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There were a lot of things that I had to worry about. No only did I have to notify my boss.. but I had to worry about the shot and deal with Chief’s arraignment and bail if necessary :: something I never had to do before :: and also the house rent was over-due.

I didn’t know what time the arraignment was and I was afraid that I was going to miss it. I remember when Weed was arraigned, we hadn’t known he was even arrested and the judge had said that he may not have gone to county if he had had family members there.

So I went down to the courthouse at around 7 but no one was there and phone calls went straight to an information only voice mail. Not that the information they were telling me game ME the information I wanted but apparently there was nothing I could do but keep going down.

To kill time, I headed over to the shop because I knew that the register had to be counted from the night before. After everyone had left the house the night before I had called the shop to tell the kid what had happened. He closed but doesn’t know what to do with the register.

There wasn’t a lot of cash.. around 50 bucks. Most of the transactions were electronic and there had been deliveries, etc. The 110.00 cash that Chief had on him :: he doesn’t keep a lot of money in the register in case of robbery :: the police kept.

I went back to the courthouse after 8:30 and was told that the arraignment wouldn’t happen until 10am. So I headed over to the crack whore’s apartment because one of the kids had left my house key there.

When I got there, she wanted to know everything.. claiming that even though they aren’t together anymore she still wants to know what’s going on because he’s the father of her kids. She told me that I had to get him a lawyer and oh.. how about this.. she has one on speed dial. She said he was really good.. only charged 250.00 up front and 250.00 at the end and she would get a finder’s fee.

I need to interject something here. Something really important because people wondered why I even gave her the time of day .. called the lawyer.. or even made her privy to what was going on.

Here’s the thing…

I have absolutely, positively no experience with these kinds of things. I don’t know what arraignments are .. don’t know what preliminaries are.. don’t know the ins… outs.. or betweens. She does. So it may have seemed like we were banded together in the sisterhood, believe me.. I had ulterior motives and so did she. But all that is going to be another post.
So I call Chief’s brother and told him what was going on.. and I called the lawyer.

Oh.. before I forget.. I can’t forget to go into how she was harboring a fugitive in her 2 room apartment when I went over.

So the lawyer is going to meet us at the courthouse. The problem then became how I was going to pay him because Chief had the ATM card on him. So we went to back to the courthouse, explained the situation to the receptionist, she told me to go to the police station :: around the corner from the courthouse :: and I told the desk cop what the situation was. He told me that he would have the card for me once they took Chief to the courthouse.

We went back to wait and pretty soon, the lawyer showed up. I explained to him about the money and gave him the warrant. A few minutes later, they took Chief through in leg shackles and handcuffs. As soon as he saw us, he started screaming, “.. I don’t ever want to see him again. Tell him to stay away from me. He’s dead to me. I swear, keep him away from me.”

He was referring to Weed and I knew that his sitting in a holding cell all night gave him a lot of time to put the same pieces together. Remember, at this point, I though he has seen the warrant.

I ran over to the convenience store to get the lawyer’s retainer while the lawyer went to talk to Chief.

Soon, we were in the courtroom and the lawyer was saying that he was going to try and get the bail reduced. I told him that if he stayed in jail, I would have to take off from work to run the shop because that’s his sole source of income and THAT would put MY job in jeopardy.

Pretty soon, the took Chief in and the Judge :: the only judge in the borough :: came in and reviewed the charges. The judge set a 30,000.00 bail and my heart sank. The lawyer explained that he wasn’t a flight risk.. he was a local business owner.. etc. etc.

The judge asked him if he knew where Chief’s house was. The lawyer explained that he was just retained and that no, he didn’t. The judge said that we lived within a 100 yards of an elementary school and there were hundreds of kids that walked by my house a day so no, he was not going to reduce bail.

Everything started happening at once then… while I was thinking that I had to come up with 3000.00 dollars with only 1500.00 in the bank.. Chief started pleading with the judge “You KNOW I didn’t do this.. you know it was Weed.. I never dealt nothing in my life.. the only think I do is work” over and over again.
He turned around to me saying, “Call my dad.. call my dad” .. I was telling him that I already had.. that it was covered.

