lot stronger then he looks.. or maybe it’s the adrenaline.

And then Sully asks where Beth is.

Back in the kitchen :: where they were before Henry first confronted Shane :: Sully and Danny find Beth’s broken lantern and blood on the door.

In one of the night’s sillest moments, they knock.

Oh Beth! Beth! Are you in there? Come on.

They kick the door in. Henry, Trish and Abby :: obviously someone unlocked the door to let her and Jimmy in :: show up and they spot more blood. Henry moves a kitchen rack and finds a hidden door.

At first glance, it looks like just a room… but on the right side, you can see a shadow that gives the impressoin that it is actuall an “L” shaped tunnel.

Ine thing I was thinking was that if there was blood leading to a tunnel :: presumably that the killer is using :: then how did the rack get back over the opening? One theory is that the killer .. somehow .. was able to move the rack back. The other theory is that someone ELSE moved the rack back.

NOTE: There was a commercial break after the door was opened that showed only Henry, Abby, Trish, Sully and Danny. After the commercial break, Maggie appeared.

Maggie states that the Inn was built during Prohabition and that she had no idea there were tunnels.

To me, that sounded off. False. I mean, was it just shoddy writing? How could you NOT know about the history :: including tunnels :: if you’re the innkeeper?

Anyway.. Trish wants to investigate :: Beth’s MY FRIEND, DAMMIT! :: but Henry wouldn’t have none of it. He tells her to stay with Shae.

Sully wonders if it’s a trap but Henry rebuts that Beth might still be alive.

Henry gives Trish a shotgun who says, “.. my father taught me” when Henry asks if she knows how to use it.

Another weird bit of dialog.

And of course, Abby and Jimmy show up volunteering to help.

Trish walks by Shane in the bar and they have a little dialog when Catherine comes in looking for Shae. Both women head to Shae’s room and find a Tarot Card that Madison liftd a few episodes ago.

Shane pops in asking if they found her and was it me or was Shane freakin’ creepy?

Trish wants to find Shae but Katherine says they can’t go out there. Trish agrees but soon.. when Shane and Catherine are sitting at the bar, they hear the music of Shane’s truck and run to the window just in time to see Trish drive away.

In the tunnels, Sully is still spewing about Abby being Wakefield’s daughter when they come to a fork in the tunnel. Blood in both directions.

Abby suggests they split up.


As one character :: I don’t remember who :: said “.. no version of this ends well.”

Danny and Sully go one way… Abby, Jimmy and Henry go the other.

Back at the bar, Shane and Catherine are doing shots. Shane asks if Catherine was a bridesmade “… or sumptin’” and Catherine tell shim that she is Trish’s stepmother. He calls her  a trophy wife to which Katherine responds “was”

Hmm.. and y’all thought they married for love!

But when asked if she was left a “zillion” dollars, Katherine walks out. Insulted.

Oh. Come. On.

Shane, inexplicably :: but a clue? :: starts carving his name in the bar. Maggie catches him and when asked why he would do such a things responds that nobody is going to come to the inn anyway after all this.

Um, don’t get around much do you Shane?

Just a thought.. if Maggie was the killer, I would have thought that she would have planted a head spade in Shane’s head for marking up her bar!

Cut to Trish driving down the road and finding Shae. She’s spazzing but yknow.. whatever. Nothing major here. Trish takes her back to the truck and they head back to the Inn.

Back in the tunnel, Danny gets on Sully about believing anything bad about Abby. A few revelations, Danny referred to her as “Abner” :: clue? :: and said that he’s been trying to get in her pants for years and Sully has knows her longer then he knows Danny but Sully isn’t convinced.

Importance? I don’t know. Just seems like something to remember.

Meanwhile.. Jimmy, Abby and Henry are going their own way and there’s conversation about the Sheriff knowing Wakefield. But UH OH! They come to a crawl space.

Meanwhile Sully and Danny are at the end of their line and guess what’s there? A crawl space! This one with BLOOD!

Abby goes through hers… Danny goes through his.

Danny calls other that there’s another tunnel ahead.. finds Beth and has an appropriate slasher film freak out.

Abby continues to crawl forward :: is it me or did the smaller Abby have a hearder time getting through the crawl space then Danny?” :: and then SLAM.. a gate drops between her and Henry and Jimmy.

The boys tell her to stay put. They’re going to get tools to get her out. So what does she do with homicidal maniac on the loose and the blood of dead friends supposedly on her shoulders?

