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I haven’t felt like posting lately …

No reason ..

Well.. there was an issue involving coffee and my laptop but that’s been fixed..

I’ve been trying to get my sleep schedule back to something relatively normal .. not that I’ve been successful but being on the laptop all night doesn’t help any ..

But anyway..

Nothing major is going on .. nothing major has changed .. just going with the flow and almost managing the damage!! LoL!!

The situation with Baby Faith is still the same .. the original lawyer said that getting custody of her was going to be an up hill battle but didn’t seem to want to fight the good fight .. so another lawyer has been approached.

Let me tell you something tho .. Faith is one sweet, sweet baby. Yesterday I babysat for her for a few hours and she’s such a sweetheart and I swear she was giggling at my feeble attempts to change her diaper!

There was also a minor issue with Chief’s twin brother Sarge.

I’m not particularly fond of him because I can see right through him. He isn’t interested because he’s interested, he’s interested to get gossip. He doesn’t do anything unless it gives him some kind of leverage. He also has to have the latest and greatest and biggest and better. It’s stupid. It’s pathetic.

He also lies. A lot. About nothing..

Last week, him and his wife went to see Baby Faith. They didn’t go because they were excited to have her in the family, they wanted to go because Bird posted Faith’s picture and a fairly cryptic message on Facebook. He wanted to leave almost as soon as he got there.

Anyway.. Sarge’s stepdaughter is getting married this summer. Something her mother is over the moon about because she never thought her daughter would get married. Not going to go into the reason why but if you saw her, you’d understand why her mother was so excited.

Before I go further.. let’s get a time line here.

Last time I saw the bride to be? Never. Never met her. Never met her fiance. Although we are “friends” on FB, she never responded to any message I ever sent her congratulating her on her engagement or the sympathy note I sent when her aunt died. Her fiance is actually very nice. We post back and forth on FB.

Last time I saw or spoke Sarge’s wife? Last Christmas. Not the 2010 Christmas.. the 2009 Christmas. BEFORE her daughter got engaged.  I did send her a message after I found out her sister in law had died and she did respond thanking me. That’s it.

Last time I saw Sarge? A few months ago.. way before we closed the shop. I did wish them a Merry Christmas and  Happy New Year but never got a response back.

So imagine my surprise when Sarge pulled out his violin and started whining to Bird that me and Chief were mad at him and he has no idea why we were mad at him..

So imagine my surprise when Bird tells me that while they were discussing the upcoming wedding and it dawns on Bird that they are getting married on my birthday. Sarge’s wife insists that I told her that I definitely confirmed that I was going to the wedding.

Now.. let me make something even clearer here..

Since I don’t know this girl.. and have never met her.. I wasn’t under the assumption that we were even going to get invited. What started out as the swanky dreams of a newly engaged bride to be who wanted THE best of everything turned into a reception in a fire hall so.. yknow.. who knew if we were going to get invited or not.

So for me to say that I was I definitely going was a lie. For me to say that to someone I haven’t spoken to in over a year is a lie.

And I don’t like liars.

Liars and Thieves.. two things I despise the most and he’s both.

So ..

I happen to tell Chief that we are going away that weekend for my birthday. He was fine with it.. he doesn’t like his brother anymore then I do .. I will still send something to the bride because it’s the only right thing to do and I would have gone to the wedding if I was invited .. but not after now.

Am I wrong?

Meeting Faith

Posted: January 30, 2011 in His Family
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Earlier today I got to hang out with the newest member of our extended family, Faith.

Let me tell you, this girl is a sweetheart and it doesn’t take her long to have you wrapped around her little finger!

She’s a calm baby .. all wide eyed and interested in everything .. and doesn’t cry unless she’s hungry.

She’s already gained 2 pounds since being home and takes 4oz when feeding.

Don’t know if that’s important or impressive .. I have no idea about these things.. so I’m just sharing information here!

She likes when you laugh at her .. here eyes get all big and I swear she smiles but I don’t know if 1 week old infants smile..

I’m going to say they do..

I got hold her..

Feed her…

NOT change her crappy diaper :: some things are just a parent’s job! ::

Fold her little socks and onsies …

It was all good.

Bird and her husband are completely and utterly in love… and so am I!

They’ve both stepped up to the plate, not only where the baby is concerned but also the house and the pets, etc.

