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We sleep in. Believe me, THAT’S a novelty.

He suggests going to the flea market we had taken Spaz to the day he was being an obnoxious fuck and ruined everything.

It was going to be perfect weather for hanging out at a flea market so I get ready and we go.. getting there around 10am. We do what you do at flea markets and came away with something for the shop and bones for the dogs. We had seen everything there was to see by noon so I suggested we drive to the flea market that we always go to in the opposite state.

He thinks it’s a great idea so we head down there.

Now mind you.. I :: in no way :: forgot about everything that happened on Friday night. There were moments that I was overcome with such saddness but I was really trying hard to enjoy being able to do what we wanted without having to even think about the kids.

In fact, we had seen a really beautiful chest that someone was selling:

CHIEF: Wow. Look at that hope chest.

ME: Yea.. it’s really nice.

CHIEF: If we had a place to put it I’d get it for you.

ME: But I have no hope.

He let out this hearty laugh that he does when I say something that he doesn’t see coming but he had no clue that I was just being honest and didn’t say it as just a smart ass remark.

We get to the second flea market and while we’re walking around he gave an “OH WOW” at this one spot. I thought he was referring to the telescope the guy was selling but he was actually being sarcastic, referring to the coffee maker with a duct taped wire.

He started to walk away and I asked him if he saw the telescope. He said he didn’t and turned around to took look and then gave an “OH WOW” for real.

The thing was one of the ones that you can hook up to your computer and you can punch in coordinates and the telescope will automatically move there.

NOTE: Chief is REALLY into all things space. The first Christmas we spent together, I bought him a telescope. It was better then most but not one of the ones that cost the same as a mortgage payment. He loved it but never used it and is currently propped up between the desk and dresser in our bedroom with about 7 inches of dust on it. I also bought him a star from the National Star Registry.

He asks the guy how much he wants for it and the guy says 100.00. It is painfully clear to me that he wants it but the miser in him would never buy it. I ask him if he has a hundred on him and he said he did so I told him if he wanted it, then to get it and I would give him the money back if he felt some kind of way about spending it.

Considering everything that was going on, I started to get a knot in my stomach because he was obviously salvating over this thing and yet the one I gave him he never touched.

That may seem childish.. way immature.. and oh-so-girly but I’m only being honest. It’s no secret to anyone that knows me that for the most part I put out this I-AM-WOMAN-HEAR-ME-ROAR vibe but the truth is.. when it comes to him.. I never really feel on solid ground.

It wasn’t alway like that.. in the beginning I had too much confidence because I wasn’t emotionally attached. Now that my guard is down and I’ve given him my heart I’m always afraid of getting hurt. Cause this one would be devastating.

Even though he has more then enough money on him, he tells the guy he only has 80.00 and they guy takes it. He asks him if he could hold it until we finish lunch and the guy was like “sure”. As we’re walking towards the Farmer’s Market, he was like, “.. oh my God, what did we just do?”

Chief does NOT like spending money. At all.

So I said “..well, sometimes you just have to do it.” and continued walking.

Then.. just to see … well, I don’t know what I “just wanted to see” but I said, “I guess Spaz can have your other telescope.”

I WANTED him to say… was HOPING he would say, “… oh no, you gave me that telescope.”

Instead he said nothing and I was fighting harder then I ever did not to let the tears fall.

We go into the buffet place and he’s all blahblahblahblah about this stupid telescope and I can bearly eat. For me, the rest of the day was trashed. I just wanted to go home.

So we drive around to where the guy was and he puts the telescope in the back of my wagon.

As we drive the hour back to our house, I’m not saying nothing. In fact, all I did was drive. He wasn’t saying anything either but here, he fell asleep.

We get back to the house and I tell him I’m going to take a nap. He was like, “.. oh, thank God! I wanted to take on too but thought you’d think I was wussing out.”

I just took my glasses off and put the pillow over my head.

About an hour or so later, Spaz comes home. He knocks on the door and says that the Crack Whore wants to talk to Chief. Chief says that he’s sleeping so Spaz asks for me. Chief tells him that I’m sleeping too and whatever she has to say can wait.

Spaz says something like, “… well, that’s exactly what I’m going to tell her.”

I really don’t care at this point. Or at any point for that matter.

Chief winds up getting up and going out to the kitchen and I think I hear some kind of conversation about the telescope from the flea market that he set down in the dining room.

He gets back into bed and I roll over.. making a human burrito out of the blankets but I can’t fall back to sleep.