Our gal Abby moves ahead.. and sees another tunnel herself.

Her end of the tunnel opens into a room. She calls out to Henry :: um.. not Jimmy? Poor Jimmy :: but hears a spooky noise so she goes back into the tunnel.

As she’s crawling through, someone grabs her ankles and pulls her back. :: I’ve been watching and watching this scene trying to see something that might give a clue as to who was grabbing her.. man? woman? but I couldn’t see anything :: she kicks and kicks and was finally able to get away. She goes through the tunnel :: what happened to the gate? :: into a room.

NOTE: One thing I forgot to mention, there is no way in HELL Maggie would fit into these crawl spaces!

Inside the room :: it’s obviously a space that is used by someone because of the personal touches, like old fashioned lamps :: Abby finds a sleeping Madison.

Doesn’t ask her anything.. how did she get there? Who put here there? Nope. Nothing. She just gets the girl and high tails it out of there. Can’t say I blame her thought!

Meanwhile, Sully and Danny run into Henry and Jimmy and tell them about Beth… they tell the boys about Abby being caged in the crawl space and needing tools to get her out.

Meanwhile.. Abby and Madison are making there way through the tunnel :: just when did they hit water? :: when Madison spots a ladder to a manhole cover.

Henry and Jimmy, in the meantime, are back inside the Inn asking Shane for his tools. Shane tells them that they’re in the truck.. that Trish took to find Shae.

NOTE: As Trish and Shae are driving back to the Inn, Trish mentions that the sun is coming up. Uh huh.. there’s that eternal optimism again!

Madison and Abby climb up the ladder to the manhole cover but Madison isn’t strong enough to lift it.. so they start screaming for help.

DUH! Why the hell would you let a kid go up first? Well.. maybe to keep her safe but really if that was your goal then why the hell would you scream.. because.. um.. yknow.. it would ECHO in the tunnel.

But while they’re screaming and Madison is trying to get her hand through the grate, Trish and Shae are driving down the road.. and over.. the manhole cover. It isn’t until Shae see’s Madison’s hand in the rear view mirror that they turn around and rescue Madison and Abby.

All is well…


But one thing about that.. I know me.. and I know that if I’m driving down a dark road in the middle of the night spazzing out because I can’t find my daughter who was kidnapped by a homicidal maniac and I saw a hand rise up out of a manhole cover.. I would not have stopped and investigated. In fact, I probably would have started screaming and put pedal to metal! LOL

We switch back to Cal and Chloe who are all tangled in eachother on .. presumably.. the floor of the med examiner’s place. Chloe is asleep :: drugged? passed out? :: and Cal looks at her with I swear the weirdest.. strangest grin. To me, it wasn’t an “.. oh, she looks so lovely after she has multiple orgasms!” or “.. how the hell can I be so lucky that this woman loves me.”

No. .. I said it before and I’ll say it again.. there is something up with him. Could he have been the one in the tunnel pulling at Abby? If Chloe was out for the count that.. hmm.. maybe.

But what we do find out is that the Sheriff is gone.. pulled out his IV and left a bloody mess on the sheets. But more importantly.. THE OXYGEN TANK IS GONE.

Did he see Cal leave? Did he take the tank to use as a weapon? Could he even carry it around on a bum leg? Did CAL take the tank to blow something up with.. like the marina years before?  This is killing me.

Back at the Inn, the girls return. Did anyone notice Shane’s face? I’m telling you he has an evil look about him. Does he know more then what’s being told? Is he DOING more then what’s being shown? I dunno but it’s creepy.

Maggie says something to Madison but she won’t talk.. Abby mentions that she asked her.. probably in truck back.

Shane happens to stumble upon Catherine sitting in a love seat in some room. He says something to her but she doesn’t respond because.. um.. she’s dead.

He notices blood seeping out from either side of her. It goes from alittle seep to large puddles fairly quickly so either that was done for affect OR she was killed seconds before he found her by a pair of hedge clippers gauged firmly through the love seat and into her back.

One problem with this… and I’m still trying to mull it over.

The love seat is against a wall and while the seat slopes down leaving more and more room, it still isn’t enough room for someone to silently plunge hedge clippers into a unsuspecting.. seated.. Katherine.

I know. I have a pair and those suckers are long.

My husband :: who by this time had finished the car stereo and watched the end with me :: said that the only possible solution was that clippers were already in place when Katherine was pushed onto them.