Very, very proud of them!

While they still have a long road ahead of them before Faith is officially adopted, they did find out through the courts that all they needed was a paper signed by both them and the birth mother saying that she wanted them to have Faith and a lot of red tape went away.

So for now, all is good!

And Aunt Leese can’t wait to FINALLY be able to buy girl clothes!!


That’s a tiny picture!!

Anyway … in case you haven’t realized, I haven’t been on line the past three days. I’ve been stuck in bed.. on my back.. with nothing but my iPhone to connect me to the universe!! LoL ..

Basically, I went to bed Sunday night with my neck hurting a little and woke up not being able to move it AT ALL .. and if I did, well… did you ever experience white hot pain? Or literally see stars?

Honestly, it’s not something that I would wish on my worst enemy. It’s just that bad! I actually have a high pain threshold.. and rarely am I reduced to tears but yea.. this will do it to you.

However.. a neck brace, loads of Motrin and Tiger Balm did wonders and so I’m finally able to get around and feel more like myself.

So how did it happen? Well.. hard to say.

From what I understand, whiplash can sneak up on you. It’s basically soft tissue damage so something may not have been right from when I ran over the stop sign with my car a few weekends ago and then the way I lay on the bed with my laptop or hold my head in my hands when I watch tv may have just added to it .. you don’t need to be in an accident to get whiplash so.. y’know.. that’s where I’m at with that.

Better news.. BIGGER news actually, is the missing girl from Alabama.. Madeline Busby.. is home safe. I don’t know any details and that’s ok. So many other parents never get to feel the elation of having their teens return home so I hope that both side can be more open with each other and get to a point where they can communicate so this never happens again.

Baby Faith is now home with Bird and her husband. I haven’t really talked to them much .. them being all enveloped in pink clouds and under the influence of baby powder and me not being able to move an eyelid without screaming in pain.. but I’m sure we’ll catch up soon …

16″ of snow got dumped on us. This doesn’t make me happy. Especially since they already closed the schools.

Annnnnnd that’s about that .. !!

I’m going to catch up on my comments and blog reading after I get up and get a cup of coffee..

Because I FINALLY can!!


Faith born January 23, 2011


So I promised you guys a picture of Faith and here she is..

It’s not the best one.. and I’m sure Bird would be more then horrified that I posted this with her crooked beanie and all but guess what?

If you’re going to make me wait and you leave me no recourse but to swipe the picture from Facebook.. you get what you get!! LoL!!

No.. in all seriousness.. Bird and her husband have been at the hospital since very early Sunday morning and have more important things to do then worry about sending me a picture..


No.. in all seriousness.. I’m only joking around.. they do have a lot to do.

Faith comes home on Tuesday so I’m sure I’ll be there with my own camera in hand.

It’s been a long, long, LONG time since anyone in my family has had a baby so yknow.. I’m all giggly and excited and wanted to show her off as soon as possible!!

A little while ago, I posted about my cousin Bird and her husband adopting a baby. At the time we didn’t know the gender, but today we do!

Faith Louise was born today at 8:03am weighing in at 7lbs, 10 ounces and 20 inches long.

Bird texted me the good news this morning but I haven’t been able to get a hold of her since.

I’m sure she’s either all wrapped up with the baby and the baby’s mother or passed out sleeping.

The mother started going into labor about 10 last night. She called Bird and they went over to the hospital. She wasn’t dilated enough and the doctor’s had her walking the halls but after a while they told her that they were going to send her home and she should check in with her doctor on Monday.

Well, you know what happened..

At 2:01am, the girl called Bird again saying that she was in excruciating pain so back to the hospital they went and 6 hours later baby Faith was born.

And now comes the complications ..

I’m not going to go into the nitty gritty .. it’s not my story to tell.. but the problem is that when Bird and her husband decided to adopt the baby, the mother was very, very, very close to her due date. There are forms that had to be signed by way too many people and submitted to the courts and now, since the baby is born, it’s too late to do that.

So I’m not sure where this girl and her baby are going to go.. Bird can’t take the baby home with her because she doesn’t have legal custody yet and I’m not sure the courts are open on a Sunday to file the Emergency Custody papers they need to submit.

I’ll keep you posted .. and will add pics when I get them.. I just pray that everything goes smooth on this rocky road and little baby Faith will be where she belongs as soon as possible.