All of a sudden, the constable turned him around to sign papers and he started to turn as red as a beet.. holding his chest saying “.. I can’t breath. I can’t breath.” The tried to get him to sit and as I rushed over to him, the constable told me to get on the other side of the table.. that I had 15 minutes to get up the bail or he was going to county.

I don’t think I was even thinking at that point. All I knew was that I had to come up with another 1800.00 dollars .. I went to the bank and withdrew all that I could. I called up Chief’s brother .. him and his dad were able to come up with 1500.00 and so I had to rely on the store to come up with the rest of the money.

In the meantime, the lawyer had called the crack whore and told her that they had taken Chief to the emergency room. I headed over to the hospital but wasn’t allowed to see him.

By this time, reality had set in and I was emotionally falling apart. I had to open the store and had received a message from Weed asking me if I wanted him to help out. I needed him so I said yes and we wound up opening at around 12:30.

During the course of the day, the house landlord kept calling about the rent. I told her that I had an appointment at 11 but would come up right after.

Every 20.00 bill… every 10.00 bill.. every 5.00 bill went into the bail. I gathered up all the change hanging around to turn that into bills for bail. By the end of the night, I was only 80.00 short. The crack whore was .. flabbergasted.. for lack of better word that I was going to be able to come up with bail. She kept on saying how amazing I was. But again, she had an ulterior motive and it wasn’t so much that she was amazed that I came up with the bail but more “.. oh fuck, she’s going to come up with the bail.”

More on that later though.

During the day, I had received a call from Chief’s pastor. Apparently, he had asked to speak to him in the ER and they allowed it. He asked that he call me to let him know that he was okay. It was a little bit of a relief but I was hoping that the pastor would contribute to the bail. He didn’t offer and I didn’t ask.

I kept calling the hospital for updates and late in the day, I found out that he had been admitted into the telemetry unit.

Since I work for a health system, I know all about Hipaa laws and privacy laws and all that other stuff but I went to the hospital and told the receptionist that Chief had a 10 year old son at home who didn’t know if his dad was going to die or not and if they asked Chief, he would give them permission to discuss his case with me.

The woman looked him up in their system and told me that there wasn’t a visitor restriction on his room and she suggested that I just do upstairs and see if I could get in. The worse that could happen is that they would say no.

So I went up and as soon as I approached his room, I saw a nurse openning his door and could see the two guards sitting in there. I heard her asking why the door was shut and apparently, they told her that Chief was a prisoner.

I lingered outside the room and when the nurse came out, I explained to her what the situation was. I told her that I wasn’t trying to go against the rules but Spaz is inconsolable because he doesn’t know if his dead was going to die or not.

She was very understanding and brought over the head nurse. I repeated everything and she said that she would open the door wide enough for me to see Chief but the guards wouldn’t be able to see me. I asked her to tell him that I loved him.

The door opened and I got to wave to Chief. The nurse came out and said that Chief wanted to know if I had the bail money and I said that I did.

I found out that they thought he had had a mild heart attack and that they were holding him overnight for observation and for his test results to be read.

It was hard for me to sleep that night. Even though we haven’t really spend much time together since opening the shop and that I griped that even when he was home he would go right to sleep, the house was empty without him. I kept expecting to see him popping out of the kitchen or whatever and then cold reality would set in.

The worse part of it was that I didn’t know how bad this was going to get.

Okay… so the cops escort me to the house and as expected, Bubba and Spaz were in the living room watching television.

And as expected, the house was a pig sty.

I seriously thought that I would never be that embarrassed in my life but yknow what… the night wasn’t over yet and not to diminish anything else that happened but I never want to go through that again.

But all in good time.

So we walk in and get the dogs in the bathroom. The boys are asking me all kinds of questions .. “What are the cops doing here?” .. “Where’s dad?” .. “This has something to do with Weed, doesn’t it?”

We were instructed to stay in the living room and not move. There was a junior cop :: aka “Dudley Do-right” and complete with leather gloves :: assigned to watch over us. There is maybe about five or six cops in the house.. a lot of crashing and banging.. a lot of whispering that I couldn’t hear. The kids kept asking me questions and the only thing I can tell them is to not ask anything I can’t answer and right now, I can’t answer anything so please just sit there and I explain everything once I know.

