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Oooohhh… gosh.

Here we go again.


If he was a character in a novel, he’d be the big doopy dude in John Steinbeck’s “Of Mice And Men”. Lenny, I think his name was. Duuuuhhh.. gee George!!

At around 6’3″ and pushing around 250lb with a size 15W shoe, you sometimes forget that he’s only 15 with the maturity level of a 5 year old. But that’s exactly what he is. Add that he’s manipulative and self centered and you get  recipe for disaster.

Our ups and downs have been well documented on this blog and I’m not sure if I went into what happened in January on his birthday but we really hadn’t been on speaking terms from then up until a few weeks ago. I didn’t want to be in the same room as him.. made dinner which I ate in silence not to have to interact with him.. no longer did his laundry or drove him to school. Dealing with him is like pulling taffy and my hips were already too big.

Chief didn’t say too much about it.. I had told him that I don’t let anyone steam roll me or take advantage of me.. especially not a snot nose teenager. Bigger and better have tried and failed. By removing myself from Bubba’s day to day, it forced Chief to take on the parental roll his sperm caused.

I’m real good at building walls when I have to and like I told them before.. I learned to love you and I can learn to un-love you just as fast.

We were at that point.

And so the days went by and whatever he did.. whatever he didn’t do.. how late he stayed out or on the computer was none of my concern and I didn’t put myself anywhere near the fringes let alone the middle.

Once or twice I had to take him to school.. this was when either the Crack Whore didn’t show up or he knew she wasn’t going to take him and he would wait until the very last second to call his father.. thinking that he would get a free day off. Oh HELL NO!! There’s nothing like bursting Bubba’s bubble especially when it involved his master plan to get out of school.

There were times when he was forced to ask me something and I would answer him cordially but that was as far as it went.

And then when that whole incident happened with the Facebook message from Chief’s old girlfriend it kind of got me thinking and I just felt really bad for Chief. For a long time he’s been made to hold boulders on his back without any one willing to cut him any slack. He had a hard life and the people he had in his life only made it harder. He always had to be stoic.. could never crack.. had to hold things together and I felt tired for him. There was never anyone standing shoulder to shoulder with him or supporting him emotionally or mentally. He was always made to feel not good enough and realizing that broke my heart in so many ways.

And so after Dr. Phil-ing myself I realized that I wasn’t making things any better. Marriage is hard work and it takes compromise. Yea, it’s good to know that your mate is on your side for important things but if they’re emotional cripples because they’re used to being beaten down then somebody has to take the lead.

And if there’s one thing I am.. it’s a leader. Not a follower.

One night when he was still at work, I decided that if I was going to mend anything, I would have to start with Bubba and so I called him into the kitchen when Spaz was watching tv and I basically laid it out on the line for him.

I told him that right now we’re four people living under one roof and not a “family”. I told him that he never experienced what it was like to have a family like I had growing up and we’re broken. We don’t spend time together, he goes to school in the morning and doesn’t come home until curfew and on the weekends he stays out at his friend’s house until Sunday night. I asked him point blank what would make him happy.. what would make him want to stay home and build this family. I told him that I knew more about his father’s past relationships then his dad thought I knew and I wasn’t going to be another woman that walks out. Fate was in his hands.. he was either going to try and make it better or he was just going to add to the weight on his father’s shoulders. I told him that I did all kinds of research and that at his age, his brain is going through transformations that he probably doesn’t understand but his actions couldn’t all be blamed on growing pains. I told him he needed to tell me .. honestly and without retribution.. what he wanted and how to make things better.

At first he didn’t know what to say and I told him that it wasn’t about what I wanted to here or that a new PS3 or laptop would make him happy. It has more to do with what’s in his core.. in his heart. So he thought about it and he said that he wanted to do things together.. wanted to spend quality time with his father.. he said that it was going to sound weird coming from him but he thought that they needed more rules and less liberty and that when they get punished it had to stick because both of them knew that if and when Chief punished them it didn’t last. At all.

