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Three Months Old

Has it really been three months since Faith’s been born?

Time does fly.. !!

So.. if you’re just catching up.. Faith is the baby that my cousin Bird is in the process of adopting. The mother terminated her rights and now there’s just a few more pieces of red tape to jump through and the adoption can be finalized.

She’s such a sweet baby!! Always smiling.. laughing.. until she get a colicy and then she gets into so much pain it’s horrible.

But Auntie Leese… being Auntie Leese.. jumped on the internet and found out that massaging a colicy baby’s feet is soothing to them.

Guess what? Faith LOVES having her feet rubbed.. so much so that I think Bird is going to kill me for suggesting it!!

And while Bird and her husband are over the moon with this little girl.. there are some chinks in the family armor.

Let’s rewind a little …

Bird has two grown children (25 and 21) and her husband has 3 grown children.. all adults. Two live far away but the youngest one (22) is local.

Bird’s kids adore the baby .. took to her like she was their bio-sister .. Her husband’s son? Not so much. At first he was excited but then the baby was born, obviously bi-racial, and now he doesn’t want anything to do with her or his father for that matter.

This is hurting Bird and her husband… but the son is an adult and is making his own decisions. My advice to her is to just let it go.. they’re not going to make things better by forcing the issue on him and if he chooses to not be a part of the baby’s life.. or their life for that matter.. then the best they can do is pray his opinion changes with time.

 In the meantime, Faith has so many people around her that love her no matter what that she won’t miss the one or two people that can’t see past the color of her skin.

But it’s funny how you notice people’s reactions when me and Bird take her out somewhere. You can see they want to ask.. want to be nosy.. figure that either Faith is Bird’s granddaughter or we’re a lesbian couple who adopted.

Neither which bother me.. or Bird, for that matter. People can think what we want… all I know is that this little angel is well loved.. well cared for and will have an amazing life!

Bird’s son’s girlfriend has a sister who’s husband is of a different race. They’re pregnant and due in July. What’s great about that is the Faith will have someone in the family close to her age that is also bi-racial so she won’t feel isolated within the family .. or feel different ..

All I know is that I love this baby like she’s mine.. she’s the sweetest little girl whose face lights up when she sees me ..

How can you ask for anything more then that?

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Yes.. it’s THAT time again!!

The time when I get pissed off at everybody that lives under this roof because they’re pigs. No offense to pigs. Maybe I should say “lazy ass mother fucking slobs” .. not only is it a more accurate description but it will stop all the actual pig loving people from sending me hate mail.

Because, you know.. I actually LIKE real pigs.

So Lazy Ass Mother Fucking Slobs it is.

And that goes for my husband too.. who is SO NO BETTER then his kids.

Case in point:

Every single morning from Monday to Friday, I get up to Spaz’s school work, books and bag strewn all over the living room floor.

Every single morning I get up to find cups on the floor in the living room.. plates on the dining room table.. candy, gum and/or snack wrappers all over the computer desk and underneath the computer desk.

Every single morning I get up to find various bottles of condiments left on the kitchen counter.. with whatever is in side them left in plops either on the floor or on the kitchen door handles.

Every single morning I get up to find crumbs on the kitchen floor and counter and table.

Every single morning I get up to find wet towels on the bathroom floor.. tooth and hair brushes in the sink or on the floor next to the toilet and practically every bottle of shampoo, body wash, soap and razor blades on the bottle of the tub.

Every afternoon when I come home from the shop, the very first thing I do is pick up the dog poop on the front porch. I don’t necessarily have a problem with the dogs going there if necessary.. it beats them using the rest of the house and it’s much easier to clean then say.. oh, I don’t know.. the rugs.

Every night, after I make dinner, I wash the dishes.. clean the stove.. clean the counter and floor.. wipe down the dining room table and put the plates, utensils, pots and pans back where they belong and wipe down the sink.

Three or four nights a week, I do laundry.

Somewhere in between all that I clean the bathroom daily.

Mind you, my husband gets up before me and leaves for work about a half hour before I get up in the morning.

Yesterday, I spent the better part of the 24 hours sleeping because I didn’t feel good.

