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I was always “thick”. I’m Italian which means that my hips were meant for child-bearing and I could literally die without bread.


I’ve come close!!

So I always carried a few extra pounds.  And when I day that, I mean A. FEW. EXTRA.

Not “A few extra on my arms” “A few extra on my legs”“A few extra on my ass”… etc.

And even though I am really, seriously picky about my food and have a palate that kicks and screams at the thought of venturing into the unknown, I am an emotional eater.

It’s the goddamn bread!!

I’m not a sweet eater for the most part.. I’m not really into chocolate, cake, donuts, or that kind of stuff. Not big on ice cream or pies or things normally associated with someone stuffing their faces.

Aww.. but give me a nice hot roll with melted butter!! :: my eyes just rolled back into my head!! ::

But on with it…

I was at my heaviest in my late twenties. A size 24 .. around 270lbs. Things were horrible with my ex and I guess it wasn’t so much that I was drooling chocolate syrup but I think my eating habits became irratic.

Honestly, I don’t really know. All I know is that I weighted 260 freakin’ pounds!

I wound up losing about 80lbs by walking. That’s all I did. During my hour lunch, I’d walk a half hour in one direction and then turned around and walked back. I didn’t start doing that to lose weight.. I stared doing that to clear my head of all the stress I was going through but the benefit was the weight dropped off. Without the aid of pills or surgery. Without having all the hanging skin flaps that need to be hacked off and sewn up afterwards because your body is losing weight too fast.

In the 10 years that followed, I did a good job at keeping it off but a little did sneak back.

So when I met Chief, I was a 14/16. Some 14s were too big.. some too small.. and the 16s were the same way. I also have broad shoulders so my top size was a Large. Still walked daily but also had incorporated weights and toning and yoga.

Chief has been a chef for 27 years now. :: please, please PLEASE don’t call him a cook!! PLEASE :: and he’s great at what he does. He has a talent for it.. he has a palate for it.

He’s probably cooked along side of every Food Network chef that has their own show and has recieved national awards and certificates.

His problem is that he’s a low key guy. He doesn’t get into all that OOOH AAHH stuff. He just wants to cook.

NOTE: Before openning the shop, he was the kitchen chef for a very high end catering company who had a 50,000.00 minimum for events.

Yep. You read that right.

He loved it there because all he did all day was to create new dishes and was responsible for tastings :: when people come in to sample the different foods they may want at their event::

He actually specializes in ethnic cuisine and…

OMG!! I just remembered this!! This is one of our first texts:

HIM: Come over and I’ll make you breakfast… bacon, potatoes, mollette

ME: a mollette?? what’s a molette?? something french??

HIM: Um. Typo. I meant omelette

OMG!! And another one:

ME: So what kind of stuff do you eat?

HIM: Regular stuff. Hot dogs, eliopes.

ME: Eliopes? What’s that, some kind of fish?

HIM: Oops. Typo. Meant Elio’s

Heh.. yea.. so anyway… he’s a great chef.. where the hell was I going with this?

Oh.. ok.. so he would make dinner at night and it would be a meat, protein and starch.

Before I met him, I was used to eating grilled chicken and brown rice.. steamed vegetables.. whole grains.. You know, the healthy stuff.

Him.. his idea of “healthy” was deep fried pork chops and mashed potatoes with a pound of REAL BUTTER!!

He also got me to be alitle more adventurous.. I knew that even if I didn’t like something, at least it would have been made properly. I had never had trout before. In my family, fish is cooked one way. Breaded and Friend. I never ate fish before because it always looked disgusting. So one night when he said he was making trout I was like.. “um.. yea… I’m going to head down to Baja Fresh”.

He was like no. no.. just give it a chance. And you know what, I loved it.

Not the shrimp though. I mean, it was cooked perfectly, like in a Food and Wine article .. but I couldn’t get past the texture.

So going from “.. I’ll eat chicken and brown rice right before I keel over from starvation” to a breakfast, lunch and dinner every night :: not to mention the cheesecakes, rice pudding’s and jewish apple cakes he would make on a whim :: I started to gain weight.

I am now a 16. A 16 that fits. A 16 that fits alittle TOO good. I’m conscience of it and have made adjustments and cut things out because I don’t want to go any higher.. and I told him that he needs to be a little more conscience about all the butter and greasy and stuff that he makes.

He is making an effort … but he REALLY needs not to stand there perplexed in the morning when his jeans don’t fit and says matter of factly, “Hmmm.. guess I went down another size!”

I’m glad he doesn’t take me calling him an asshole seriously!! LOL!