He had put the tv on and was flipping though the stations when Spaz knocks on the door again. He asks if he can have the telescope.

So.. obviously.. Chief heard me at the flea market and OBVIOUSLY he had already told Spaz.

I ask Spaz why he lied to me. Both of them looked at me like “.. wha???” and I said, “I asked you if you took a shower yesterday and you said you did. And I know for a fact that you didn’t.”

He put on the face he puts on when you catch him in a lie and he’s scrambling to get out of it. He said he DID take a shower.

I told him that the bathroom was the same way I left if after MY shower :: washcloth hanging on the hook, bottles with their caps on in the hanging shower holder thing, towel hanging on the rack, etc. ::

He doesn’t do anything but starts to lie again but I stopped him. I said, ‘.. you’re not getting the telescope today. I’ll give it to you tomorrow.”

He said that was fair and when he closed my bedroom door and noticed Chief looking at me, I was like “.. you got a problem with that?”

He was like “.. absolutely not” or something like that.

He was still flipping through the cable channels and stopped at the movie P.S. I LOVE YOU with Hilary Swank and Gerald Butler.

NOTE: Fantastic movie! Well.. anything with Gerald Butler is fantastic but this one is really really good.

As we’re watching it, Chief says to me, “.. I bet I know what you’re thinking ‘why doesn’t HE [Chief]die so he can send me love letter afterwards.”

I put on my thinking face and after a couple beats said, “Nah.. you’re not going to do something after your dead that you don’t do when your alive.”

He was like HEY!!!

I said, “.. “HEY” what? It’s the truth right?”

After the movie was done, I had to take a ride down to DeeDee’s mom’s house to drop off groceries. He says he’ll take a ride with me. So we go and it doesn’t take that long but I’m still feeling some type of way.

The boys had already had dinner so he suggest we grab something and eat somewhere outside by the river. He said it was too nice out to go back to the house.

I agree.. because I really want to talk to him about how I feel.. and I have to do it before I chicken out.

So we go through McDonald’s drive thru and park down by the river. We eat silently for awhile and then he says something like, “… wonderful view, wonderful company, wonderful night” and I was like, “uh huh”.

Sorry.. but I can’t turn my emotions on and off like a light switch.

He started telling me stories from when he was a kid and I didn’t have the heart to bring up anything to flip the script.

So we drove home.

Bubba was there when we walked in and he started in about giving Spaz the telescope so right away I said, “.. what do you care?” and he said, “.. but he’s only 9.”

I said, “.. one, it’s none of your business and two, he’s 11 you idiot”.

Then I went into my bedroom and started playing on the laptop. The boys kept bickering and Chief kept yelling at them but thankfully, I was able to fall asleep rather quickly because I don’t think my body could keep up with another night of tossing and turning.

So Sunday, Chief wakes me up around 9am. He was up at 4 but knows that I like to sleep late at least one day a week. Since the store is closed on Sundays now, that’s usually the day.

We still had to go to the wholesaler but the day was so beautiful that we just wanted to be out in it. And since we both love flea markets, I suggested we try a very large on in the state next to ours. It’s the same distance as the one we normally go to but in a different direction.

He says that we should take Spaz and again, I don’t have a problem with it. But even if I did, come on, he’s 10… you going to leave him alone all day?

So we get done doing what we had to do and went back to the house. I had left my cell phone in the car and when we got back in, I noticed there was a voice mail from the crack whore. Basically, the message was to Chief saying that they had to talk about Bubba.

When Chief got in the car, I told him about the voice mail. I dialed her number and handed him the phone.

I don’t know the exact conversation because I only heard his side and he never elaborated :: I “think” I heard my name but wasn’t sure :: .. apparently, Bubba to her that Chief had thrown him out of the house. Chief told her that that was a lie.. he didn’t… but he was in trouble for the things he was doing / or not doing and gave her examples. He also told her that we work like dogs and he sits around expecting everything to be done for him.

It went like that for awhile and then Chief told her to tell Bubba to be back at the house at 6pm… and then we made our way to the flea market.

At one point, Chief said that we should have taken Bubba. I told him that WE didn’t EXclude him.. he wasn’t around.. didn’t tell anybody where he was.. he EXcludes HIMself.

I’m not going to lie. It was H-O-T. At least 97 degrees. And it was HUGE. There were so many tables to see and so much stuff to look at but right from the get go.. as soon as we left the indoor market for the outdoor market Spaz started whining about how hot he was.. how he just wanted to sit down .. Chief bought him water and told him to wear his garrison cap but nothing could appease the whiny, bratty Spaz.