I was impressed to say the  least.. I told him that I would talk to his dad and that HE in turn, had to start being more responsible then he was so when I had the opportunity, I relayed the conversation with Chief and told him that we both really had to make an effort to do more things as a family.

And in a show of good faith, I told him that I’d resume doing his laundry and not being so buggy about the bathroom and their rooms. We were going to all work together and try.

So that  night at dinner when he suggested we go to the super market to get stuff to make a peanut butter pie, I was like sure. I was tired and still had the kitchen to clean but I figured so what, right? The dishes were going to be there when we got back, right?

And that’s what we did.

The following night was the same thing except that was the night when Spaz was punished in his room and wasn’t allowed out because he had a tantrum at school. We also told him that he wasn’t going to go on a church trip to Virginia because he isn’t acting like he’s mature enough.

Bubba was shocked and thought it was harsh. I reminded him that HE was the one who said that we needed to stick by our punishments and this was the first step in proving to him that we would do what he said we should do.

Everything was going as smooth as this kind of transition could go. We all went out to get ice cream.. or grab hot dogs at the local hot dog stand.. we went to a flea market, etc. WE were trying. hard.

So it was a big disappointed the day before Spaz’s birthday July 3rd.

Spaz was at camp until 5pm meaning Bubba was home all day. When we got home, Spaz was sharing his candy with Bubba and I went into my bedroom to fold laundry. I heard Bubba get into the shower and when he came out, Spaz was on the computer. Bubba told him to get off of it.. Spaz said he didn’t want to and a fight ensued.

Both of them have a mouth on them and each know the buzz words that push their buttons to extreme. I went out and told them to stop fighting and they both quieted down but when I went back into my bedroom all hell broke lose again and Bubba punched Spaz.

Now, Spaz is a little drama queen. In fact, the reason why he gets into as much trouble as he does is because he’s loud and has a quick tongue. Bubba is quieter.. more manipulative and sneaky.

So I run out of the bedroom and Spaz is going crazy trying to put his shoes on so he can run out of the house and Bubba is on the computer like nothing happened. When I asked him what he did, he said he punched him because he called him a name and I’m like YOU. CAN’T. HIT.HIM.. and then to Spaz, I said AND. YOU. CAN’T. CALL. HIM. NAMES. Niether of you are right and then I went on to tell Bubba that he had all day to be on the computer but he chose not too.. and it all started again and I called their father because I knew at that point I was powerless to stop anything.

When Bubba knew I called, he put his sneakers on and left. I think he heard Chief yelling to pull the plug on the computer and the playstation and the cable box and if they wanted to be entertained they could read a #$%^  book!! Also, Chief had told Bubba that if he would hit Bubba the next time Bubba hit Spaz.

This was the next time.

So he leaves and we don’t hear a word from him. Chief finds out that he’s staying at the Crack Whore’s and it isn’t until this Friday that just past that I lay eyes on him.

I came home from work and when I walked into the back door and into the kitchen, there he was.

I said: Hey Stranger!

He ignored me.

He putzed around the house getting what he needed and when he passed me on the way out the front door, I say: See ya.

No response.

So I called Chief and told him what happened and if  get labeled a bitch then it’s unwarrented.

He said that he didn’t like the fact that he was staying over there and was going to call the Crack Whore about it. She said he was more then welcome to stay there while Weed was in rehab. Chief told her he could stay there as long as he wanted but he’s still going to have to answer for what he did when he comes home and that SHE was helping matters for aiding and abetting him.

But then, she’s a felon so what do you expect?

Spaz then comes up to me and tells me that Bubba was talking about their father.. calling him a pussy and douchebag and that when he does that it makes him (Spaz) really angry. I explain to him that it doesn’t matter what anybody says about him but who was the one who ran away from home? So who was really the coward?

That made sense to him.

