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Okay.. so in catching up with my Blogger Buds, I skipped over to THE NIGHTMARE SCREENPLAY for some genuine OMG! WTF! hysterics.

You really have to read this blog … Mark is like the dude you wanna just sit around shooting the shit with.

Anyway.. so I’m reading his stuff and spraying coffee out of my nose and  all over my laptop from laughing and then I get to a post where he tags me for Kreativ Blogger!

My Blog Buds rock the shit out of the universe, don’t they?


So what I’m suppose to do is list around 10 things that you don’t know about me and then tag 5 people…

You know.. I want you to appreciate JUST HOW DEEP I had to dig to find 10 things since, yknow… come on! I tell you guys everything!! LOL.

So PLEASE don’t be shocked…
So PLEASE don’t judge…
and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Mom.. stop reading NOW!

Ok.. so here goes:

  1. I started the first 6 months of growing in my mother’s belly as a twin but the other baby died in the womb. Because this was like, 44 years ago, there wasn’t much for my  mom to do but carry to term and then give birth. The other baby was a boy :: we were suppose to be Christopher and Christina, for the love of God :: so my mother is CONVINCED that the reason why I was a tomboy growing up and have that “take no shit” attitude is because I was “.. soaking in testosterone for 3 months.” Her words. Not mine. I can write with both hands though.. so that’s a plus!
  2. I created a website called DAGO DONGS as a joke because my bestest friend in the whole wide world was hard up for cash and his only attribute was that dangling thing between his legs. We got a good laugh from it until the joke was on us when someone who I told the website about actually wanted to place an order!! So I not-really-HAD-to convince him to buy a MAKE YOUR OWN DILDO mold kit but he couldn’t get it just right and I had to get one of my OTHER friends to make one. I heard it was a hit but I refused to look at the finished product .. cuz.. yknow.. THAT would be just weird!!
  3. I discovered ANOTHER reason for the high choir balcony at church and being my clumsy old self, my leg twitched and banged into a stack of metal folding chairs. You know that whole domino effect thing? Yea.. well.. um.. middle of mass + loud crashing noise = me on the express train to hell. I’ll let you fill in the details because I bet you’ll get what I’m saying here!!! LOL
  4. I used to have parties at my grandmother’s house when she was away and my mother would give me the key so I could water her plants. Dew on the lillies, indeed!
  5. My brother used to absolutely WIG OUT around cigarette butts. Since my dad was a heavy smoker and there was always an ashtray around, I would chuck them at him when he was being a annoying and he would run screaming to my mom.. who would just laugh because, parent or not.. it was pretty damn funny.
  6. I have Spaz’ Nintendo DSi … but SHHHHH!!! Don’t tell anyone!!
  7. I started art school because I really, really, REALLY wanted to be a tattoo artist but I was too afraid to actually ink anyone because I was afraid of messing up. One of the rare instances where fear stopped me from doing something I wanted.
  8. I tell my mom that I go to the cemetery to visit my dad’s grave ALOT more often then I actually do. I don’t think it’s really necessary to linger over a tombstone but it makes her feel better so .. yknow.. I’ll take the hit for lying
  9. There’s something that I had done because someone else had it done and wanted me to do it to so I did … it’s my next TMI Thursday post so pretty soon, it won’t be something that nobody knows about me.. but I’m putting it here just so that .. yknow.. you’ll get interested enough to read the post!! LOL
  10. I used to have really long.. really wild.. really 80’s.. bleached blond hair. All the pictures have been destroyed since my mother was TOTALLY embarassed by it and wouldn’t acknowledge me as her daughter until I dyed it. Which I did.  To fucshia. But hey.. I was in cosmetology school at the time so cut me some slack!

Ok.. so there it is.

Now for the tagging part.. that’s a little hard because most of the blogs that I read all the time already have the award but IF YOU DON’T .. please feel free to swipe it! It’s my gift to you for actually reading this far!! LOL