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You figure out who is who!!

Bubba .. Weed.. and Spaz

This was taken Christmas Day night at Bird’s house.

Yes.. Weed was with us.

Yes.. Bubba is really that big for 15

Yes.. Spaz could play a part in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory if he were blue.

This is the only picture that I have :: after 3 years :: of all three of them together so I thought I’d share.

For the record… I still haven’t received and email response from Bubba’s teacher regarding his graduation status.

Last night when Chief and I arrived home one of our bath towels was balled up on the front step.

I had a minor freak out because the house already looks ghetto because of the bent drain pipe.. the part of the 2nd floor remain unsided and the 2×4 railings.

You read that right. 2×4 railings. I can’t even go into that now because it still torques the hell out of me.

So I’m a little sensitive to the kids leaving crap around that makes the place look MORE ghetto.

There was no doubt that Bubba was the one who left it…

I don’t know if Bubba was IN the house when we came home of if he walked in just after us because I was in the bedroom getting changed but I heard Chief yelling something and when I went out, I caught the tail end of Bubba saying “… what else am I going to wear? You never bought..”

I cut him off.

I know what he was going to say… “.. What? I never bought what? Swim trunks? When did you ever tell me that you needed them?”

He was like, “You can’t blame me for anything,” I told him. “.. because I did’t do anything to get blamed for. Like, I don’t know, leaving a towel on the front steps.”

He said that he didn’t know it was there.. that he gave the towel to his friend and he didn’t know that the friend left it on the step.

Um.. yea… like… you didn’t have to walk over it when you came in?

Anyway.. it was like beating a dead horse.

But.. the kinda-parental side of me knew that he did need swim trunks so I told him that I would pick them up for him tomorrow [today].

While we were having THAT conversation, Chief went into the kitchen to get a glass of soda.. asking me if I wanted some. I don’t usually drink soda but the day before he had brought home 2 liter bottles Countrytime Lemonade, Coke and Wild Cherry Ginger Ale. I never had the Wild Cherry Ginger Ale so I told him I’d take a half glass of that. So he gets the glasses, opens up the fridge and…





In less then 24 hours, all the soda and lemonade was gone. I know who the culprit was.. I knew as soon as I saw the bottles in the trash. It was Spaz.

Regardless of how many times he denied it.. regardless of his immediate reaction to blaming Bubba.. I knew it had nothing to do with Bubba because the bottles weren’t squeezed.

Bubba has this habit of squeezing the sides of the soda bottles together when he pours it. It’s one of those little nerve wracking things that I loathed but never the less, the bottles weren’t squeezed so that was almost CSI level proof that he was innocent.

Chief was pissed. Big time pissed and he let them both know about it.. I didn’t hear everything because I was in the kitchen with the water running but I heard our bedroom door slam and Spaz whining about something.

When I finished in the kitchen, Bubba was sitting at the dining room table and asked me if I was still pissed at him and I told him that I wasn’t a happy camper. He said that he would wait to ask me something and I told him that I wanted to eat my dinner and finish getting undressed before he even said anything to me about anything.

I went into the bedroom and Chief was still railing so I told him that you know, just don’t bring soda home. OR bring home diet.

About a half hour or so went by and Bubba knocks on the door asking if we wanted to go out to the living room and play Call of Duty together.

I said sure, that’ll be cool but Chief didn’t want to be anywhere near them. I told him that if he wanted to stay in the bedroom that was fine.. well, it wasn’t but you know what I mean.. but I was going to go out there because it isn’t right that they get under our skins so much that we hide in the bedroom. It isn’t doing much to help anything in the house.

Bubba said that Spaz was watching a movie and that he would let me know when it’s over.

Around 9pm, he knocks again so I go out there. Spaz is in his bedroom and Bubba asks if Chief was coming out. I told him he would be.. that his hernia is bothering him and he needs to lay flat for a little bit.

NOTE: That was not necessarily a lie. Chief does have a hernia and it is bothering him more now. He literally has to lie flat with his arm stretched over his head in order to put things back the way they’re suppose to be.

So we started playing and then Spaz came out and even thought he did not stop talking long enough to take a breath, I didn’t get on him about it because he was being hammered as soon as we walked in the door and I’m always conscience of just how fragile his psyche is.

Not that I didn’t know already but if anyone else was sitting in the room with us they would understand just how deep seated his competition is with Bubba.

Bubba was mentioning that they were brought down to get measured and weighed or something and the tech told him that his BMI :: Body Mass Index :: was 20-something which the tech said was good. So he’s probably in the “normal” category or the borderline “overweight” category.