The thing about THAT though is peaceful :: albeit blue tinged :: look on her face. Definately did not look like someone who was pushed onto something that impaled her.

Another thing that comes into mind. My SIL :: a kidney specialist :: had mentioned one time that people who don’t die quietly in their sleep have one of two mouth shapes. An “O” and a “Q” .. the “Q” symbolizing the tongue hanging out of her mouth.

Katherine has niether so questions remain. I hope to HELL it isn’t crappy writing. I really do because so far the show has hit high marks with me.. but if it goes down hill from here, I’ll be more then alittle pissed!

In the final scene, Madison does start to talk. She asks Abby if she liked “.. the game? He said you’d like it.” Abby asked her “… what man” and Madison replied in a snarky little “hahahah” voice, “.. the man who took me. You’re father. You know, the Sheriff?”

That just about wraps it up but I do have a some nugget of info for the mildly interested.

While typing up this post :: all 3900+ words so far :: Law & Order: Criminal Intent was on.. and guess who one of the characters was played by. Yep, you guessed it. Creepy Madison.

And she was just as creepy in L&O.. so maybe her creepinest isn’t an act.

Now THAT’S scary!!

Okay.. this is a few days late. Apologies to anyone who looks forward to these… there was just some nastiness that I had to handle.


So looks like things are really starting to move along now.

After capturing JD, the Sheriff takes him to the jail where he’s in the cell next to Shane :: the dude who thought he killed Kelly, The Goth Girl, so he tried to hang him a few episodes ago ::

Shane is talking crap about how JD told him this about the murders and that about the murders. Crap that an a spot-on Sheriff KNOWS is crap.

He takes JD into an interrogation room and and starts questioning him. JD has this ‘fuck you’ but winds up telling him where to find Burned Man.

The Sheriff heads out there and lo and behold.. what does he come across in the woods? Lucy’s little dog GiGi oh yea.. and a trip wire that sends this tree spike right into his thigh.

GiGi may look like a wet, shrivled up rat :: said with love and respect :: but I’m sure the Sheriff got the worse end of the deal here.

As he’s laying there the proverbial ominous figure appears over him and it’s none other then the Burned Man.

Burned Man bring him back to his cabin and they have a little chit chat .. most notably about a journal that Wakefield kept in jail with everything in it to easily make a copy cat killer.

NOTE: We also find out that Burned Man and JD’s father were close enough friends for him to visit Burned Man when he was in the hospital with.. well.. burns.

Worried that the Sheriff would bleed out in his cabin :: and then how would he explain that?? :: he took the book and left only to be pierced in the shoulder with an arrow. Getting the Sheriff’s attention, the Sheriff narrowly missed getting hit with an arrow by diving to the floor. Burn Man gets another arrow in the heart causing him to drop the bag carrying the journal and the lantern which promptly sets the cabin on fire..

MEANWHILE… JD is back in the cell next to Shane and their having their jailbird version of a pissing contest. Shane starts to choke JD through the bars and if the deputy hadn’t come in when he did I’m sure we wouldn’t be wondering how JD met his fate at the end.

The deputy breaks it up only to have the lights go out and a shot fired. The deputy is dead and big tough Shane turns into a little bitch.

When the lights come back on, JD realizes that he can reach the keys to the cell that the deputy had dropped when he was shot. He reaches for them.. opens his cells and flies.

Shane did beg for the keys so that he could let himself out but JD is a better person then I am. Where I would have pocketed them and booked, JD tossed them back near the Sheriff.. just out of Shane’s reach.. in a puddle of blood.

MEANWHILE… everyone at the inn is getting ready to head down to the marina to get the hell out of dodge. Shea realizes that Madison is missing and does a mild freak out. Someone says that maybe Richard took her and there’s a moment of spazoid-iness but I didn’t pay too much attention to it because WE already know that Richard didn’t do anything but get harpooned.

Henry tells the crew that he needs their help finding Madison so they split up an d set about finding the little brat.

NOTE: Sorry, not a Madison fan today

Cal, Chloe, Trish and Shae reluctantly go down into the basement and find themselves near the incinerator room. Even though Shae insists that Madison wouldn’t dear go in there, they decide to search anyway and find a gruesome handprint on the incinerator door. Cal opens the door and sifting through the ash, see a human skull. I’m sure Shae is about to have a major meltdown but Cal assures her that it is an adult skull.. not a child’s.

