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Well.. first of all.. I don’t drink out of cans.

Call it a character flaw but it just gives me the heebie jeebies.

Anyway.. I couldn’t find a picture of the bottle online and I was already half way through the one I was drinking and that wouldn’t make a cool picture so..


Let me tell you something.. I LOVE THIS STUFF!!

It’s sweet.. but not too sweet and the burst of peachy flavor you get when you take a swig is like taking a bite out of a really ripe, juicy peach that you snagged from your neighbor’s tree.

What I like to do with it is splash some into a glass of seltzer water which satisfies the kids need for soda but without all the sugar and calories of traditional soda. I’ve even poured it over shaved ice and added it to fruit salad.

So if you’re having one of those 100 degree days that we’ve had here for the past week, give this a try. It truly is GOOD STUFF!