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If you don’t know what I’m talking about… read HERE


Thank God I don’t delete emails!!! This was from January 2007!

Disclaimer: This post.. in NO WAY.. is meant to offend Mexicans, Women or Hairy People. So if you’re ALREADY offended then I suggest you stop reading … HERE. I’m not going to apologize for something I am not doing but if sending hate mail makes you feel better, then by all means…

ANOTHER DISCLAIMER: I’m sorry Goob.. I just had to!!

A few years ago, Goober worked as a bouncer at a pretty well known establishment where he lives. We used to talk every day back then sometimes two, three or four depending on how the day went and if there was something funny that HAD TO be relayed OR ELSE WE’D DIIIIEEEE!!!. Heh!

And on the nights he worked,¬† I would tell him to 1) Be Safe 2) Stay away from Hairy Mexican Women and 3) Don’t pick up any woman that doesn’t deserve you.

Don’t ask me where I came up with that… my mind tends to produce these random sayings.. but it kind of took on a life of it’s own and would take any opportunity to inject “HAIRY MEXICAN WOMEN” into the convo.

On morning.. when I used to work in the other office before the corporate merge.. I stopped at a local drug store franchise for something and wondered in the Hair Care aisle.

You know those fake pony tail thingies that you use to either make your pony tail appear fuller or if you just don’t have a pony tail?

They had one that was all about being black and nappy with long ass spiral curls… and an idea was born.

I bought it … and when I was in the safe confines of my own office :: with my OWN DOOR :: I unzipped my jeans.. stuffed the pony tail thing down my pants so that this mass of black, nappy spiral curls un-sprung over my open zipper and took a picture of it… then sent it to Goober at work.

I didn’t know that he was going to open it with 5 or 6 people standing around his cube AND I definitely had no way of knowing JUST HOW REAL the damn thing looked.

Not sure but I believe Goob got flustered and tried to close it real quick.. or someone had made a comment or something???? It was a while ago.

I think I took the picture from my blackberry but I can’t seem to find it.. I’ve been through way too many laptops since then so I may have lost it completely.

But… Knowing Goober.. he’ll probably still have it. If he does… I’ll make him send it along!