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that being my transformation from a rebellious-who-gives-a-fuck-drop- a paycheck-on-a-pair-of-shoes kinda girl to a “soccer” mom.

And this morning.. the transformation was complete. I actually drove the kids to school in my PAJAMAS!! Not that they were the kind of pajamas that you COULDNT run outside with to get the paper but I.DROVE.IN.MY.PAJAMAS!!




When I needed to get a new car :: almost 2 years ago.. yea! It’s almost paid off! :: Chief’s station wagon :: aka THE CHUGGER :: died the same week. He was on unemployment then so we figured that I would get a better car and he would slink down to a hoppty mobile because I was driving a lot more then he needed to. We went looking and instead of getting the sporty Sebring convertible that I was drooooling over, common sense won out and I wound up getting the Sable wagon because.. yknow.. I had kids to drive around now.

And now I wear pajamas to drive the kids to school!


Anyway.. so yesterday was the first day of school and I have to tell you that this was the first time in TWO SCHOOL YEARS that it’s been a breeze.

Literally.. so smooth sailing that I think I’m living in an alternate universe.

The key is that Bubba has to be in school at 7:35 and Spaz doesn’t have to be in until 8:40.

So Bubba gets up at 6.. I make him breakfast and right before I drive him to school at 7:15, I wake Spaz up.

He’s in the shower before I get back home and then I make him breakfast and drive him over at 8:30.

No fighting for the bathroom anymore… no fighting over the tv.. or cereal.. or who’s going to play with the dog.


At All.

Man.. this is living!! LOL