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… so Chief tells me that yesterday Weed came into the store asking for his job back.

Chief told him no. He said he told him that the reason he wouldn’t help him is because EVERYTHING he told Weed was going to happen did.

He said that he told him what he was doing was going to Chief arrested … and it did.

He told him the friends he was hanging around with and bringing into our house was going to cause it get robbed … and it did. Twice.

He told him that he was being handed a business.. that if he would have shown initiative and taken an interested, he would have never had to work for anyone but himself because eventually, the store was going to be his.

He told him that when he did “work” :: using the term loosely” :: he never took it seriously… never actually “worked” .. that he consistantly and purposefully tried to sabatoge everything

NOTE: For instance, Chief makes his own chicken salad that he puts into containers, prices by pound and marks. WHEN Weed would mark the containers, he would write stuff like “Happy Meal” or “Polle Salade” or some goofy bullshit.

He was never respectful of customers and on the occassion that he needed to be in the store himself he wouldn’t do what was necessary and Chief would wind up having to do it.

The whole time, Chief said that Weed looked at the floor… not saying anything.

He then went on to tell him that if he WANTED Chiefs’ help.. it wasn’t going to happen until he enrolled in school and showed some initiative in his life.

I’m listening to all this and I’m thinking.. yknow, the “father” part of you is making reality murky.

I told him that it wasn’t that Weed WANTED a job.. the Crack Whore is probably on his case about GETTING a job :: the beauty of irony, huh? :: and he figured that working at the shop wouldn’t actually BE work .. considering he did nothing before.

I don’t know if I’m getting my point across but this kid doesn’t want to work. If he did.. and with his deli experience :: for lack of a better word :: he could get a job at a variety of places that are deli-related. He wants to get PAID .. but doesn’t want to WORK.

Big difference.

Chief agreed with me .. but I don’t know whether his heart did. I know it’s hard for him but you know what? This isn’t my kid. As much as I care about him and DO have love for him, he hurt me to. I lost things that can never be replaced.. he put me through :: dare I say :: MORE hell when Chief got arrested because I shouldn’t have been a part of that.. I shouldn’t have had to suffer the consequences of HIS actions and I don’t have to feel all “parental” about it..

Whenever I see this kid, all I do is think back to the night Chief got arrested.. how my house got searched and turned upside down.. the embarassment regarding the cleanliness of Bubba’s room.. feeling so scared because I had no clue what was going on and what was going to happen.. scared that the decision I had to make would be the wrong ones… the lack of sleep.. the worry.. literally throwing up whenever I thought past the next 5 minutes.. trying to come up with the bail.. not being able to talk to Chief to find out what to do.. using every ounce of energy to keep my shit together and hold the store together.

Just reliving it in type is making me cry and I get so fucking angry that I want to punch his face inside out.

But more then that.. I want CHIEF to feel that anger.. to remember what it felt like to be yanked away from freedom.. to remember what it was like to suffer a mild heart attack in the courtroom and not have either the judge or the constables take it seriously. I want him to remember what it felt like to hear that his 30,000.00 bail would NOT be lowered and the panicky.. wild eyed look he had when he pleaded with me to call his dad through sobs. I want him to remember what it felt like when he was pleading with the judge that it wasn’t him and he KNOWS it’s not him. Reapeating over and over “.. all I do is work. That’s all I do.”

Remember that and then tell me you can look Weed in the eye and tell him that all you want for him to do is enroll in school.

Because as sure as I’m sitting here getting angrier and angrier and biting my lip so hard it’s probably going to bleed.. being THAT angry is the only thing that going to help this kid.

It’s the only way that it’s going to sink in that he doesn’t have his father wrapped around his finger anymore.. or give him the opportunity to find that weak spot and pounce on it.