And so we’ve been living without Bubba for a couple of weeks and things have been pretty even keeled.

That is until today when the Crack Whore couldn’t stand the mess she finds when she gets home from doing whatever she says is a job and that he stays up all night leaving empty cups and dishes and food wrappers and soda cans all over the place and leaves the bathroom like a pig sty..

In other words..

Welcome to my world, Biatch!

So now he’s suppose to come home tonight and I have no clue what the night is going to entail… but rest assured, it will involve the word DRAMA!

Nice, right?

You know.. I can be a bitch.

A bitch with such a sweet smile and innocent demeanor that you would never guess I was being a bitch.

So I already scratched the surface about how Bubba is a complete and utter douchebag and how Chief now has to deal with it. And he’s starting to get just as frustrated and angry as I’ve been. And it’s about fucking time, don’t you think?

For example, did I tell you about what happened Sunday night at 11:30 when I kind of mentioned something to Chief about Bubba maybe having to go to sleep? And when Chief did, Bubba said he had to laundry because he had no clean clothes even though he sat on his ass the whole weekend on the computer AND that he never mentioned anything at 8pm when I started doing everybody else’s laundry?

Or about the emails Chief gets daily from his teachers saying how he still hasn’t been doing any type of work?

Anyway.. yesterday Spaz came home from school and everything was fine until Bubba came in a half hour later. Then all hell broke loose. I’m not exactly sure what happened because my door was shut but what I do know is that Spaz called Chief and then ranted and raved about how much he hated Bubba.

That’s kind of a normal thing for him so I wasn’t affected until I went on Facebook and saw this:

And I was disturbed.. and sympathetic.. and angry.. and ok, vindictive.

Spaz had church youth group that night so I asked him what happened and let him vent. And not only vent, but I also told him that we were in the same boat because nobody listens to me either when it comes to his brother. Maybe I shouldn’t said anything but honestly, I wanted him to know that he had somebody on his side.

After I dropped him off, I stopped by the shop and asked Chief what happened when Spaz called. He said that Bubba wouldn’t let Spaz use the computer. I asked him what he said and he said that he told Bubba to get off the computer and let Spaz use it.

I told him that Bubba didn’t do that .. and I also told him about the Facebook post. I told him that he needed to be concerned about Spaz’s emotional well being and that Bubba does nothing but bully him.

He said he was going to talk to Bubba and I said he needed to tell Bubba to not say a goddamn word to Spaz about anything because he’s 15 for Christ sakes.

But when we got home and had dinner.. a dinner which was the perfect opportunity to say something because Spaz was out of the house.. Chief didn’t say a word.


At all.

I got so disgusted that after I picked Spaz up from church I went right to sleep without saying a word to Chief.

So this afternoon.. with this still weighing on me, I decided to do something nice for Spaz. He’s been doing well in school.. hasn’t been giving too much grief to his teacher’s.. does his homework. .and does what I ask him to do even if he doesn’t do it before I ask him he does make an effort and is sincerely apologetic when I slam him on something. And you know, he has a heart this kid.

So I went and got him a cell phone. Something he’s been wanting for a long time.

I got him a touch screen cell phone. Not a smart phone.. but just as close.

Initially, I was going to get this for me and give him my phone but yknow what? It would be a hand me down and nothing so “WOW” about it. The worse part is is that Spaz would have been completely satisfied with it so because of that, I thought he deserved the new one.

Plus it was a better phone then Bubba had. That wasn’t the sole reason but it was an excellent perk.

So I got it and then I told Chief that I got it.. and why I got it and he was fine with it. Fuck him if he wasn’t but he thought it was a good idea too.

Just so happens that not long after, Spaz came into the shop and told us that because he had all his homework assignments done and because he hasn’t been late for school and was being productive in class, he won a free day from school.. meaning that on any day he chooses, he can spend the day in the school’s library on the computer.

Not sure how much I agree with THAT but it was perfect timing to give him the phone.

