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Okay.. sorry this was late but like.. you know.. there were other things going on.

So on with it it


This episode should have been called :REVELATIONS:.

A lot of the back store was revealed which kinda gave some inside into past relationships and some much needed answers to questions.


The man with the scarred face? Yea, he was a deputy that worked under the Sheriff. There was wide speculation that it was Wakefield.. but too many people with the right sources have been saying that it was the deputy and there it stands.

He makes his speaking debut when he confronts Abby to tell her that her father has been lying to her.. that JD is not the killer.

NOTE: Earlier, the Sheriff and Henry find Uncle Marty’s cell phone in JD’s room.

Cause yea.. like.. finding a phone in some else’s possession is JUST AS GOOD as having a clear pictured video tape with excellent sound to prove somebody is a killer.

In the meantime… Malcom finally comes clean about Booth. Well.. let’s be fair. He didn’t come clean because of a heavy conscience. He got busted with the money by the Frat Boys (Scully and the black dude) looking for Scully’s blow up doll, Muffin.

Malcom tells them everything and needless to say, the boys don’t take to kindly to it. The black dude pummels Malcolm and tells that when he gets downstairs, they are going to the Sheriff.

NOTE: Now, don’t mind me but IF you knew someone KNEW something about the death of your friend but didn’t say anything because he had mega bucks from ANOTHER dead guy where he accidentally sank the boat with the dead body on it.. would YOU let him out of your sight????

Next thing you know, Malcolm is doing the honorable (!) thing and burning the money in the Inn’s incinerator. Where he is promptly taken hold of by behind and hacked? Stangled? Burned? Dosed?

Don’t know how exactly he was killed because they didn’t show it but yet another one bites the dust!

Meanwhile… Henry and Trish decide to cancel the wedding. I think Henry was thinking more “postponment” but Trish was like, “yea.. nope.. not doing it.. EVER“. She can’t get past everything even though Henry can’t help who is brother is :: JD is still the prime subject. They even called out the coon hounds on his skinny butt! ::

Abby goes to talk to her and they yknow.. bond over having murdered parents so Abby told her that the way SHE was able to make peace was to talk to her mother. This was actually some pretty inane stuff but to wrap it up, Abby accompanies Trish to the morgue where under a human burrito wrapped sheet is Mr. Wallingford. Don’t know what Trish said.. I think I may have gone to the bathroom.. but it’s over with.

Meanwhile.. Shay realizes that Richard has been gone all day. Madison wonders if it’s because of what she said to the Sheriff.

NOTE: I may not have mentioned this last week but after the Sheriff interviewed Madison who confirms that she was with her father, she questions her mother on whether Richard would be pleased that she told the police exactly what he told her to. I think Richard was fetish-ing with Catherine during the time in question.

Now.. here’s the meat of the episode.

Like I said, they should have titled this “Revelations”..

The epi flipped back and forth between the present and flashbacks. I’m not going to go frame by frame because I’m not that insane but here’s the scoop:

Back when Jimmy and Abby were dating.. there was a planned campSEXing trip. Abby’s mother busts her on going with Jimmy instead of her girlfriend and her mother says something about Jimmy being dangerous.. with his charm, good looks, etc. The implication was that the Sheriff was safe where as Abby was looking for passion. Her mother tells her the Sheriff IS passionate… about hating Jimmy.

Cute line.

Anyway.. Abby leaves and meets up with Jimmy. As they’re walking in the woods around the inlet, something blows up. They rush down to find one of the Sheriff’s deputies :: the burned man from earlier :: laying on the pier.. um.. burned.

The Sheriff tells Abby to go home and stay with her mother. She does but when she gets to the house.. it’s empty. She notices scratch marks on the door when the phone rings. It’s the Sheriff telling her to lock all the doors and windows. She tells him that her mother is no where to be found and then you hear a scream.

Abby goes outside to investigate and comes across Wakefiled dragging a body down the road where he uses the face spade :: or whatever they call it :: . Wakefield hears her gasp and as he turns to investigate, Jimmy happens to come around with his truck. What we don’t know until the very end of the episode is that Jimmy saw Abby hiding so he called attention to himself on purpose giving Abby the chance to escape. Wakefield comes after Jimmy but he peels away.

Abby takes off and comes across the infamous hanging tree where her mother is swinging in the breeze. The sheriff comes up behind her and the next scene you see where the Sheriff is sending her away to California. The get into an argument and the Sheriff barks “..DID YOU EVER THINK MAYBE SHE DESERVED WHAT SHE GOT”.

That must have been the “pretty nasty things’ he had referred to in a previous epeisode.

After the burned man had told Abby that she needed to talk to the Sheriff.. she confronts him.

He tells her that Wakefield and her mother had been invovled with each other when she was very young but that she came to the island to escape him.

When Wakefield showed up on the island THE FIRST TIME.. the Sheriff, being that man that he is, tells his deputies to hunt him down and make sure he never wants to visit the island again. Apparently, there was some type of altercation between Wakefield and the Deputy-Who-Would-Be-Burned involving a knife. The Sheriff pulled in every marker and had Wakefield charged with some trumped up stuff.

Can’t remember how much jail time he got but you know when he got out, he was one pissed off mo-fo.

Hence his return to the island AND his killing spree.

So that’s basically it.. OH! Except for the letter that Madison receives slipped under her room door. You don’t know what it says but it was obviously some type of instruction. She goes to a room where the door is half open and as she enters, the door slams behind her.

Roll Credits.

Not sure if CBS would want to show a kid being murdered.. but she may NOT have been murdered. We’ll have to wait until next week.

BUT.. Question of the Week is:

SO, Is Abby really Wakefield’s daughter??