I’m not going to lie. I was scared. Not because we had anything to hide but because you don’t ever expect anything like this to happen. Remember, I still think this had something to do with Weed.

At one point, they were upstairs and the head detective came down and asked the boys which one roomed upstairs. Bubba said he did and the detective went off.. I mean OFF.. about all the dog shit upstairs in the hall way and in his room. He started laying into him which MORTIFIED me.

They called the License and Inspection or Public Health guy :: whoever he was :: and he proceeded to check out the whole house.

I knew that they were listening to everything I said .. at least, Dudley Do-right was.. so I started laying into them about how many times I’ve asked them.. pleaded with them.. to clean up their rooms and after the dogs and how their dad works 18 hours a day and I work 15 hours a day and this is what it comes down to.. how mortified I was.. how embarrassed I was.. how I can’t believe that I am going to be associated with this.

They both just hung their heads. In a way, I was glad because I figured that it would finally register.

From where I was sitting, I couldn’t see anything behind me.. only that they at one point carried out a folding table.. a laundry basket with things in it.. a rubbermaid bin with things in it.. but couldn’t actually see what it was.

At one point they asked me if there was lights in th attic and I said there were but didn’t know if the bulbs worked because no one is ever up there. Next thing I know, a fire department ladder truck is parked in front of the house and about seven :: yes, SEVEN :: uniformed firemen came into the house carrying a mobile flood light.

Guess nothing much was happening in the borough that night.

After what seemed like forever.. but probably only an hour or so.. everyone started to leave. One of the cops told me that the L&I guy or P&H guy was going to be back in two hours and I had better have the house cleaned up or they were going to shut it down and we :: me and the kids :: would be out in the could. He also said that they didn’t know if they were still going to arrest me or not.. that it was up to the head detective.

Then another cop had the warrant in his hand and he said something like, “.. you know what this is about” and I was like, “… no. I don’t.” So he started to say something and I was like, can we go into the kitchen? Motioning at the kids. I remember him saying something smart but we went into the kitchen and that was the first time I saw the warrant. He also said that they were keeping Chief over night and that he would be arraigned in the morning.

In fact, I thought they had to present you with the warrant before they came into the house and had assumed, they showed it to Chief. I didn’t find out until later that they hadn’t and in fact, he didn’t know what was in it until his lawyer gave him a copy.

When they all left, I started skimming over it and it wasn’t until then that I actually find out that they weren’t after Weed… they were after Chief. And everything that he was being accused of was actually the stuff Weed was doing. I didn’t have time to read through it all then.. I still didn’t know if they were going to arrest me or not and my first concern was for the kids. So I had them call Chief’s brother. I had never met him before.. in fact, had never talked to him before.. but when he called back I told him what had happened and if it was possible that he could take the kids. He said he would and then had me explain everything to him again. I did and he told me that there was nothing to worry about. That I wasn’t going to get arrested and to keep him up to date on things.

I command.. literally command.. the boys to get off their asses and to start helping with the house. I hadn’t seen my bedroom at that point but when I did, my heart sank. I literally just wanted to sit on the floor and cry.

Next thing I know.. their crack whore mother was at the door. I don’t know how she found out that Chief got arrested but she showed up to get the boys. I think I remember her saying how she found out but honestly, I really don’t listen to anything she says so it went in one ear and out the other.
I initially didn’t want her in the house but I in reality, I just wanted to be alone without being asked a million questions that I couldn’t answer. Since she now lived in the neighborhood, the kids would still be able to go to school, etc. so I let her in.. they started getting their things together and while she waited, she read the warrant.

Even SHE said that everything in it was Weed and not Chief.

They finally left and I was finally able to read the warrant. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I couldn’t believe what he was being accused of. I couldn’t believe that there was NOT ONE OUNCE of truth other then his description .. where he lived.. and where he worked.

Apparently, we had been under surveillance since the beginning of December.. which corresponds with the time Weed got thrown out of the house.

It said that two police informants who wished to remain anonymous for fear of retribution or bodily harm .. informants who were well known to the police as drug users and drug dealers.. said that Chief was selling pot from the house and from the store and that he was doing it for extra money.