Sometimes God does work on my side.

So he stays for a bit and then heads home.

I don’t think he was in the house for 5 minutes before the phone rang and it was a very pissed off Bubba questioning his father on why Spaz got a cell phone.

And then it was CHIEF’s turn to flip out.. telling Bubba what concern it was of his .. that he has a cell already and what’s the issue? And he wasn’t owed ANY KIND of explaination ESPECIALLY since he’s STILL getting emails from school and Spaz DESERVES to have a phone and BUBBA doesn’t and he didn’t WANT Bubba to have a phone from the start.

I can tell you that I was silently jumping up and down clapping behind Chief’s back.

The thing was, Bubba was pissed because Spaz’s phone was better then his.. and because he knew how much Spaz wanted a phone, he had nothing to taunt him with. The shoe was on the other foot and he didn’t like it one bit.

Of course, it didn’t end there.. but because we were stuck at the shop, we didn’t know to what extent Bubba was torturing Spaz. Spaz did text me to say that Bubba was still crying over the phone but I don’t know if he was actually “crying” crying. But if he was.. who cares. Good for him.

Spaz called once more and Chief told him to just go in his room and play with his phone because right then, “.. I can’t be there to protect you.”

And that’s what I’ve been waiting to hear.. that’s the lightbulb that I’ve been waiting for to go on in his brain.

When we did get home, Bubba was still acting like Eeyore losing his tail and refused to eat dinner at the table. Chief told him that he’s the one alienating himself and acting childish but he was so fed up with him by that point that he was just like, fine.. whatever.. you don’t want to include yourself then our world isn’t going to stop.

And it didn’t..

And Bubba STILL hasn’t done the work he was suppose to do tonight for school and since that means he’s going to fail on his report card, and because the Crack Whore is going to get money hungry getting a lawyer for Weed.. HIS phone is probably going to get turned off.

And if it does..




So… if the wood railings that the landlord had put on the house on the cheap weren’t enough to make us ghetto…

If the fact that we found paint and spackle (sp?) splattered all over the wooden floors when we ripped out the rugs weren’t enough to make us ghetto..

If the fact that the grill outside had the wheel and handle broken off when Bubba tried to use it to bet into the bedroom window when he was locked out wasn’t enough to make us ghetto…

NOTE: There’s more but I don’t want to embarrass myself TOO much!!

Then I present the following:

The other day I noticed that one of the kitchen cabinets was cracked from top to bottom about a half inch away from the edge of the door.. or the side where the hinges are.

This happened because the idiots I live with would swing the door open too hard and it would bang again the knob on the adjacent cabinet. Which is a corner one so it’s know was in JUST THE RIGHT SPOT for it to weaken the door when the idiots.. who not only open the door too hard..  but would then PRESS the damn door open.

In order to fix it, I knew that I needed a a clamp. A size which I didn’t have. I was going to take the door off for Bird’s husband to fix but Chief was all No.. NO.. I can fix it. You don’t need a clamp, you can just use a dresser drawer to hold it into place.

Like I said. Ghetto.

But ok.. if you can do it then do it.

Of course, it took him THREE days to even look at the door and it only happened because we were in the kitchen at the same time and I blocked the way out and frantically pointed at the door. LOOK! LOOK! FIX THE DOOR!

So he looked at it and was all “.. yea.. the only way that’s going to get fixed is to use a piece of luan to glue it to the back for strength.

Uh huh.

If that wasn’t bad enough, he asked me if I knew what luan was. I may not be able to spell it dammit, but I just gave him my “fuck you” eye roll.

I walked out of the kitchen and grabbed a screw driver and handed it to him.

I’ll have you know that I refrained from saying STICK IT UP YOUR ASS when he asked me what I wanted him to do with it and just said to take the door off before the morons break it more.

So this is what I’m left with:

The knob on the right was the aggressor!

