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Making A House.. A Home

Posted: November 6, 2011 in Just Livin'
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… sorry to kind of disappear again. Moving is a bitch to begin with but when you’re moving to a smaller house decisions have to be made about what to keep.. what to donate.. what to trash.. blah blah blah.

Not to mention getting the old house ready for the landlord’s walk through while trying to make the new house more into our home. Alot of running back and forth.. trying to lure cats out of the floorboards.. dealing ONCE AGAIN with the old borough’s Code Enforcer Guy and just general BS.

Today is actually the first day we didn’t have to “do” anything but go to church, prepare Sunday dinner for my father in law and catch up on blogging. Well, and laundry.. because I can do that without leaving the house anymore!!! Damn if I won’t be washing things 2 and 3 times just because I can! LoL! No, not really. The last thing I’m trying to do is waste electricity!

But anyway.. I can tell you this:


So here’s some pics.. mind you, we haven’t done anything regarding decorating the walls yet. There is a wish list of things I want to get but I’m following the sage advise of an old German Baker that Chief knew:

If you act like you’re rich, you won’t be. If you act like you’re poor, you won’t be.

So we will get what we want to get when we can afford it.

“Stuff” aside, I can’t help feel anything but truly blessed  and further proves that if you lift your worries up to the Lord and follow the path He lays out for you then you’ll be fine. You may not get what you “want” but you WILL get what you “need”. After all, God knows what’s best for us more then we do.

Hope you like our home as much as we do:


The entrance door would be on the left of this picture. You can see part of it’s frame. As soon as you walk in the door, the kitchen is on your left.

Behind the louver door is the water heater, breaker box, etc. etc.

The left side of the kitchen is pictured. How much do you love the pot rack hanging over the sink?

Again, excuse the cluttered-ness. The girl in me is cringing that everything isn’t neat and tidy but like I said, Chief was getting Sunday dinner prepared.


This is the Right Side of the kitchen.

I believe it’s called a “galley” kitchen but for Chief, the Uber Chef, it’s compact but highly functional with everything in the right place to do what he needs to do to create what he wants to create. There is a surprising amount of storage and counter space, too. And the colonial blue walls grew on me.

So this is the few you see when you come in the door and look left…

This is what you see when you come into the door and look right:


The fridge and the washer / dryer are along the right wall… AGAIN, EXCUSE THE MESS!! .. The fridge was originally on the right side. My landlord had unstacked a stacked washer / dryer and had them next to each other. Because both were front loaders, she had a piece of counter on top giving even more counter space. But her washer went south three days before we moved in and instead of spending 450.00 to have it serviced, we told her we’d bring our washer over. Since our’s is a top loader and the cord and something-else-in-the-back is positioned differently, we had to do a little bit of rearranging.

I actually like it better this way. The original position of the fridge made the room look smaller for some reason.  Chief is going to reinstall the cabinets as soon as he gets something or other that he needs. Something I just tune out. He knows what he’s doing! LoL


DINING ROOM HALF OF THE ROOMOnce you pass through the kitchen, you are in the dining room / living room. This part was a little tricky because it’s one space.

We basically just put our old table under the window and added a corner hutch that we picked up at a consignment shop for $60 bucks (wheeee!!!) .. Since there is only the three of us, it’s a perfect solution. The table pulls out to fit up to 6 if necessary.

Oh.. and see that door? That door actually leads to another room. The house’s original living room. We don’t have access to it right now. My landlord is storing all kinds of stuff in there and if.. when.. she decides to take it our plan is to convert it into a quasi apartment for Chief’s dad. If not, it will be converted into either a family room or traditional living room. Nothing but a multitude of ideas but whatever it will be .. it will be.

LIVING ROOMTo the left of the “dining room” is the living room.

This hasn’t had the benefit of my girly touches yet but there’s enough furniture to sit on.. or do homework on.. or just whatever on.. so I’m not busting to complete this room right now. It’s functional and that’s all I need at the moment.

The room off to the side there is a Florida room. I call it my library. One side has a wood burning stove.. the other has three floor to almost-ceiling book shelves.

I didn’t hang it yet but I found a really cool country inspired sign that says NO BOYS ALLOWED that Ill be hanging above the entry way. This is MY room… make no mistake about it!! LoL


This is the far end of the living room.

Nothing really of note except that there’s another chair and the desk that you can see in the previous picture.

The chair is actually interesting.. the couch, two chairs, ottoman and coffee table were bought at a yard sale.. in almost new condition.. for 150.00 bucks. We needed a new set and this was being sold by a guy who has lost his job and had to move back in with his parents. They didn’t have any place for it so he stuck it on his lawn with a for sale sign.