NOTE: I had forgotten that Cal was a doctor! Good thing, huh? Have a feeling his “skills” will come in handy IF he doesn’t get killed off.

MEANWHILE.. Abby, Henry and Catherine search outside..

NOTE: Why wouldn’t Trish go with Henry?

.. and stumble across Richards harpooned body on a HUGE.. I mean HUGE tree trunk. I guess their shock prevented them from getting “too” dramatic at having found Richard’s body.. then again, maybe nobody really like him anyway.. who knows.

BUT.. it is then that Abby’s cell rings with ANOTHER ominious call. .this time it’s Madison saying that she will be killed if anyone leaves the island.

NOTE: I have to type this before I forget but there’s a theory that the murder is Maggie, the Inn Keeper. If so, she could have gotten Madison to follow her lead by saying they were playing a game or something.

The trio rush back to the inn. They discover that right after Madison’s call, the cell phones go dead. They need to call the Sheriff. The phones at the Inn don’t work either.


They tell everyone left on the island :: basically all the main / semi main characters :: about Richard and the phone call.

Sully, Beth, Chloe and Cal are like, “.. the hell with this.” and tell everyone they are leaving.

Shae and Trish naturally aren’t too happy about this but the issue is quickly set aside because the lights go out.

Quick thinking Maggie leads the group to where they keep the skeet shooting rifles and they arm themselves. Maggie tells Henry that there is a generator but that it’s really old. Henry thinks he’ll be able to fix it.

NOTE: Aren’t there laws about having working generators and stuff?

Just as he’s about to head out, they hear something and turn to see a shadow approaching one of the french doors.

They almost kill Jimmy who came to the inn saying that the last boat left the island. I think he said he came to the inn too because he didn’t see Abby on the boat. Not sure.

Anyway.. Henry and the Black Frat boy head down to the generator and using Jimmy’s truck, make it work.

MEANWHILE… Jimmy and Abby head over to the Sheriff’s department where they find the radio broken.. the dead Deputy and Shane bargaining to be let out in exchange for him telling Abby where her father was.

That happens and Jimmy and Abby head towards Burned Man’s cabin.

Once there.. the Sheriff tells Abby to get the bag out of the fire.

NOTE: Okay… so Burned Man told the Sheriff that all this has to do with Abby.. Burned Man is now stuck to the cabin wall with arrows and on fire.. so WHO does the Sheriff tell to go back outside.. Abby of course!! Idiot.

They want to take him to the hospital but the Sheriff insists on going to the Marina .. :: Not sure why. I might have missed something :: ..

MEANWHILE.. Scully, Beth, Chloe and Cal are heading to the Marina also because Braniniac Cal wants to steal a boat to get off the island.

As they climb into this little speedboad looking thing.. Cal changes his mind… if something happened to Madison, he wouldn’t be able to live with his conscience knowing that they left. He puts his hand out to Chloe to join him. She said she’s scared, he said he is too but she gets out of the boat.


They’re trying to guilt Beth into getting off when they fast flash to someone running down one of the piers.

Scully :: i think :: says it’s JD and they all go chasing after him.

MEANWHILE… Abby, Jimmy and the Sheriff arrive at the marina. Oh wait.. that’s it.. he wanted to go to the marina because he wanted Jimmy to take Abby to the mainland!

But she doesn’t want to go.. saying “I’m not leaving this time” :: insert pouty lip and foot stomping here :: so with a shotgun in hand, her and Jimmy take off.

Not sure why they split up.. I believe Jimmy heard something and told her to keep put which really doesn’t make sense to me because if there’s a killer running around, why would you leave your girlfriend by herself?

Anyway.. Abby hears a noise and of course, goes to investigate. If there’s one thing that creeps me out is that slow walk down a dark path where every single noise gives you the chicken flesh and spooks you!

She winds up stumbling on JD.. holding a blood spurting stomach. Abby asks him who stabbed/shot/whatever him and all he can hiss out is “… it’s all about you.”

A figure appears behind Abby and when she turns around.. it’s Henry. Covered in blood holding his hands out.

Um.. yea.. we kind of already KNOW that.. so could you at least have given a HINT about who killed you??????

It’s obvious that JD and Burned Man were getting too close to figuring stuff out.. OR .. just the fact that they had Wakefield’s journal put them in danger.

Although.. in all seriousness.. I think the journal is just fluff.