So.. like.. how long do you think THAT’S going to take to get fixed? I was going to say NEVER but that’s just being too optimistic for me!!

So after all that.. we were sitting down to dinner.

Awhile ago, someone had given us a wood table with ceramic tile inlets. At the time, I didn’t realize just how destructive these kids were and figured it was sturdy enough to hold us over until we could get the dining room set I wanted.


Putting anything even REMOTELY breakable near these kids just means that it will be broken and over the course of two years, the tiles got cracked and the underneath part had to be reinforced.

I will eternally bow to the plastic table cloth gods.

So last night.. as we’re sitting to dinner.. Spaz who doesn’t know or understand or contemplate the word PATIENCE.. sits at his seat on the side of the table but apparently, the table had been moved closer to the window so he couldn’t squeeze his 11 year old size 34 waist in his seat.

So he pushed.


Which.. yknow.. wouldn’t really be any drama but we’re GHETTO .. remember? Meaning that when the rugs were pulled up and the kids were given the responsibility of pulling out all the staples through out the floor they didn’t get them all.

We usually find the ones they missed when we step on them with bare feet and rid 5 of the 7 layers of skin off.

But anyway.. I guess there was one that was still stuck in there. Wait. No guessing about it.. there WAS still one left.. the one that decided to stand up for himself and all the other staples that had been mercilessly pulled out and thrown away..

And that one little staple that was probably manufactured by an ancestor of the dude who stood up to the tanks in Tiananmen Square   in China.. stood up to that table and held it’s ground.

Resulting in this:

We heard this cracking.. crunching sound. Chief’s face turned white and when I moved the table cloth and saw that I just quietly grabbed my plate of home made stromboli and without a work, went into my bedroom.

Chief followed me in and before he even got a word out, I said “.. if you’re not going to fix it then throw it out and they can eat on the floor for all I care”

Nothing was said about it the rest of the night.

But then.. that’s how things usually roll.


Bubba’s back.

That’s kinda horrible, right?

The fact that I’m not all blowing rainbow farts because Bubba decided that he didn’t want to live with the Crack Whore anymore?

Funny that the day he came to the shop and told Chief that he wanted to move back in was THE SAME DAY that Call Of Duty: Modern Warefar 2 was released, huh?

Funny that he knew we had pre-ordered it and was catering the release party at the local Game Stop and would have our copy at 12:01am.

Oh.. but then, I have a suspicious mind, right? And I’m not SUPPOSE to call him out on his manipulating mind, right? Oh.. and .. and.. because people can CHANGE, right?

The can’t change the fact that they leave wet towels on the floor or leave their dirty clothes within INCHES of the hamper… but they can change their manipulating behavior.


You know… it must be hard being a parent who wants to believe SO FUCKING BAD that their kid isn’t the way they really are. I would think that… at some point.. the blinders would start to itch and irritate your skin.

But at any rate…

So Tuesday, me and Chief decided to close the store early. We had been non-stop for 2 days getting the house ready for the borough inspection. Ok.. let me rephrase.. I WAS NON-STOP for 2 days. He put one late night in on Monday and then stayed up until 3am playing the new Call Of Duty game.

Once the milk order was delivered, Chief was loading it into the fridges and I was in the back… playing the new Call of Duty game. I hear a second voice and when I peeked out, I saw Bubba.

I went back to playing my round because I really had nothing to say to him.

A few minutes went by and he came into the back of the store and said that he was sorry.

I didn’t say anything for awhile.. didn’t even look at him.. but I knew. I knew at 12:02am that he would show up at some point after school.

So I had a decision to make. Either I try to move things forward or I just foster negativity and resentment.

I was ALL FOR the negativity and resentment but once again, I have to be the adult.

