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Let The PLOCK Wars Begin…

Posted: January 22, 2010 in Just Stuff
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Ok.. so if you’ve read this post then you know that I’ve been in this crazy PLOCK war with my cousin DD.

I finally bested her one morning with a ridiculous score of 766,700. For a one minute game, that’s HUGE.

But then DD started coming up with higher scores. Initially I thought that her ability to score high had to do with the fact that I was using a laptop and she would play at work using a desktop.

Make sense, right?

So I started using the desktop and I actually did worse.

I then thought that.. yknow.. maybe both my laptop and my fingers were throwing a mutiny on my brain and getting sick of playing PLOCK.

So I laid it off a while. A day, maybe. Not even.. maybe a few hours!! LOL!!

Anyway.. so I log into Facebook and open PLOCK and guess what I see??????

DD had broken a million!




There is NO possible way that she was getting that score with out help. And I know exactly what help she was getting.

There’s a bot program that someone created that greatly increases your score. I KNOW she’s using it.. I also know that she’s NEVER going to tell me that she’s using it.

And so the competitive little bitch in me spent 6 Euro (10 USD ) for the program last night..

It still takes some degree of play because the user still has to manipulate the program .. it’s not automatic.. so it really isn’t a guarantee that you’ll get high score. But it helps. ALOT.

Now.. take a look at this:

That's my kindergarten picture.. don't ask!

Beat that, Bitch!!

LOL .. she probably will!

The first time I used the program, my school was 900,000+ .. so in keeping with the cloak and dagger bullshit, I posted this message on Facebook:

Let the war begin!!!

Have It Your Way

Posted: September 30, 2009 in Good Stuff
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Bubba.. the king of all things Google showed me this pretty cool thing..

Type in[insert whatever you want here]

Click to go to the page and viola! The Google page heading will be replace with whatever you inserted after the backslash.

Pretty neat…

So far I experimented with:

Chicken Pot Pie (don’t ask!)

Owned By Leese

Ernie Sucks

I Hate Mice


DSW Rocks

However, the one that is now my homepage says “Leese Loves Chief”

So give it a whirl and have some fun!

Come On.. You Can Do It!

Posted: July 31, 2009 in Just Stuff
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If you don’t know who Sister Fica Hedonista is.. read THIS

It’s been a few years since Sr. Fica showed his .. um.. hairy face. And with good reason.

Apparently, Sr. Fica’s whereabouts were revealed when one of the other nuns in her convent saw the good sister standing the wrong way in a bathroom stall.

Mind you, Sr. Fica WAS castrated after the father of one of his altar boys found out what really went on in the confessional booth but obviously this poor father was so distraught that he didn’t do that best of jobs and left a little nub.

Of course, there were also OTHER flags that didn’t make sense until her true identity was discovered.

Things like her habit of sitting on the couch with her legs open… scratching her absent balls.. hellatious flatuance and large hairy ape hands.

Identity discovered, Sr. Fica went under ground :: some say as an understudy in the Piora Theater’s version of “Black Patten Leather Shoes Reflect Up” :: and it’s also been reported that Sr. Fica appeared in an untitled role in Mamma Mia.

This picture of Sr. Fica was taken in an unknown unemployment office.