Extra money.


There was so much “extra” money going around that my “new” car is 12 years old.. my water had been turned off.. my electricity had been turned off with another cut off notice delivered the day before this happened.. both boys needed sneakers desperately.. we were behind on the rent for both the shop and the house.. the kid working at the store had to be let go because Chief wasn’t making enough to pay him.

But the thing that really got me.. which made my chin hit my knees and made me question anything I believed in the justice system was that the detective initiated a drug by AT MY HOUSE within :: very vaguely :: 48 HOURS of the warrant :: which would have been January 6th or 7th :: and that he POSITIVELY ID’d Chief.

Wrong.. wrong.. wrong.. wrong..
No.. no.. no.. no.. no…

They didn’t state a time.. they didn’t state a date.. but regardless, I know for a fact that Chief wasn’t at the house but was at the store. In fact, the only time he left the store was on the 6th to go to the bank.. in the opposite direction of the house.

I know that on the 6th, I went to the store to pick up chip steak and cheese to make for dinner and was pissed off because Bubba never came home and called Chief to ask if he had heard from him. When Bubba finally did walk in the door and he said that he told his father that he was going to his mother’s, I called Chief again.

I know for a fact that on the 7th, I went to the store after work and then drove to the house to get Spaz and bring him to the youth group at church. There wasn’t a youth group that night so I took him home and then went back to the store until closing and then we both went to WalMart to get fish food and dog food before returning to the house at around 9.. where we promptly went to bed.

Did somebody answer the door for a drug deal? Probably. Was it Chief? Absolutely not. Bubba? Doubtful.. even though I have a feeling that he was starting to fall under his brother’s influence a little. The only person it could have been.. if the detective was not bold face lying.. was Weed.

But getting back to the story.. I was cleaning up and fielding calls at the same time when I get a text message from the crack whore saying that Weed was on his way over to the house and that he was bend on revenge. She said that she was afraid that something was going to happen to him because he said he was going to go out looking for whoever went to the police.

He finally did come in about an hour or so later and when HE read the warrant he said the same thing.. that everything in it was the stuff that HE was doing :: but had stopped as of Nov 9th. Don’t ask. I have no clue where that came from either :: He said that he knew who at least two of the informants were.. Harry and his girlfriend Christine. Local small time dealers who were also customers at the shop. Weed said that somebody saw them talking to the cops earlier in the day.

To me, that didn’t make sense. Why would they say what they said? Why would they so boldly lie when Chief did nothing to them except help them out when Harry’s “business” started drying up and Christine had just given birth to their son?

According to Weed, when he was heading back to the house he saw Harry and Harry said something to him about being at the top of his list and apparently they got into some type of fist fight.

In my heart, I knew that Weed knew more then what he was saying. I’m not in his circle of deviants and I’m so out of the loop when it comes to stuff like this. I wish he just would have been straight up with me.. instead of proclaiming that HE had nothing to do with this, I wish he just would have come clean.

I mean.. this was his dad, after all. His business was at stake. His reputation was at stake.. the welfare of his brother’s were at stake. I’m smart enough to know that regardless of how innocent Chief is, there is the “process” you have to go through and I was like an airplane passenger forced to land the plane. I had no idea what to do.. what was to happen.. but I guess that when you’re living that life that Weed is… you have other loyalties and they don’t lie with your father.

So last nights post was a bit in a hurry. Too many things were going on and I just wanted to make sure that I had at least something posted in February.

Right now is a good time to consolidate my thoughts a bit since Chief is at the shop, Spaz is watching tv and Bubba is out running the streets with a home made taser he made out of a disposable digital camera.

Don’t ask. He found out how to do it on YouTube. He’s the last of my worries and am actually hoping he gets in trouble with it. Obviously, nothing me or his father is saying is getting through to him.

So I figure to give you the whole story, I’ll break it up into multiple posts. Easier that way.

January 8, 2009 was the day that completely flipped our lives. That morning, I had dropped my car off to get inspected and Charlie, the owner of the garage let me use his electric blue 2005 Mustang convertible for the day.

It was soooo sweet not being a soccer mom for the day!!