So I told him that I wasn’t going to hold a grudge against him because he’s a kid but that I hoped he learned something out of all this. He said he did.. that it was a dick thing to do :: now.. I’m not sure if he meant the way he acted was the dick thing or whether me taking the cell phone was a dick thing :: I told him that regardless of how much he thinks that we’re trying to ruin his life his father and I are only trying to teach him to be a responsible person because we’re the adults and that’s our job. I also told him that he caused a lot of bad feelings.

He said he knew and then he went back out into the shop to talk to Chief. I heard Chief tell him that he [Bubba] would have to talk to the Crack Whore .. that he couldn’t just go and get his clothes without talking to her.

So Bubba left and Chief told me that he told Bubba that coming back to our house was going to hurt the Crack Whore’s feeling :: um.. noooooo… having to keep paying 43.00 a week for two kids is going to hurt the Crack Whore’s feelings :: but he would have to deal with it because he caused it.

Then he said, “.. I told you he’d be back in 2 weeks.”

Then I said, “.. I told you he’d be back as soon as Call Of Duty was released.”

The he said, “.. oh.”

I told him that he really didn’t believe that the reason why Bubba wanted to come back had anything to do with their living conditions there or the fact that he was completely unsupervised.. or went to school when he wanted to or stayed home whenever he felt like it.. or didn’t have a curfew DID HE?

Chief had the good sense not to try and argue the point with me because he knew he’d lose. But I told him that he had better be damn sure that whatever conversation he had with him included the fact that he wasn’t going to live the same way he was living.. he wasn’t going to torment Spaz the way he was and he sure as hell wasn’t going to live like a pig in my house.

He promised that he told him all that but .. yknow.. he’s fucking delusional too.

So that afternoon, Bubba comes back to the house with his clothes in a white trash bag.

Spaz isn’t too happy about it and I can’t blame him. I’m not happy about it either. Because in the two days that he’s been back, his clothes are still in the trash bag.. only now the trash bag is ripped open so that he could pull out clothes to wear.. he still leaves his shit all over the bathroom.. still leaves piss on the floor… STILL hasn’t had any homework.. still tries to stay up past his bedtime.. still has that fucking mouth on him.. and has just disrupted my house again.

He’s like the fucking pink elephant in the room that won’t go away.

Spaz… who had been doing SO good mentally and behaviorally.. has started to revert back to being angry all the time and talking non-stop and lying about the stupidest things..

And Chief noticed.

The night Bubba came back, we had gone to bed and I forget what we were talking about but I said to him, “.. yknow, Spaz has been really trying hard to do the right things.” and Chief was like, “.. I know. Ever since Bubba went to live with the Crack Whore.”

So today.. when Bubba gets home from school, I’m going to walk him into his room and watch him as he puts his clothes away. I’m going to dog him about cleaning up after himself and will stand outside the bathroom door if I have to inspect the floor for piss after he’s finished.

Let the games begin…

… and bring on the Motrin.

55 gallon drums of it, please!

Ok.. so..

Let’s do a little catching up here so that I can go catching up on my blogger-buddy blogs.

So last we left off.. the attitudes living under my roof were being slung around without boundry. Bubba was pissed at me.. I was pissed at Bubba.. Chief was pissed at me.. I was all OH.NO.YOU.DON’T ghetto-fied with Chief ( complete with finger waving, I might add! ) .. basically everything was a mess.

And that, my friends, is such a understatement that it shouldn’t even be classified as a statement!!

This happened Thursday / Friday and of course, after school :: which, mind you, I DROVE Bubba to .. because, you know, I’m such a bitch :: he decides he’s going to spend the weekend with the crack whore.

Fine.. whatever. Does not bother me one iota that I won’t have to be around him… his attitude.. OR his Eyeore moaning and groaning.

There is, however, an email that I received from one of his teachers. Basically saying that Bubba is acting the same way in school as he is at home.

Here’s my thing on that … while I VOLUNTEERED to surround myself with this dysfunction.. school is kind of a sacred place. Teachers don’t get paid to have to deal with his simple ass mind-set and his simple ass mind-set has no business taking class time away from other students.

