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.. just watch where you eat them!

.. just watch where you eat them!

Did you ever eat one of these?

Maybe when you were a kid?

I’m not sure if it’s a regional thing or not but growing up, I loved Chocolate Covered Frozen Bananas.

It’s exactly what it sounds like .. a popsicle stick is stuck inside a rather long banana.. then it’s covered with chocolate and then frozen..

Couldn’t get enough of them when I was a kid but then they mysteriously disappeared from the local grocery store’s freezer.

When we opened up the deli and were looking over ice cream vendor lists, I saw this product of my childhood and said to Chief, “… we gotta go with this guy.”

He was like, “.. but he’s more expensive”


He said he didn’t.. well, actually he said he didn’t WANT to know but he went along with me.

And imagine his surprise when people my age saw them in our freezer and had the same damn reaction that I had. Can’t keep these suckers in stock!

So if you’ve never had one.. and come across one.. try it, you won’t be disappointed,

And if you never heard of them.. seek them out.. it’ll be worth it!

Well.. first of all.. I don’t drink out of cans.

Call it a character flaw but it just gives me the heebie jeebies.

Anyway.. I couldn’t find a picture of the bottle online and I was already half way through the one I was drinking and that wouldn’t make a cool picture so..


Let me tell you something.. I LOVE THIS STUFF!!

It’s sweet.. but not too sweet and the burst of peachy flavor you get when you take a swig is like taking a bite out of a really ripe, juicy peach that you snagged from your neighbor’s tree.

What I like to do with it is splash some into a glass of seltzer water which satisfies the kids need for soda but without all the sugar and calories of traditional soda. I’ve even poured it over shaved ice and added it to fruit salad.

So if you’re having one of those 100 degree days that we’ve had here for the past week, give this a try. It truly is GOOD STUFF!

.. Ok

Is it ME or is the universe out to get me and my hips??

I mean come on…

CHEDDAR? BAGELS? .. I’m so fucking there!!

Picture stolen from the Dunkin' Donuts site! My bad.. but free advertisement.. right?

Anyone who’s been reading my blog for sometime knows that I used to hit Dunkin’ Donuts at LEAST four times a day.

A few reasons for that..

None of them justifiable, come to think of it. Just laziness, I guess.. but it was too freakin’ expensive to make those runs EVERY FREAKIN’ DAY .. so I did the math for Chief and after he put his eyeballs back in his head, we agreed to ween ourselves off and get used to cheap coffee made at home. So I haven’t been all up in what’s new at the DD.

Once in a while we treat ourselves and when I drove through tonight I saw this picture of this really, really tasty looking treat. So I got one.

It was so warm and .. and.. CHEESY that I sat in the parking lot and ate it in the car. I was afraid that if I drove the THREE MINUTES home, it would lose it’s warmth and wouldn’t be as good.

‘Cause.. like.. yknow.. it would have NOTHING to do with the fact that I was sttaarrrvviiinnggg and I committed to greatly reducing my bread and sugar in take starting on Monday.

Heh. I’m Italian.. I fucking live on bread but I’ll give it a shot.

Anyway.. If you like cheddar cheese.. like bagels.. and like it all warm and gooey :: get your minds out of the gutter please.. it’s still early! :: then I suggest you give it a try.

Lets me know how you likey!!

Good Stuff

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I’m a self proclaimed STARBURST freak. While everyone else in my house :: including Ernie, The Terrorist Puppy :: is a chocolate freak, I prefer anything fruit flavored.

NOTE: Please. Leave me with the delusion that anything fruit flavored is “healthy”.

ALSO NOTE: I do not.. I repeat.. DO NOT.. give my dog chocolate

And although the BAJA collection of flavors is my favorite :: I ate them all yesterday so I couldn’t take a pic of them :: the SOURS run a close second.


  • Sour Tangerine
  • Sour Green Apple
  • Sour Strawberry
  • Sour Blue Raspberry