The ending does give a little credence to a sect of people who believe Henry is the killer. I toss that one back and forth but I really don’t think Henry killed JD.

Could it have been Shane? Is JD’s murder like Booths? Dead but not at the hands of the killer?

It seems that all the “Wakefield” murders are brilliant designs.. Cousin Ben tied to the propeller, Uncle Marty halfed and strung up a tree, The Reverend strung up, killed and then pieced onto a catfish line.. Hunter and the shotgun contraption.. Wellington and the head spade.. Richard and the Harpoon… you see what I’m saying?

But Booth died accidentally .. and Malcolm appears to have been struck from behind and shoved into the incinerator.

Other then the shock value.. there really isn’t anything too gruesome. yknow?

But we shall see.. there’s only a handful of episodes left so if the rest are anything like this one, we’re in for a bumpy ride!

You know those logic puzzles that you find in puzzle books? The one’s where it’s basically a grid and there are like 5 or 6 questions that you’re logically suppose to figure out who has what?

I can NEVER do those things… but I was thinking that information is coming fast and semi-furious now that maybe it’ll light a candle somewhere.

So what do we know already?

Cousin Ben made it to the boat, but not the island. He was tied to and chopped up by the boat’s propeller. Minor character.. really don’t think his death has any direct impact because his body was fish bait before it could ever be found.

Uncle Marty had the money at one time. Not too sure if his death could be minor or a missing puzzle piece. I seriously don’t think it’s major to the plot line of Wakefield / Abby but could plug in some of the holes in the under story.

Fire Pit Girl was :: imho :: completely minor except for her little dog GiGi.. somehow, that dog always shows up places that cause mayhem for the wedding party.

Hunter also had the money.. rather, found the money on his boat but who’s splitting hairs? I think his death is minor and was only used to further suspicion that the murders had something to do with Wellington :: Marty had a confrontation with Wellington.. Hunter blackmailed Wellington.. etc. ::

The Reverend being killed was obviously so tht the head spade could be planted in the chandelier OR possibly did he know something about Sarah / Wakefield such as Abby really being Wakefield’s daughter. His story is definitely hidden in flashbacks.

Booth also had the money and wound up dead. Albeit a self inflicted gun shot to the leg but dead none the same. Interesting .. if minor .. death but was his death really an accident? I have no doubt that he actually IS dead.. thing being a common thread on the internet

Malcolm also had the money adn wound up dead! Now, this one I have a few thoughts about :: and if you come up with anything let me know :: Was he in the wrong place at the wrong time? His killing doesn’t necessarily have the flair of the others :: hello, fire pit girl :: so maybe he was killed FOR the money by someone who was not responsible for the other deaths.

Thomas Wellington random victim or planned? Initially it seemed that everyone connected with Wellington was being killed.. and given that they weren’t unfamiliar with Harper’s Island I think the thought process was that all this centered around the Wellingtons. Now that Abby has been confirmed as the key to the puzzle, I’m thinking that the head spade wasn’t necessarily meant for him. Pretty grusome way to die, though

Richard death should then fall in the lines with Wellingtons. He was a random victim nabbed at the wrong time and in the wrong place.

Goth Girl a little more thought needs to go into this one since she had her eyes filled with red ink AND there was a newpspaer clipping with a picture of the sherrif with his eyes colored red… So how does she fit in? She seems to have been “targeted” at least in the sense that she didn’t trip a wire or fall in a pit. So why? Is there more of a connection between her and Abbey then originally thought? Her mother died at Wakefield’s hands too.. there has to be more to this then what’s been blown away on the surface.

JD was not so much “unexpected” but I thought it would have come in a later episode. Was it obvious that he was killed becasue he started finding out too much about the killer OR was Henry just sick of his bullshit? OR :: this just popped into my head :: when Abby and Jimmy let Shane out of jail and then HE went after JD?

Other questions that popped into my head as I was writing this…

What’s the significance of the red ink in Goth Girl’s eyes.. and the eyes redded out on the picture of the Sheriff in the paper?

What about the dirt in Malcolm’s room the day after Booth died and the shower being on?

Where is the money now?

What is the significance of “Ave Maria”, the song that played when Abby received a call on her cell after Wellington was killed?

What I’m finding more and more about this show is NOTHING is fluff. Everything apparently means something in conjunction with something else.