Alright.. so his high school is PROBABLY a little better then the county jail but I figure there has to be AT LEAST one student per class who actually WANTS to learn and make something out of their lives.

I could be wrong. Dunno. No the point.

So I call up Chief and tell him about the email AND the fact that Bubba REFUSED to write down the the questions that needed to be answered for weekend homework.

Chief.. who.. yknow.. MAY or MAY NOT be waking up, decides to NOT call Bubba but to call the Crack Whore. He tells her about the email.. about his lack of school work and participation and she calls him a flat out liar becuause YKNOW.. Bubba told HER that he was doing WONDERS in school.. that he was passing EVERYTHING because.. yknow.. he’s all going into the Marines and everything.

He tells her that she’s DELUSIONAL if she thinks that Bubba doesn’t lie to her. Well… ok. She’s a crack whore so yea, there IS some degree of delusion there. I mean, after all.. one boyfriend pays her rent.. the other boyfriend pays her cable bill.. the state welfare system pays for her food and yet she believes she is a pillar of society.

Anyway.. He tells her exactly how Bubba is trying to play both sides against the middle. In fact, if I even THOUGHT that Bubba had a brain I would say he was trying to divide and conquer.. but yknow.. he’s an idiot so…

He tells her that he’ll have me forward all the emails from his teachers.. which I do. I then get an email back from her .. OMG.. I’m going to have to copy and paste it here because I was like, YOUR.KIDDING.ME ..

Leese i just want ta thank u very much for sending [Bubba’s] pogres 2 me .I will work wit him an b sure he do what needs to b done…………Thank you ! There is 1 prolem he did not write down the 3 questions and says he has no way of getting them………I’ll figure it out ,,,,,,Thanks………….I’m getting ready to take laptop away till his grades goes back up

Okay.. so she’s a 7th grade drop out. But this wasn’t a text message.. this was an email.

Do you see what I’m dealing with now?

Alright.. so we actually had a good weekend. Saturday me, Chief and Spaz had family movie night and Sunday we went to my brother’s for his birthday.

Now fast forward to Monday.

I went somewhere after work and when I got back to the house, Bubba’s fat ass is sitting on the chair with his laptop.

NOTE: So much for taking the laptop until the grades come up, huh?

Anyway.. as I walk past him, Bubba asks me if I paid his cell phone bill.


And I kept on walking.

Spaz was on the computer in the dining room.. maybe about 5 feet away from Bubba. I went into the kitchen to start dinner.

Annoyed.. Bubba starts taking his anger at me out on Spaz. Mainly by playing really bad rap music as loud as his laptop can play it.

Spaz asks him to lower it.. Bubba says NO and proceeds to start calling him all kinds of derogatory names.

Spaz yells for me.. I tell Bubba to lower it and he won’t.

I asked him again and said that if he didn’t lower it, I was going to cut the ethernet cord that tethers his laptop to the router.

He knows I don’t write a check I can’t cash .. I’ve thrown things out.. taken away the end tables and coffee tables in the dining.. removed all the dishes, utensils and cups from the kitchen.. so he know that I’ll do it.

PLUS.. he thinks I’m the biggest bitch alive who just so happens to hate him so he isn’t going to push the issue.

He lowers it.

But then he starts playing this really, really emo song about hating where he’s at and just wanting to get out.

Over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.

He can play whatever the hell he wants to play.. if fucks could fly, I wouldn’t give one .. so since he wasn’t getting any type of response from either me or Spaz, he leaves.

Stomps, actually.

So I call Chief and I tell him what happened and to expect him down at the shop bitching and complaining. Chief tells me that there is NO.WAY.IN.HELL that Bubba is going to come down to the shop with an attitude.

Heh.. guess again, Buddy!

About a half hour later, Chief calls me again to tell me that he threw Bubba out of the house.. that he’s going to go live with the Crack Whore..


