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… so Wednesday, I got my unemployment check and texted the Crack Whore to tell me the cost of Weed’s GED test and who to make the money order out to.

Weed had been in the store a few weeks ago lamenting the fact that his sleazy mother spent all the settlement money from her bogus lawsuit on all kinds of shit and didn’t set aside anything for his GED.

Now.. even though it isn’t her responsibility to come up with the money :: it’s his :: I would have still thought that she would have taken care of this since she’s always the one bragging about how she got him to get through the courses. But what do I know, right?

Anyway.. Weed had said that if he didn’t get to register for the December test, he’d have to wait until March. Neither Chief nor I want to see him lose his momentum :: he actually has been straightening out… a little :: so I told him when I got my next check I’d pay for the test.

She texts me back telling me that the fee is 75.00 and if I could have it by noon since he had to show his face in court and it would do him good to have the money order when he faced the judge .. since apparently, the GED was part of a court order. I don’t know if I necessarily believe that but that’s on them.

So fine.. I tell her that I’ll get it and will drop it off at her place. She tells me that Weed wanted to grab something to eat so she was taking him to the shop and I could meet them there.

Fine. Whatever.

But when I went to the bank, I noticed that not only did my unemployment come in.. but her child support payment had come through.

Now.. remember.. Bubba had lived with her for two week at the beginning of the month and I was mulling over the though of returning half of it to her.

Now.. I know y’all probably just sprayed whatever was in your mouth onto your computer after reading that and I apologize. Just send me an email and I’ll send you out some Lysol wipes to clean up the mess.

Just hear me out for a minute…

Regardless of my personal feelings for her .. and regardless of how she chooses to live her life.. having Bubba live with you for two weeks is a MASSIVE impact on your finances. Just on food alone. Even though she gets food stamps, it’s not like it’s an endless pool. Well, until the next month.. but again, that’s besides the point.

I also know that they have a court date coming up in January for child support and figured whatever trick she tried to pull out of her hat regarding the time Bubba spent living with her then a cashed check with ‘Child Support Refund For Bubba Staying There’ on the memo line would go far as to showing who was playing fair and who wasn’t.

See! I’m not ALL rainbows and kitten kisses here!

But even with all that.. it was still the right thing to do. And if there is one thing I will always do.. it’s the right thing. Even if I don’t want to.

So I got one of those “blank inside” cards and just wrote a note explaining what the check was for and why I was giving it to her.

When she opened it, she text me all defensive saying that she loves her sons and would never turn them away and I just squashed that like a bug and explained that it wasn’t a question of her loving :: cough cough :: her sons but THE RIGHT THING TO DO.

She either pulled or horns in or mainlined the “happy” smack because her tune changed and I was just THE. BEST. PERSON. IN. THE. WORLD. and how BLESSED. I. WAS. FOR. HELPING. HER. AND. WEED.


She did cash is like… right away but I expected that.

At any rate.. I didn’t tell Chief. I didn’t tell him because.. again.. I sometimes have my own agenda and when it comes out that I gave her the money back :: which it will :: my response is going to be that he doesn’t tell me everything when dealing with her so why should I..

It petty, I know.. but also a big bone of contention.. so maybe this will turn things around.

We’ll see