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Welcome To The Crack Den

Posted: December 2, 2008 in Weed
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So… because I’m a virtual prisoner in my house because of the missing car keys, I decide to go up to Weed’s room.

I really don’t know why. It wasn’t like I wanted to pry or be nosy. That actually didn’t enter my mind until I started typing. I just did and almost vomitted when I openned the door.

The room is beyond 19 year old boy messy. It looks like one of those rooms you see on an A&E special about horders.

Or a Crack Den.

It’s sickening and I’m embarassed that this room exists in my house.

I’m embarassed that I didn’t know his room was like that.. after what happened a few months ago when he got arrested, why hadn’t we kept on him? Why didn’t we check whenever he came downstairs and said that he had cleaned his room?

Back when he first got arrested and we went into his room and saw it’s condition :: really, not better then it is now :: we eased our guilt by saying that at 19, he was an adult and entitled to privacy and he importantly, we still trusted him. He had done anything or was involved in anything to warrant constant supervision at that point.

But our eyes were opened then and there really isn’t any excuse or justification on our part now.

It is what it is and I can’t go back and change anything.

Maybe it’s a good thing that I don’t have batteries in my camera. Because I really did want to take pictures of it.

There’s trash all over the place… clothes all over the place.. enough dirty plates and cups to rival a diner… stuff spilled all over the carpets.. cigarette butts and ashes and this… other… stuff that I don’t even think I want to know what it is strewn about… empty 40oz beer bottles.. empty Jack Daniel bottles…

I literally just want to throw up.

The last time this happened, when Weed was in the bedroom down the hall from us on the first floor, it took us DAYS to clean it out. We scrubbed ever square inch of it… scrubbed the carpets… painted the walls and when the smell was finally out of it.. moved Spaz from upstairs to downstairs.

Theory being that when Weed came home from rehab, he would be upstairs without the ability to have people climb easily into his bedroom window or him out of it.

Bad move on our part … him being upstairs just meant that we werent able to easily see the conditions of his room…

Not that it matters… I’m only saying it to try and make sense out of everything that is going on.

Bubba and Spaz are already taking inventory on what they want from Weed’s room. They’re opportunists, the two of them and I think more disturbing then the condition of Weed’s room is how neither of them seemed to bothered that he got kicked out.

It’s sad..

And I’m at a loss