Mind you.. Chief was all chest-thumping and gorilla growling so I knew that whatever DID happen, it a sort of sit-down-lets-weigh-options kind of thing. So I ask him what happened and of course, he mentally isn’t ready to tell me.

But he doesn’t have to.. the devil is in the details and I KNOW as sure as I know that I’ll never be a size 4 that Bubba wanting to live with the crack whore is all going to be blamed on me.

And so basically :: I’m SO sparing you the normally detailed details so remember to put me on your Christmas Card eList :: what it boiled down to is that Bubba was mad because I wasn’t going to pay his cell phone bill and he didn’t like the reasons WHY I wasn’t paying his cell phone bill.. I’m a bitch.. I act like a five year old.. I’m petty.. etc, etc, etc. Bubba ALSO doesn’t like when Chief calls him out on the things he doesn’t do and so yknow.. we’re the evil assaultors  of his ALL ME ALL THE TIME universe.. he hates us both.. he hates Spaz and he wants to go live with the Crack Whore.

I guess Chief got pushed to the same point that I was last week and finally he was like FINE! YOU WANT TO GO LIVE WITH HER.. GO LIVE WITH HER.. I’M SICK OF LOOKING AT YOU.. SICK OF YOUR FILTH.. SICK OF YOU, PERIOD.

Now.. I don’t agree with that. To me, Chief was doing the same thing that Bubba like to do .. Run. Run away from your issues.. run away from your problems.. run away from confrontation.

I’m a fighter. You back me in a corner.. any corner.. and I’ll come out fighting until I break your will and you submit.

So I wasn’t happy.. but I was also feeling bad because I didn’t want to be the reason for coming between him and his kid. I had even offered to leave. But as Chief explained.. it wasn’t so much ME as it was that he doesn’t like ANYONE telling him what do to.

Of course, the crack whore called the next day RANTING about what is she suppose to do with this kid.. she doesn’t have the room.. blah blah blah. Chief told her it was a temporary thing.. that she needed to step up to the plate as a parent and get on him about the same things we get on him about… this way he knows that it’s HIM and not everybody else.

Weed stuck HIS two cents in because now HIS lifestyle is compromised.. Bubba’s body alone takes up the whole apartment. There’s only one bedroom and one couch. Weed came into the shop the next day eager to say some choice words to his father but once he saw how emotionally taxed Chief was, he backed off.

This wasn’t an easy thing for Chief to do. I understand that. I understand that Bubba’s behavior goes WAY back before I ever came into their lives.

Chief was telling me how Bubba never had any regard for anything.. even when he was a kid.. and even before him and the crack whore split up.

I firmly believe that the way you act during your pregnancy is absorbed by the baby growing inside you.. she didn’t want Bubba OR Spaz.. wanted to abort both of them because SHE knew from the get go that they weren’t biologically Chief’s.

So this kid really didn’t have a chance from the get go and add to the fact that both of them wanted to be the “good” parent after they split, he never learned boundries or limits or rules or anything else that would have made him a normal kid.

Then along comes me who’s all about respect and old-school parenting.

Powder Keg? Meet Flame.

At any rate.. so Weed is has been filling us in on Bubba’s lifestyle which mainly consists of staying up all night on the computer.. doing what he wants to do when he wants to do it… not going to school because the Crack Whore tied one on the night before so she can’t get her simple ass out of bed to drive him .. or being late when he finally decides TO go to school.

Funny how the Crack Whore can get out of bed to drive up to the courthouse and file for Child Support Modification, huh?

Anyway… Bubba better enjoy it now while he can because Chief is OBVIOUSLY very displeased and beside himself that she isn’t being a parent and doing the right thing :: come on, did you really expect her too? :: so he is going to have Bubba come back to the house… and if she decides to push him, then he can charge her with kidnapping because he still has primary, legal custody. She has none.

I do have to say though.. that life in this house has been very zen without Bubba causing problems.

So, we’ll see where this goes!