Okay.. so not only did I have to wait two weeks for Episode 6 but.. BUT.. I also had to watch it over the internet with a glitching broadband connection.

But it was worth it!

If you don’t watch it already, START!

It’s not to late. You can catch up REALLY easily!! You won’t regret it!


So we definately know that Mr. Wellington got a face so full of metal that there is no possible way that he’s alive.

NOTE: The Blog-O-Sphere was running rampant with the notion that he didn’t really die. I guess probably because they hadn’t shown the dead body.

At any rate, I really liked the way the opening scene was filmed / edited… Wellington is dead.. everybody is in shock.. Madison  is screaming… Richard :: his son in law who is having an affair with his wife :: is throwing his jacket over Wellington’s face… Trish is going ballistic :: understandably :: and a blood-splash Henry is trying to hold her together.

The sheriff arrives and right away tries to take control, telling everyone to get out of the church but remain on the premises. Um.. dude.. they’re on an ISLAND!

Katherine :: the second wife having an affair with Richard the step son :: is in such shock that I don’t think the thought of how she was written in his will crossed her mind.


The sheriff tries to escort her out but yknow.. the guilts got the benefit of her and she collapsed into Sheriff’s arms. OR.. she may have just wanted to press her breasts on another man.

Once outside, everyone starts walking away from the church when Abby’s cell phone rings and UNKNOWN CALLER shows jup.  She answers it but only the music of AVE MARIA is playing. She hastily closes the phone.

Meanwhile.. Madison spots JD :: Henry’s spooky-scary brother :: hiding in the woods.

NOTE: That scene actually gave me the chicken flesh!

JD puts a finder over his mouth like, “SHHH!!” for the blood soaked Madison not to give him away.

The Sheriff and the coroner look over the body and there WAS something I wanted to comment on but I forgot what it was. I don’t think it was anything pertinent to the story.. more so something randomly funny. But with this show.. randomly funny COULD turn into something pertinent so if I remember, I’ll edit this post.

The Sheriff then goes over to the hotel to interview Trish and her family. Richard gives this big kum-by-ah speech but Trish spills the beans to Richard’s wife :: Shay, Trish’s sister :: that her husband is banging Katherine.

The Sheriff overhears it and when he interviews Richard, Richard confesses that he hated Wellington and that him screwing around with Katherine was just to shove it to him.

Well, he was actually shoving it to Katherine but I won’t split hairs here.

Meanwhile… JD breaks into Abby’s room. He tells her that his “big” secret :: the one that he threatened Henry with last week :: was that he put a Roman candle in the Unity Candle at the church :: Ahh! That’s why there was a spent firecracker in the church! :: but that he found something in the forest that he wanted to show her. She resists but he insists.. talking about how Wakefield is alive.

NOTE: A few espisode ago :: before I started the recaps :: one of the island locals tried to hang JD believing that he was responsible for the hanging of his old girlfriend Kelly that swore she would see John Wakefield. When Abby stumbled across the scene, she made up a story about Wakefield still being alive in order to save JD.

Abby told him that she made that up but he was adiment. When they get into the forrest, JD pulls a knife and it looks like he’s going to spaz but instead, they look up and see a hanging body way up in the tree. JD cuts it down and it turns out to be his Uncle Marty :: who was killed in the first episode ::

When Abby runs into Henry, she tells him what they found but when JD pops out from the bushs, saying that it was Wakfield, Henry goes ape shit on him.

The sherrif slaps cuffs on JD and locks him into the kitchen .. meanwhile, Henry and Abby confront the sherrif with data from his attic. Is Wakefield alive? Why does he have an attic full of information indicating that he isn’t.. complete with a fingerprint from after Wakefield was supposedly killed with a note on it saying that it’s a 98% match to the murder? Abby tells him that they are going to dig up the grave and the Sheriff says he isn’t going to stop them.

So they do… and they find a body. Of course , you can’t tell WHO the skeleton belongs TO but it satisfies them. Not the brightest crayons in the box, yknow?

The Sheriff apologies to Abby for sending her away. Saying the he didn’t want him to see him a broken man and that the things he said about her mother :: one of Wakefield’s victims :: was just out of anger.

What could he have said? That she was a whore? Hmm.. inquiring minds want to know!

Meanwhile.. Madison lets JD out of the locked kitchen and he takes off.