  • … in guns, God and the constituion
  • … I just pissed off about 90% of Americans! LOL!
  • … in that nasty three letter word :: no, not S-E-X :: G-O-D
  • … that given the choice, most people would do the right thing
  • … if I don’t get a pedicure soon the Sisterhood is going to revoke my membership card
  • … there is nothing wrong with freaky sex and vibrators
  • … people with piercings, body stretchers and full on tattoos are inhabiiting a “lifestyle” and won’t be stealing your corporate job!
  • … bald men are the sexiest thing in the world
  • … there is no justification for putting ketchup on scrambled eggs
  • … everyone is entitled to their opinions. Even when they’re wrong.
  • … that Abby is the killer on Harper’s Island
  • … white chocolate is far superior to milk / dark chocolate
  • … in lots and lots of pillows on my bed
  • … if people took a deep breath everything would be ok
  • … there has to be a scientific explaination for belly button funk
  • … you don’t appreciate what you have unless you work for it
  • … the US will fuck Israel big time
  • … this country is going to fail big time and those without common sense or work ethic will perish
  • … “labels” pigeon hole people into boxes they don’t necessarily fit in to
  • … the devil created fudge caramel swirl ice cream, shrink wrap plastic and Jack Russell Mixed puppies named Ernie
  • … that nothing feels nicer then getting into a bed with clean sheets right after a shower.
  • … the only thing better then getting into bed with cleans sheets right after a shower is getting all them all twisted and sweaty with Chief!
  • … pictures of naked men will ONLY freeze my computer :: with the 19in monitor :: when my boss is walking by my cube
  • … in love over hate.. tolerance over prejudice… lifting up instead of tearing down
  • … it is our moral obligation to help those when we can
  • … ignorance and complacency is far more dangerous then radical Islam
  • … people have a right to live their lives the way they see fit as long as it isn’t a detriment to me and mine
  • … marijuana should be legalized. Really. Do you know how fast this country would get out of debt with a tax on the 420?
  • … a good book is better then any Oscar winning movie or documentary
  • … that if I ever tried to Bible Thump somebody they would thump me back harder
  • … that there is no role for Tripe in the 21st century
  • … laughing at yourself is far better then laughing at someone else
  • … I better get a cup of coffee RIGHT NOW if I want to stay awake past 2pm

I didn’t get a chance to post this over the weekend for the obvious reasons but I thinks something that I really, really want to share ;)

If you’ve read the all the posts regarding Chief’s arrest, the search warrant and all the drama that came :: and is still coming :: with it then you already know all about the ANONYMOUS INFORMANTS

If you haven’t :: and I think I’m going to put all the posts pertaining to it in it’s one category called TRAVESTY. Serioulsy. Look for it later on :: then the bottom line is that Chief got arrested as basically a “Fuck You” from his oldest son Weed. His kid basically set him up.

In the search warrant, it stated that Claim Informant One and Claim Informant Two, both of whom are self professed drug users and dealers, wish to remain annoymous for fear of retribution and bodily harm.

It’s always been a thorn in my side that I don’t know who Claim Informant One and Claim Informant Two :: hereby knows and CI1 and CI2:: are.. the pickings are slim.. the cast of characters small so after analyzing the whole situation and sorting the puzzle pieces out, I believe I am 100% certain who they are.

In fact, as I posted before, one of the came into the store the day before Chief’s last court date.. after having been awol since his arrest. He kept asking all these questions and Chief was just like “.. I got nothing to say”.

Best case scenerio is that CI1 was crapping his pants worrying that Chief knew it was him… worse case scenerio is that he was wired and trying to get something verbally from Chief because they know their case is non-existant.

At any rate.. I believe that what you get, you receive back 10 fold. Whether good or bad.

This was in Friday’s local paper:

NOTE: I know you already know but anything that can identify any person or place has been stripped.


Police responding to a domestic disturbance found a 6 month old baby inside a second floor apartment filled with trash, rotting food and a large stash of drigs.

The baby’s parents [CI1],23 and [CI2], 18 of xxxxxx Avenue, were arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a child, drug possessin with the intent to deliver and related offenses.

“It was sickening,” said Police Chief xxxxxx xxxxx on Thursday, “You couldn’t see the baby through all the trash and debris.”

The baby was taken to a local hospital to be evaluatd and was placed in the custody of Children and Youth Services. The 6-month old is now being cared for by a family member, xxxxx said.

The incident began unfolding on Wednesday morning, when someon called 911 to report a domestic dispute at the couple’s apartment in the first block of xxxxxx Avenue.

Responding officers found the couple arguing on the stairs leading up to the apartment, xxxxx said. It was the third time in a matter of hours that police had been dispatched to the apartment for a domestic dispute, he added.