It got to the point where I just wanted to leave and so I suggested we just go to a diner to eat instead of trying to find a place there where we could sit.

Chief said that was a great idea and as we made our way to the car, he said to me “I’m sorry”.

I knew he meant about Spaz and I said that he had nothing to be sorry for. He said, “I suggested we take him” and I said, “Come on.. he’s your kid”.

I was annoyed though, I won’t lie. But I don’t know what was exactly annoying me so I just sucked it up and tried to put a game face on.

We ate and then we made our way home. We still had to go to the store to jack up one of the joices so we told Spaz that we would drop him off at home first and that we wouldn’t be long.

That’s the kind of stuff that you can’t have Spaz around when you do it because he’ll get in the way and would wind up getting hurt or causing you to get hurt so we told him to just hang tight at the house.

We were gone for no longer then an hour. Chief decided to put some steaks and corn on the grill so we stopped at the market to pick them up and made our way home.

When we walked in.. it was obvious that Bubba was home. There was a bag with his clothes on it thrown on the dining room table.. a trail of clothes leading up the step and the bathroom was a mess.

When I was getting the laundry together, I heard Spaz tell Chief that Bubba was home and got pissed off that he didn’t go to the flea market .. that “.. we never take him anywhere.”

Be home, dude.. and you’d go somewhere. Simple, right?

Anyway.. we sat down to eat and my cell goes off. It was in the bedroom so I didn’t have a chance to reach it before it went to voice mail but it was the crack whore.

I didn’t even listen to the message. I jsut started the voice mail and handed it to Chief. He listened to it and then called her. Not sure what the convo was about because he didn’t tell me but from the gist of it I gathered that she had left a note for Bubba to make sure he was home at 6 but then she went out so didn’t know if he got the message or not.

Chief told her that he had been here but left again and I think that was that.

Until she called again at 830 or 845. The phone rang.. I saw it was her and just handed him the phone. Again, he never told me their conversation.. but I know she said something about Bubba being afraid to come home and that his feelings were hurt.

Chief said something to her about he’s starting to get really pissed off that he wasn’t home but I walked out on the rest of the conversation. I figured he’d clue me in but he never did.

About 930, I was on my way down the basement to switch the laundry and I noticed that Spaz had knocked the shade off the window :: don’t ask :: and while I was putting it up, Bubba walked in and sat on the couch.

Chief came out of the bedroom and started saying stuff to him but I just grabbed the hampers and made my way downstairs. I did hear him say something about the way he treats him and me and Spaz. I wanted to stay out of it.

I brought the laundry up and went into our bedroom to fold it. Chief didn’t say anything to me about Bubba and I didn’t ask.

Spaz went to take a shower and then headed to bed. At 1030 I asked Chief when Bubba’s bedtime is and he said now .. so he told Bubba to “wrap it up”. About 15 minutes later he leaves the bedroom and comes in again.. this time getting ready to go to sleep. I didn’t hear the creaky steps or anyone in Bubba’s room above ours so I went out into the living room and there he is.. sleeping on the couch.

I changed the light in the kichen, put the globe back on the ceiling fan light in the dining room and went back to bed.

Like I said before.. it was HOT and no matter what we did, we couldn’t get air through the house. Chief was especailly suffering so I offered to take the air conditioner out of the closet. At first he said no, he didn’t want me to go through all that but that later became “.. if you want to”.

So I pulled it out of the closet and while I was swining it over from the closet to the desk under the window Chief said to me , “.. you really don’t know how beautiful you are.”

I was like, “.. yea, ok.”

And he was like, “no really, your hairs all messed up sticking out all over the place.”

That was sweet.

Unfortunately, the air conditioner didn’t work. I don’t know why. He tried to explain it to me but honestly, I didn’t care .. all I knew was that now I was hotter then I was before! Talk about mind over matter.

He wound up taking the air conditioner from Bubba’s room :: that being the ONLY working one in the house now :: and said that we were to figure out how we could afford 3 new units. I told him that since they are always sleeping in the living room anyway, that we should just get one unit for their first and then get the room ones later. He agreed .. saying, “I encourage them sleeping in the living room during the summer”… which is actually news to me because that wasn’t his feeling last summer.

But anyway.. so that was the weekend.

And there’s something gnawing at the back of my brain and I just can’t put my finger on it.