Meanwhile.. Richard is talking to his lawyer on the cell phone while walking around the hotel grounds and gets impaled by a HUGE sea spear that swings out of nowhere and goes right throw him. He looks up to see his daughter, Madison, in the window of her room playing cards. He tries to get her attention and you see her looking out the window but he is pulled backwards and disappears.

Madison continues to look out the window but we see it from her perspective and she was actually looking at her reflection and NOT at her father being impaled.

JD.. now running from the Sheriff.. runs through the woods and winds up at the house of the burned man.


On a lighter note.. but maybe not..

Chloe and Cal :: her English boyfriend :: make an appearance. Being stuck on a sail boat without wind is the excuse for them not being in the previous episode. They go into the Cannery bar to make a phone call and witness a couple celebrating their engagement with a ring the dude found on the beach.

NOTE: The ring belonged to Cal. He had bought it to propose to Chloe but they got into an argument :: I think :: and she through his clothes in the ocean. The ring that was in his pocket fell out and he thought it was lost for good.

He asks the dude for it back but that wasn’t going to happen so he tells Chloe what happened and she goes up to the dude and slaps him in the face pretending to be his jilted lover. The girl wearing the ring gets mega pissed and throws the ring across the room where Cal dives for it.

Fast forward and Cal and Chloe are laying in bed. He tells her that he IS going to propose to her but not on that day.. the day where her best friend’s father got sliced and diced.

He turns away from her and I SWEAR TO GOD he had this look on his face that made me think that this dude is just not a bit player.. that he has something more going on..

Like.. oh.. I don’t know.. maybe HE’S the killer?

Okay… yknow.. I hate that nobody I know in my “real” life watches this show… There’s nobody to call up and say, “… omg! omg! omg!” or to try and figure out what’s going to happen next.

Here’s the premise:

Serial murderer on the island kills like, 8 people :: one of the most bizarre scenes is a shot where the bodies are all hanging from a tree :: .. one of whom happens to be the wife of the sheriff. The sheriff killed the murderer but his daughter winds up leaving the island because of bad memories. The daughter, Abby, is the central character.

Fast forward and now Abby’s best friend from childhood, Henry, is marrying the daughter of the richest family that used to summer on the island. They decide to ferry all the guests over to the island to spend a week or so of fun and frollicking and then marry on the island by the island priest.

So just in case there is someone out there is cyberworld who NEEDS to know what happened, here it is…

Up until this point, the groom’s uncle, the bride’s cousin, the bride’s ex boyfriend, the priest, one of the bride’s maids, the goth-y girl and one of the groom’s best friends have been killed.

Only one, the groom’s best friend, died accidentally by shooting himself in the leg.

We also know, that the flower girl has “spirit” friends, the bride’s stepmother is having a bondage / role playing affair with the bride’s brother in law..the groom’s brother has all sorts of mental problems… the bride’s father thinks the groom is beneath them because he used to work at the marina where they kept their yacht and as of last night, even the Police Chief :: father of the central character Abby :: has his own secret.

I’ve been wondering … with everybody that had died.. how come no one found the bodies yet, yknow? I mean, they ARE on an island for pete’s sake! …

But anyway…

So last night, the bride (Trish) goes on a bike ride with her father in the forrest. Trish is kind of torn up because of finding her step mother doing the kinky nasty with her brother in law.

All of a sudden, her bike triggers a booby-trap and a huge log comes swingng thru the forrest … slams into her tire.. and sends her and her father toppling down a steep incline.

Meanwhile… JD, the groom’s mental brother, sets off fireworks with the bride’s niece Madison :: the kid who hears ‘spirits’ :: scaring the bejezzus out of everyone standing on the balcony.

Meanwhile… Abby has spent the night with her ex boyfriend :: and still island resident :: Jimmy.. but NOT IN THAT KIND OF WAY..

NOTE: Not for anything but how she could have NOT is way beyond me and MY hormones!

There’s a knock at Jimmy’s door and when Abby answers it, it’s her father. It’s a toss up on who is more suprised then the other. Turns out that the Sheriff and Jimmy are buds that hang out now and they were suppose to meet up for lunch. Abby decides.. relunctantly.. to tag along.

Back to the forrest… Trish and her dad come to and even though she’s kind of banged up, they were able to start hiking out of the woods. She’s getting irritated that her father has this “gut” feeling about Henry and doesn’t trust him.. Trish scoffs at his “gut feelings” and clues him in about his wife and his son-in-law.

Here’s a towel to wipe that egg off your face, Poppa!