What I loved about it then.. and now.. is not only is it easy to clean but the pillows are removable so you can dust down and underneath it. The cases are also removable for washing or dry cleaning.

Plus, it’s really confortable.. always a plus.

This is MY Florida room. Probably my favorite of the house.

No.. wait.. NOT probably. DEFINITELY.

Beside the obvious, I really like the big center window. My landlord was an avid gardener and outside this window she had planted all kinds of flora and wildlife attractions.

It hard to see in the picture, plus it’s winter, but I could sit there all day and just stare outside. Since we live so close to the wildlife reserve, we have all types of different birds dropping in and out.

The other side of the room is also something I always wanted in a home.

I love having a place for all my books and what nots. This is no where near full and I’m thinking about getting a few pretty baskets to store things that you need to keep in one place.

There’s also the dogs’ bed.. something which the kitten I think adopted as her own. She likes to stretch out on it when the fire’s going.

I can’t wait for Christmas because you know what room the tree is going it.. right?

The rest of the house I’ll post later, along with pictures of the outside.

There really isn’t much else.. through the living room there ‘s a hallway with a bedroom at each end and the main bathroom inbetween. There’s another hall way that T’s it .. I refer to it as the mud room.. and that leads to the back yard. There’s also a powder room there also.

Right now, time seems to have gotten away from me so I’m going to say bye-bye for now.. but there’s alot of things I need to catch y’all up on so stop back!

.. as much as I wanted to run away over the weekend, I didn’t.

It’s that whole ridiculous “money” thing.. and “security” thing.. long gone are the days when you could just stow away on an ocean liner and start life fresh using a different identity!!

I did hide out in my bedroom a lot .. did sleep a lot :: my preferred method of avoidance :: AND I did go see SALT and INCEPTION which I’ll post reviews on later.

Sunday, though, was a surpriser.

Well.. yea.. kinda but not really.

Chief woke me up Sunday morning around 11am. And while I appreciated sleeping late, he had a motive.

He had scrubbed and cleaned THE ENTIRE HOUSE.

Yes, you read that right.


Even behind the toilet in the bathroom!!

He said it was because he wanted me to have a “.. true day off.” He didn’t want me to get up and have to worry about cleaning this and cleaning that…  but in reality he knew how bugged out and pissed off about what was going on in the house with the boys. He knows I’m right.. he knows that he can’t do anything about it so he took it upon himself to do something for me that would make me happy.

And I appreciated it.


So even though he’s not a “talker” .. I at least know that he gets it.

And that’s just as.. if not more.. important.

Funny thing happened which really put it all in perspective for him…

After scrubbing the kitchen and making it all spic and span, he was in there getting a cup of coffee when Spaz came in to get something to drink. So he opens the fridge and pulls out the gallon picture of lemonade but instead of lifting it up straight, he kind of swung it out of the fridge which spilled it all over the fridge.. all over the floor.. and Chief freaked out.

I happened to be making my way to the bathroom when I heard the commotion so I went into the kitchen and there’s Spaz still holding the dripping picture and Chief telling me to shoot him.

Nope. Only got one bullet left and it has my name written all over it.

Spaz was all, “.. it’s not my fault.”

And Chief was like “… HOW COULD IT NOT BE YOUR FAULT???”

So he tells him to clean it up and Spaz started to say he didn’t know how to but I think he thought better of it mid sentence because Chief’s bald head was smoking.

Spaz goes to the back porch and gets the mop and just starts half assed moving the mop back and forth.

Chief is still ranting, “.. if I wasn’t in here you would have left it and then I would be walking through a sticky mess at 2am, right? RIGHT?”

Then he yells at Spaz to clean it properly and Spaz was like I AM!! and Chief was like YOUR NOT!! You’re just moving the shit around more.

My first instinct was to just tell Spaz to get the hell out of the kitchen before his father blows an aorta but then I was like, no.. not this time.

So I told him that I was going to tell him how to clean it the right way … I told him to get the bucket.. put it in the sink.. turn on the hot water.. add the Pine Sol.. put the bucket on the floor.. undo the mop.. put it in the water.. take it out of the water.. turn the thing that makes all the extra water come off..

You get the idea..

I made him do the whole floor the way I would do the whole floor and he hated every minute of it. I didn’t let him half step anything.

When he was finally finished and started bitching and complaining that it wasn’t his fault because HE didn’t fill the pitcher to the top, I told him that I’m sure NEXT time he’ll be more careful.. or at least, know how to properly mop the floor the next time he does makes a mess on it.

When I went back into the bedroom, Chief was sitting up on the bed and was like, “… do you believe that?”

I was like, “… welcome to my world, Bucky.. Welcome to my world.”