[CI2] and [CI1] were arrested for persistent disorderly conduct and placed into custody. It was then that [CI1] told the officers their baby was alone inside of the apartment, police said.

Officer xxxxxx xxxxxx and Sgt. xxx xxxxxx looked into the apartment through an open door to check on the baby and were shocked by what they saw, xxxxx said.

The infant, wearing only a diaper, was lying face down on the couch surrounded by bags of suspected marijuana, police said.

“The place was filthy,” xxxxx said. “There was trash and food dumped on the kitchen floor. The refrigerator was deplorable and the crib was filled with trash and debris. I don’t know where the baby could have slept.”

The kitchen sink was filled with dirty dishes, police said.

The food in the refrigerator was rotting and there was out dated food in the cabinets. There were no working smoke alarms in the one-bedroom apartment, xxxxx said.

The apartment was secured and Officer xxxxxx xxxxxxxx stood watch until a search warrant was obtained.

Magisterial District Judge xxxxxxx xxxxxx signed the warrant giving police access to the apartment.

On a living room table, police found an assortment of prescription pill bottles with individual pills separated into small denominations, along with packaging materials and a digital scale, according to xxxxx.

Just outside the apartment door, police found numerous glassine baggies, typically used to package drugs for resale, along with ohter drug paraphernalia.

More then 300 pills, suspected narcotics, were confiscated and sent to the xx State Police Lab in xxxxx for analysis.

The borough’s health investigator and code enforcement officer padlocked the apartment after deeming it uninhabitable. xxxxx said the owner will be sited.

[CI2] and [CI1], who is currently on probation and parole for armed robbery, was arrainged by xxxxxx.

Bail was set at 10 percent of $15,000.00, which both failed to post.

They were remanded to xxxxxxx county prison pending their preliminary hearing scheduled for next week in District Court.

So there you have it…

A few things come to mind:

  • With everything they were charged with … with EVIDENCE right in front of the police :: pills, pot, scale, etc. :: not to mention the condition they had their BABY in… why was THEIR bail HALF of what Chief’s was?  Could that be because.. oh… I don’t know… maybe because they are POLICE INFORMANTS???
  • THESE are the people who’s word you take over someone who is trying to BUILD the community by having a business there?

Guess Weed will at least have company in prison and since they all have the same preliminary hearing date :: 05/12/09 :: it should be one big love fest in the borough’s court house tomorrow.

In the meantime, Chief’s next court date is the 18th.

In the newspaper article, there was a picture of the apartment. I told Chief that I was sure damn glad there was no camera around the day our house got raided.

He had the good sense NOT to say anything.

Recieved this text message on my phone around 3:21pm yesterday but didn’t actually look at it until this morning.

I had left my phone in my jacket pocket yesterday and forgot it was there until the alarm feature started buzzing at 6:15am scaring the bejeezus out of the cat.

NOTE: Funny how when I had my Blackberry it literally never left my side. Now? I could care less. Maybe the fact that I used to pay an obscene amount of money for the privilege of getting emails every 3 seconds about nonsense had something to do with it!

Anyway, this was her text as she sent it:

weeds in jail again not getting him so ashamed of him

Not sure how I feel about this.. well, maybe that’s not phrased the right way. It’s not that I don’t think that she doesn’t care about his life.. but I think it comes in fleeting moments. But I also know that she’s seriously manipulative and uses any situation to try and twist to her advantage.

Is it that she IS ashamed of him so she’s not bailing him out for the same reasons that Chief isn’t bailing him out OR is it because she can’t come up with the money TO bail him out so she wants to appear as though she’s the mother of the century?

May sound cynical, I know, but I have to deal with either her or her fall outs daily and have witnessed how her junkie mentality tries twist everything to her advantage. I’ve posted about some of it before but believe me, there’s so much more I DON’T post.. so yknow.. it’s being more realistic then cynical.

But we’ll see how this plays out. According to the public court record, Weed will be in jail until May 12th (prelim hearing) if no one bails him.

.. so here we go.

Even though the shop is closed on Sundays, Chief and I still had to go to the wholesalers and give the store a good scrub down. It’s turning into a routine but I have a phobia about the cleanliness of stores selling food so it’s really not a big deal.