Anyway.. so I go to the shop after work so that I can drop off the ‘stang and pick up my mom-mobile. My plan was to just leave the car at the shop and walk the four blocks to our house so that I wouldn’t have to leave to pick Chief up. It was freezing that night and I didn’t want him walking home.

He suggested that he drive me home and since the kid he has working for him had stopped in to get his W2 form, Chief asked him if he could mind the store for the 4 minutes it took to drive me home and back.

NOTE: This little piece of information is important because Chief had not had the kid working since the week before because he couldn’t afford to pay him.

We get in the car… stop at the convenience store for coffee and make our way home. As we turned out of the convenience store and onto a side street a cop car puts it’s lights on and pulls me over.

My first thought was that I finally got busted for running a stop sign.. an inside joke between me and Chief and he immediately said, “.. it’s a good thing the car is legal, huh?”

An office came to my side of the car and his. They asked him if he was who he was and he said yes and they asked him to get out of the car.

That was the last time I would see him or talk to him for three days.

NOTE: Let me interject one thing here. Chief had made a good point. He said that when you’re doing something shady and the cops stop you, you kind of know why you’re being stopped. Seriously, we both thought it was because of a stop sign and were chuckling about it while the cops approached the car

The cop on my side asked me for my driver’s license and all that stuff but was more interested in the bottle of Tylenol I had in my handbag.

He then asked me to get out of the car which I did. I remember thinking that all this was a little extreme for running a stop sign but then again, this is a small borough and maybe they were bored.

Another cop comes up to me and says that they have a search warrant for my house. My IMMEDIATE thought was “What the HELL did Weed do now!”

He said that Chief had told him that there was nothing at the house and if there was, then I better tell them because if they find it then I would be arrested too.

I told them that it was obvious that Chief knew what they were talking about and if he said there wasn’t then there wasn’t.

He held up a little bag that Chief had had on him that contained about a button sized amount of marijuana. He said that Chief had it on him. So I said, “Ok?” .. like, what do you want me to say?

You have to understand that I was never in this situation before and because of all the cop shows I watch on television, my mind was reeling. What was going on? Why are they asking if there’s a fish tank in my house? I should have gone into Weed’s room. Did Chief, who is genetically predisposed to being a slob, leave anything out on the night table in the bedroom? What is legal and what wasn’t? I didn’t know. All I knew was that Chief wasn’t near me to give me any clue and I felt like if I said or did the wrong thing then things would be bad.

But again, at this point we still didn’t know it had anything to do with Chief. My concern was that I wouldn’t get HIM in trouble. At that point, I would have done anything, told them anything, given them anything if it would make Weed realize he wasn’t on the right path.

In the meantime, there is about 3 or 4 cops that are flashlight-ing my car. One sees a balled up piece of tinfoil and gets all excited about it. He asks me what it is and I tell him it was from a breakfast sandwich. He takes it.. opens it up and sure enough, bagel crumbs fall out. He shines the light some more and finds two or three more. I tell him that Chief makes me a sandwich in the morning and I eat it on the way to work. Now I’m mortified that my car looks like a homeless person sleeps in it.

Then they find what they THOUGHT was a film canister but I had to explain to them that it was actually the cap for a torque wrench. They mentioned something about having to wait for a female officer to search me and I tell them that it wouldn’t be necessary. That I would waive that if they wanted to search me because I didn’t have anything on me.

They said it wouldn’t be necessary and again asked me if there was anything in the house I wanted to tell them about… because, like.. yknow… YOU live there. I told them no.. and yes, I did understand that they could arrest me.

They tell me that they were going to escort me to the house and I tell them that I have two dogs… they bark a lot.. never bit anyone but what did they want me to do with them? The asked where who’s bedrooms were and then told me that they could be locked up in the bathroom.

So we drive the three blocks to my house. I know Bubba and Spaz are home. I know that I’m going to have to hold it together because it’s just me that’s going to have to handle this.. and them.

Yknow.. I can literally say that with all the scenerios that ever ran through my head I would have NEVER dreamt of the one I’m in now.

So here’s the update

It’s been well documented on this blog how Weed, my oldest stepson, is a complete and utter fuck up and how devastatingly sad it is that he chose to follow in his crack whore of a mother’s foot steps then in his fathers.