All of a sudden, they see a guy roaming the woods and call out to him for help… in stead, he turns loose his German Sheppard attack dog. Both go scrambling and wind up in some type of metal shelter or something conventiently situated in the middle of the forrest. Probably some kind of hunting blind but I dont’ know about these things.

Meanwhile.. the groom’s friends are together wondering what became of Booth.. the friend that accidentally shot himself in the leg and bled out..

NOTE: Unfortunately, I don’t know the names of all the friends yet so we’ll just refer to them as Beer Dude, Surfer Dude and Black Dude.

Booth had accidentally shot himself because Beer Dude had followed him into the woods to find out where Booth was going to buy the 250,000.00 they had found :: that’s another story :: and he not knowing it was Beer Dude, shakily pointed a gun at a bush but when Beer Dude popped out, Booth lowered the gun, accidentally pulling the trigger and blowing out an artery in his thigh.

So the friends go out to search for him and Beer Dude goes to where he buried Booth and made this really sweet speech. They all meet up after not being able to find Booth and decide that he must have left the island because he was freaked out about the whole money situation.

Meanwhile.. Jimmy and Abby are having lunch with the Sherrif :: her dad :: and he tells her that there are some things at the house that she can have if she wants them. She starts kind of making excuses that she’s busy and stuff and you get the feeling that there is WAY more going on between these two then just the death of her mother and her father shooting the killer. Because wouldn’t you think that would bring a father and daughter closer?

Anyway… Abby leaves and Jimmy tells him that she has alot of issues..and some of them involve the him :: meaning the father ::.. Hmmm.. what could all that be about?

So let’s see.. back in the forrest, Trish and her dad are still hiding out but don’t hear the dog anymore so the father slowly climbs out … thinking to take a broken beer bottle with him ::see! This is why he’s a millionaire!:: Sure enough.. the dog in camped out ON TOP of the thing they were hiding in and when he lunged at the father, he was able to .. well.. let’s just say he did away with the threat… him and Trish make their way out of the forest finally.

Meanwhile.. there’s an issue at the church. Apparently, somebody realized that they couldn’t get in touch with the priest so Henry takes a stroll over to the church only to find the alter abuzz with flies and maggots from a decay raccoon left on the alter. Upon a closer look, Henry finds a used firecracker.

The sheriff is called and while him and Henry are cleaning things up … Abby returns to her childhood home. She tries calling her father but since he is elbow deep in raccoon gunk, he doesn’t answer. She finds the oh-so-secretly-hidden key under the flower pot and goes inside.

Okay.. so it’s been something like 7 years since she’s been to the house but it looks like she’s looking for something. I mean, when she looks in the box that her father left for her.. it ins’t like she was looking at what was in there.. rather, she was looking for what she THOUGHT SHOULD be int there and wasn’t.

She goes into her child hood bedroom and then she heads into the attic.

What she found there is still making me scratch my head..

Apparently, her father the Sheriff, had converted the attic to everything relating to the island murders AND the murder. There was even stuff that suggested that maybe the killer isn’t REALLY dead .. and doesn’t the guy in the picture look like the guy that was in the woods with the German Sheppard only with half his face burned off? Hmmm?

Abby is still in the attic when her father returns to the house and so you know that by the time he lets himself in, she’s already downstairs.

But anyway.. with all THAT drama going on.. there’s STILL a wedding rehersal that has to be completed!

During the rehersal, the sheriff gets another call from a deputy saying he found a hearing aid in the woods around the church.. that the priest wore a hearing aide, right?

The sherrif heads over and in the very last moments of the episone.. while the bridal party is lining up and moving down the aisle.. the sheriff and deputy are pulling in a catfish line… as soon as he get’s to the end.. and sees the priest’s head held onto the line by a fish hook through the eye.. he calls Abby at the church.. she doesn’t answer of course because that would be just down right rude …

Almost simultaneously, with the whole wedding party under the medievel chandelaire, the wedding planner tells the father that it is time for him to light the unity candle and tells Abby to turn off the lights.

Before the lights go out.. everyone is looking up.. not sure why but on the bottom of the chandelair there is very sharp blade and when the lights go out.. the chandelair starts to fall and everyone scatters … that is except.. who??

All you hear is Madison screaming.. not sure if she was screaming for her grandfather.

Can’t wait not for next week because I watched this episode on demand and when you do that, you don’t get previews of the following week…

Darn It!