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.. granted, I grew up in the 80’s where every boy my age wanted to drive an IROC and be like Don Johnson but still .. is this kid handsome or what?

Really.. it should be a crime!!

This is my cousin’s oldest son, AJ from his first marriage.

He’s now on his third.

And I bring this up because I was having a conversation with No. 3 .. who is actually a really, really sweet person.

Anyway.. No. 3 happens to have been :: see if you can follow this :: my cousin’s step-sister’s best friend since high school. And it was more then a mild shock when No. 3 hooked up with my cousin in the first place, let alone married him.

Anyway .. so we were having this conversation and I don’t know if she had a little too much to drink or what but she says to me, “… yknow, the other day when AJ was over for dinner I was like DAMN! He’s hot.”

Then I said, “.. Did you feel dirty afterwards?”

Then she said, “.. OMG! I DID!! I was like, HE’S YOUR STEPSON!!!”

Then I said, “.. well, they do make Lifetime movies about shit like that”

Then she was like, “.. omg!”

It was funny…

But maybe you had to be there!

Sorry.. but the virginity went A LONG time ago!! LOL!

.. ok.

So my cousin GG :: not to be confused with DD :: did something extradordinarily nice.

But she’s like that so it really isn’t THAT much of a surprise.


See, we Italians have a Christmas Eve tradition. It’s called the Feast of the Seven Fishes and basically what happens is we all get together and eat seven different kinds of fish.

Except me.

I don’t like fish so I would usually bring something that us non-fish eaters could eat. One time I even stopped at the chinese food place but that’s another story for another time.

Anyway.. so we used to all meet up at my grandmother’s house but since she died, my aunt :: who lives about an hour and a half away :: decided to have it at her house.

I told my mom that three hours of travel time would seriously impact all my Xmas Eve chores :: like oh.. I don’t know… SHOPPING? :: and that we wouldn’t be making the dinner.

The word didn’t get out to GG and so concerned that all the kids in my family would be receiving envelopes, she made sure that Spaz would have one so he wouldn’t feel left out.

That’s the kind of person she is.. always thoughtful.. always compassionate.. so not like me!! LOL!!

Seriously tho, I was so impressed that she did that. Especially because my own mom didn’t get them anything. But that’s another story for another time.

Anyway.. we wound up seeing my mother and brother this past Sunday and it was then that she gave me the card for Spaz.

The only problem is that I couldn’t give Spaz the card without having something to give to Bubba. Because really, that just isn’t fair and it just didn’t sit right with me.

Sometimes adults have to make those kinds of decisions.

I opened the card figuring that it was like, 5 bucks or something and I would just go buy them each something with it.. like the Lindt’s chocolate truffles.

But it turned out to be a 15.00 gift card to Game Stop.

Now there isn’t anything I can do with that to split it between them and I couldn’t life with myself if I pocketed it for me so I figured I’d do something nice and give it away to one of my readers who really needs it for either their kid or someone else’s.

So email me at

Oh.. and I did think about donating it locally but there were just too many groups and churches and organizations to consider and plus, I wanted to do something for the people who give me a little bit of their time everyday!

PLOCK This!!!!!

Posted: December 30, 2009 in Just Stuff
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So I know that I just posted about how busy I was with the holidays and stuff but I have a confession to make.

I’m a PLOCK addict.

SUPER-addict some would say… and have, I might add.

It all started with my insane need to beat my cousin DD at Facebook games.

I have no idea why .. maybe because she’s so damn good that my competitive spirit kicked in.

Anyway.. if you’ve never played PLOCK .. it’s just this little 1 minute bullshit game where you just break boxes.

DD was racking up 400,ooo … 500,ooo points IN. ONE. MINUTE.

No.. no.. no.. no.. this did not sit well with me..

And so I played and played and played and played and played some more and FINALLY.. FINALLY.. broke the 500,000 mark.

And life was good…

Life was REAL good…

Until the next time DD played and she broke 750,000.


So I prayed to the PLOCK gods.. offered up any one of Chief’s spawn.. even sacrificed the spider that’s been living in the bathroom.. and guess what?


In case you don’t have your reading glasses on.. that says 766,700 BITCHES!!

Beat that, DD!!!

Meet Abigail

Posted: January 1, 2009 in My Family
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Abigail is my cousin Debbie’s daughter… born September 15, 2008

Because she moved out of state, I wasn’t able to actually meet her until the day after Christmas.

She’s such a sweetheart! May she have a blessed life filled with happiness

Look at those cheeks!

Look at those cheeks!