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Ok.. first I have to admit that I am SO ADDICTED to my iPhone that it almost never leaves my hand and…. I don’t even have the PHONE SERVICE for it!!! I wasn’t into paying the bill when I knew I was getting laid off so I cancelled the phone and got one of those unlimited text / unlimited call phones for 39 bucks a month.

But anyway… so I’m always downloading new apps and stuff like.. ALL the time.. and OMG!! This app is so. freakin’. awesome!!

It’s called My Fitness Pal and while it’s basically a calorie counter / diet tracker.. it is SO MUCH MORE!!!

I think everyone probably knows that I’m a size 16 by now and even though I’m kinda okay with that, the fact that my uber-chef husband will die believing that EVERYTHING tastes better with butter, bacon and deep fried means that I have to really be careful to not gain anymore weight.

I used to be a size 24 and got down to a size 14 by watching what I ate and walking.. walking.. walking. It took about 2 years but if you understand that it’s healthier to lose the weight at the same pace you put the weight on,  it’ll keep you clear of “quick fix” diet pills or starvation or unhealthy stuff like that.

So really, going up one size isn’t so bad considering the meals he used to make us ( since I’m in control of dinner now, we eat a lot healthier ) but I noticed that a pair a shorts I haven’t worn since last year were tighter then I remembered them, I said to myself, “.. Self! There has to be an App for that!!”

So I found MFP and when you first sign into it, it asks you your current weight.. height..  how active you currently are.. how much time you want to devote to exercising and how much weight you’d like to lose in a weeks time.. and then it does it’s magic and tells you what your projected calorie count is per day.

So you start logging what you eat .. they have a HUGE database of almost everything you can think of.. and then you enter the type of exercise you’ve done and for how long (.. that is, if you even get around to doing it) and the app keeps a running tally of how many calories you have left to consume.

It also starts accumulating the foods you routinely eat for easy finding!

The funniest thing is that KNOWING I’m going to log what I eat made me more selective and careful about what goes in my mouth and how much..

And I’m now drinking more damn water then a water buffalo instead of the usual coffee cup glued to my left hand!!

So maybe I should warn you know of potential caffeine withdrawal!!

The other think I like about this app is that it’s synced with MFP’s website so you can track your stuff and log your stuff online without having to use our iPhone… or your iPod Touch ( it’s compatible with both! )

And it’s free!!!!

It doesn’t cost anything to download or utilize the web site.

So if this is something that you can use :: if you don’t need it then I hate you!! LOL!! :: then give it a try and let me know how  you like it!

Well.. let’s not use the word “diet” .. for ego sake, we’ll say ‘EATING RIGHT”.


That’s the ticket!!

Anyway.. I was discussing this with Chief yesterday and :: God love him :: he’s willing to do what HE has to do to help me.

This may be a little bit TOO much information so I’ll see if there’s a way that I can make it PG .. or at LEAST PG13..

Ok. R. I’ll see if I can at least reduce it from an X to an R!!!!!

There’s one particular … um.. “position” that Chief likes but I’m WAY too self conscience now to indulge him in.

:: alright, so that’s not so bad ::

Will the thought of wearing tank tops without arm wings keep me from eating things I shouldn’t? No. Will the thought of not having my upper thighs touch :: only a little :: prevent me form shoving a glazed donut in my mouth?


But a page out of the Kama Sutra?

Oh yea, baby! Not THAT will make me sew my mouth up and suck ice through a straw!

So far today I’ve been doing pretty good. For breakfast I had coffee with skim milk (withOUT the 4 teaspoons of sugar!) and a plain toasted bagel with nothing on it.

For lunch I had a piece of grilled chicken :: no marinade :: with lettuce, tomato, pepperjack cheese, bacon and honey mustard in a wheat wrap and finished that off with a small banana.

NOTE: bacon and pepper jack cheese aren’t the BEST things but it was what the cafeteria had to offer and beside, I’m not going to go to extremes. Considering everything I didn’t eat already, two pieces of bacon and a slice of cheese isn’t going to put me over the edge!

In all honesty, I probably won’t eat anything else today. I’m more a drinker then eater and usually when I have lunch I’m not even hungry for dinner.

I also know that THAT isn’t the healthiest thing for me either.. I know all about the six small meals a day .. keeping your metabolism up.. etc.

But give me a chance here… I’ll work it in! I just have to get the prep work in.

Thankfully, Chief knows what he’s doing as far as portioning and the what not so I’m feeling pretty confident.

Tonight, I’m going to take the dogs for a nice long walk. It’s suppose to be pretty cool considering what the weekend was like so it’ll be the perfect time to start the routine!