Anyway.. so we’re at the store and the phone rings. This is about 9am. This is like the 4th or 5th Sunday that we haven’t been openned so the majority of our customers know we’re closed so I asked Chief if he was going to answer it.

He shrugged and did.

It was Weed.

I only heard Chief’s side of the conversation so it wasn’t until he hung up that he told me that Weed had been arrested and he was at the borough’s holding cell.

I asked him what he got arrested for and he said that Weed told him he “.. wasn’t doing anything. Just walking behind the school.”

Mind you.. this kid has a reputation so even though it’s not UNUSUAL for the police to approach him, there wouldn’t be a reason to haul him in if all he was doing was “walking behind the school.”

Chief told him that he wasn’t coming clean but Weed held onto his story. So Chief said that if that’s all it was then there was nothing to worry about, right?

But he told him he’d call the Crack Whore anyway.

He calls her but either the phone was turned off or she was too wasted to hear it because all he got was her voice mail.

He doesn’t leave a message.. but then that’s a trait that they all seem to have.. Weed also, apparently, because if he called her number and left a message then he wouldn’t have had to call Chief, right?

Chief said that he was whiny and sobby and asked me if I wanted to take a ride up there.

I was like, “Where?” .. thinking that I somehow missed another conversation he was having that WASN’T about Weed being arrested.

He said up to the jail and I was like “FUCK NO” .. using the same tone I would use if someone offered an all expense paid sex change operation.

As soon as the words hit the air, I realized that it sounded a little harsher then I intend so I told him that if he wanted to go.. if he thought that that was the best thing to do then I’d stay at the store and take care of what needed to be taken care of and he can go up there.

He said, “Nope. You’re right. Let him sit in there.”

NOTE: Just for the record let me state that even though everything that Weed has done for the last year has caused us nothing but grief and suffering and complications, I can understand the “father” side of Chief wanting to go to the jail.

So we get down to business and about a half hour later the phone rings again.. and it’s Weed. Again.

This time Chief is alot firmer with telling him that he isn’t going to do anything to help him out of the situation he was in. Especially since Weed told him that he was being held on 20,000.oo bail.

20,000.00 is a WHOLE HELL of A LOT of money for just walking on school property, dontcha’ think?

He told him that he needed to sit in there and hopefully learn a lesson.. it’s not like he’s going to lose a job or anything! .. because obviously continuing to do what he’s doing and hanging around who he’s hanging around isn’t getting him very far.

When he came back into the kitchen and told me about the phone call, I told him that I didn’t want him to think that I didn’t have a heart for this kid.. I do.. but I also told him that again, I believe that people get away with what other’s overlook.

The Crack Whore was able to come up with a grand that last time he was arrested :: in March :: but like Chief said, he doubts she’ll be able to come up with another two thousand. The wells have all been tapped and the best thing FOR him would be to LEAVE him.

He’s not a kid anymore.. he just turned 2o.. and if he keeps getting  bailed then he isn’t learning the lesson and he’ll just keep doing what he’s been doing which is going to lead into something a lot worse.

Chief knew where I was coming from and agreed with me.

I said to him, “… funny what a wave can do.”

He looked at me weird and I told him that last week sometime he saw Weed on the corner. Weed waved and Chief waved back. Innocent, right?

Next think you know is Weed’s popping up at the store wanting to take a shower at our house and then he calls when he gets arrested again.

Chief made a noise out of his throat and went back to doing what he was doing.

Earlier in the evening, I checked online to see if there was any public record posted about Weed’s arrest.

NOTE: In our state, you can look up arrest records and court dockets and stuff online.

I didn’t know whether or not there would be something because it’s a Sunday but sure enough there was.

Wanna know what Weed REALLY did go get arrested?

  • Intent to sell
  • Possession of Marijuana
  • Possession of Drug Paraphanelia
  • Criminal Trespassing
  • Corruption of a Minor

Just you’re usual walk in the park, huh?

The Crack Whore never did call… so either she doesn’t know about it OR she’s still to fucked up to dial the phone. Forget about text messaging.. most of the time she’s so blitz she needs three hints to spell her three-lettered name.

I’m sure it’ll be blazing tomorrow… I’m sure Chief is going to get an earful for not helping his son.. so much that he’ll turn the phone off.

What SHE doesn’t get is that he IS helping his son.. she isn’t.

I’ll keep you posted.