But he’s an adult and he’s made his choices. Although I love him dearly and want only the best for him and have deep sincere hopes that one day he will up and turn his life around I come to peace with the fact that the only place he’s going to end up is in a cemetary.

I really don’t know how much I’m allowed to say publicly. Well, as public as an anonymous blog can be.. but none the less, things have a way of biting me in the ass so I’m just going to keep it simple until I know I can spill.

At the beginning of January, Chief was arrested. He was arrested for the things that Weed was going. Namely, dealing marijuana from the house and from the shop.

I can tell you with 1000% certainty that Chief did not do it.

I can tell you with 1000% certainty that Weed did.

The worse part about it is that not only was Chief arrested but they had a search warrant for our house and even though they did what they thought they had to do, they completely disrespected our home and property. They didn’t find anything they were looking for and I think that pissed them off because these little small town detectives were looking for THE BIG headlines and when they realized they weren’t going to get that, they decided to trash my house.

As I told the desk cop when I tried to find out when Chief would be arraigned:

You’re still innocent until proven guilty in this country and if your drug task force thinks that Bath and Body Works moisturizing beads are pot seeds, then you got bigger problems then I do.

I mean.. really. What was the EXACT purpose of dumping out body wash all over my dresser?

They did all this.. and threatened to arrest me in front of the kids.

They held him on 30,000.00 bail for which I had 15 minutes to come up with 10% before they took him way out to the county prison.

I think all the while Chief thought that this would get all straightened out but when the judge said what the bail was, I think reality hit him and he suffered a minor heart attack that landed him in the hospital for two days.

I was able to come up with the bail :: which is really ruining us financially :: but no one would tell me how to post it.

Apparently, we were under investigation since the beginning of December.

Does anyone else think it’s a tad ironic that the investigation started around the time that Weed got thrown out of the house after it was robbed and he came to the shop wasted out of his mind trying to pick a fight with his father.. who called 911 and had him removed?

Yea.. me either.

But the worse part of all this… the thing that I would never believe could happen to either me or someone I knew was that the police lied.

The detective on the case said that he initiated a drug buy at my house and the he POSITIVELY IDENTIFIED Chief as opening up the front door and letting the buyer in the house.

One problem.

I can POSITIVELY PROVE that Chief was at the shop. I have deliveries, electronic transactions and 182 customers the one day and 174 customers the other day that this was suppose to happen that will prove that he was at the shop from 430am until after 9pm.

After that, he was home.. with me and the kids and no one knocked at our door.

Another thing.. how can you positively id someone who answer the door with no porch light or inside light on a corner that has no street light in front of it?

The best you can see.. even in daylight.. is a shadow.

So someone answered the door who is tall and lanky like Chief and the only person that could be is Weed.

So the detective lies… the judge believes it.. and the two “informants” who supposedly said that Chief told them that he was dealing marijuana for extra income are confessed drug dealers and users and wish to remain annoymous for fear of bodily harm or reprocusions.

And in the meantime, our whole lives have been turned upside down.

Even worse still is the fact that a week before Christmas, Chief allowed Weed back in the house. I was dead set against it but face it.. he’s not my kid and I don’t know if I would feel differently if he was.

He had cut his hair and had swore to his father that he wanted to get his GED and go back to school.

I guess a father’s heart wins out over the head.

I didn’t believe him and told Chief that if he was really serious he would have come to him saying that he wanted to go back to rehab… or had proof that he had already enrolled in school.

I’m not going to pretend that it was an issue that almost broke us up but I refuse to let Weed or Spaz or Bubba or the Crack Whore ruin our relationship.

Believe me.. all that above? That’s the tip of the iceberg.

Because while all this is going on, the Crack Whore is telling the boys that she’s getting custody of them and that Chief is going to jail for three years. All of which is making Spaz more.. well.. spazzy and if this kid doesn’t grow up needing massive amounts of therapy then I’ll be shocked.

I’ll go into the situation with her later. Right now, it would just torque me too much.

Chief’s preliminary hearing is March 10th.

Any prayers you can offer our way would be greatly appreciated.