Did ANYONE pick up the dog poop? No. Did someone trample through a pile? Yes.

Did ANYONE clean up after the dinner of cheeseburgers that my husband made because I wasn’t making dinner? No.

Was there grease from those cheeseburgers all over the stove? Pans filled with grease and burnt cheese still on the stove? Dishes and glasses and mustard plops and crumbs on the counter?

The point is that NOBODY did ANYTHING yesterday. Nor do they do ANYTHING ANY DAY.

My husband gets up before me in the morning and if the dogs use the front porch over night, he steps right over it. Spaz’s school work? He walks over that too. Plates and cups and the what not? That too.

And they don’t give a shit. None of them.

You might be asking yourself why I still get upset about it.. I mean, I’ve been blogging about this shit for a long.. long time.

The fact is, I’m not upset about it.. Like the post title says, familiarity breeds contempt. And that’s where I am now. Contempt. Disapproval tinged with disgust.

The feeling of contempt didn’t start today .. for right or wrong, I no longer care about “their” things. I no longer care if they have a pencil for their homework.. no longer care if they need a ride to church or school.. no longer care if they have clean clothes.. or lunch money or whatever.

Can you drive me to church? Nope.. ask your mother.

Can you drive me to school? Nope. Why? Don’t feel like it.

Are you going to buy class pictures? Nope.. ask your mother or father.

What are we having for dinner? Whatever I make.

When is dinner going to be done? As soon as it is.

Can you help me with my homework? Ask your father when he gets home.

Now.. some of you may be thinking that I’m being child-ish. Or that I’m being just as bad as they are but in a different way. The only thing I can say is walk  a mile before you judge. Because if I can tell you anything with 100% certainty is that my marriage has changed.. my feelings have changed.. I don’t view HIS kids as MY step kids anymore.

I offered myself and my heart over and over again and not only has it NOT been appreciated but it’s been abused. And sorry, I’m not going to allow that to keep on happening.

Tonight at dinner ( hot dogs.. because I really don’t feel like going out of my way to make dinner for them ) all three of them are being told that they can’t rely on me anymore. As far as they should be concerned, I’m just somebody that lives here. No rides.. no money.. no laundry.. I am even contemplating moving into one of the spare bedrooms.

I used to feel bad for my husband.. you know, the single father raising three boys. But if there is a lesson here to be learned, then learn that you can never trust your heart. Your heart will ALWAYS  make the wrong decision when it comes to living your life.

.. granted, I grew up in the 80’s where every boy my age wanted to drive an IROC and be like Don Johnson but still .. is this kid handsome or what?

Really.. it should be a crime!!

This is my cousin’s oldest son, AJ from his first marriage.

He’s now on his third.

And I bring this up because I was having a conversation with No. 3 .. who is actually a really, really sweet person.

Anyway.. No. 3 happens to have been :: see if you can follow this :: my cousin’s step-sister’s best friend since high school. And it was more then a mild shock when No. 3 hooked up with my cousin in the first place, let alone married him.

Anyway .. so we were having this conversation and I don’t know if she had a little too much to drink or what but she says to me, “… yknow, the other day when AJ was over for dinner I was like DAMN! He’s hot.”

Then I said, “.. Did you feel dirty afterwards?”

Then she said, “.. OMG! I DID!! I was like, HE’S YOUR STEPSON!!!”

Then I said, “.. well, they do make Lifetime movies about shit like that”

Then she was like, “.. omg!”

It was funny…

But maybe you had to be there!

.. but of course this would be my favorite cartoon!

While I’m thinking about it now, I want to take the time to wish each and every one of you a Happy Thanksgiving.

I had planned on doing it on the actual DAY but y’all know how I am.. my mind is like a sieve something and with everything I have to do up until dinner is over, I may not have the time. So I figured I would do it early .. instead of late.

Usually I’m late so take it for what it’s worth.

I’m trying here, people!!

At any rate, I hope your Thanksgiving is filled with love, happiness, family, friends and of course, thanks for the things you have in life and not getting all pissy about the thinks you don’t.

Everyday we wake up IS truly a blessing.

So Happy Thanks from me to you …

And don’t each too much dinner .. the holiday season has just begun!