As soon as Spaz heard “.. he said it was good”, he started in on HIS number :: althought I doubt seriously that he was even tested :: saying HIS was 50!!! Isn’t THAT GREAT!!

And I’m like, “… dude, if you’re BMI is 50 then like.. HELL NO that’s not good. Not good at all!” So then he was like, “.. no, I didn’t mean 50, I meant 5!”

Yea dude.. “5” isn’t good either.

And it went on and on and on until finally I told him to get a copy of his tomorrow but it makes no sense talking about it if he can’t remember what his number was.

Aside from not wanting to hear about it no more.. it actually gave him an out to not have to keep up the facade anymore.

We played some more and then the dogs had to go out.. so I take them out and I’m no sooner out the door and around the side of the house then I hear them fighting.. I just shook my head. It took of all 2 minutes for them to be left alone and they’re at each other’s throats.

I don’t know what happened and when I went back inside I didn’t ask. Spaz was in his bedroom and remained there the rest of the night.

As we were playing, Bubba tells me that the annual school trip to an amusement park was on Wednesday and he wondered if I could talk to Chief into letting him stay home because he didn’t want to go.

I asked him why did he have to get me in the middle and he said that Chief would probably give in if I asked him.

“So.. what makes you think that I would want you to say home?” I asked him.

He said that his father used to always make him stay home from trips so he doesn’t know why he gets so flaky about it now.

I’m not going to go into the whole thing verbatim because I’m getting fatigued just thinking about it but basically I asked him what he expected since he screwed up 7th grade and did the same thing in 8th. That maybe.. MAYBE.. if he hadn’t done what he did this whole school year his father would be a little more lenient.

He wasn’t getting the whole “consequences” thing..

I also brought up about the day the crack whore kept him home.. apparently, there was a trip that day also and Chief wouldn’t let Bubba stay home. When he was at the crack whore’s he told her and she said he could stay home “… and you can’t get in trouble for what goes on under my roof.”

My blood pressure went through the roof. I told him that he was playing them against each other.. that if his father wasn’t as lenient as he was, he could have charged her with kidnapping because she has absolutely no legal rights to them.. including when he can or can’t stay home for school.. especially because HE KNEW HE WASNT ALLOWED TO. Evident by the whole “.. you can’t get in trouble” remark.

I also told him that she likes to ruffle feathers and that she cares more about thumbing her nose at his father then she does about him and Spaz’ welfare.. because if she did care and worry about them she would want to be on the same page with anything regarding them.

But he wasn’t getting it.. he didn’t WANT to get it because he doesn’t want to be held responsible, accountable or anything else regarding his actions.. he just wants what he wants and that’s that.

I was po’d but still played a few more rounds before I went to bed. When I walked into the bedroom, Chief was sleep but because there wasn’t a light on, I hit my toe on the foot of the bed and let out a yell. Waking him up.. of course.

I told him about the conversation with Bubba and it didn’t go well.. for Bubba. Chief is refusing to allow him not to go on the trip for the very same reasons that I tried explaining to him.

Well… I can just tell you where it stands now. Because.. knowing Chief.. I’m sure he’ll cave and Bubba will stay home Wednesday.


Fight Club

Posted: November 29, 2008 in Bubba, Spazz, Weed
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… so I think I mentioned earlier that Weed, Bubba and Spazz were co-existing in the living room with the PS3. What I didn’t mention is that it was only a matter of time before all hell broke loose.

Mind you, it would surprise none who know us if I swore that these three boys :: and Chief included :: were produced from some back hill brother/sister combo. The only thing the makes them NOT is the fact that they have all their teeth and don’t chew tabacco :: not that I know of ::

All morning, Bubba and Spazz have been picking at eachother.. baiting each other.. barbing here barbing there. When Weed and his degenerate friend Kev pop in they take control of the PS3and I whole up in my bedroom to mindless surf the internet.

I’m allowed to. It’s my day off.

Out of nowhere, I hear CRASH, BAM, BOOM and Spazz yelling frantically for me.

I go out to the living room and find Bubba curled up on the floor between the living and dining rooms and Weed pummelling him.

My first thought? Thank GOD they were no where near the 55 galloon fish tank.

Weed is yelling something about Bubba being a pussy and if he hears Bubba say he’s going to beat the shit out of Spazz again he’s going to beat him more.

I’m just watching. It’s a right of passage.

As big as Bubba is… and as easily he could have put Weed through a wall.. he doesn’t know his own strength yet and doesn’t really know what to do with his size.

Sometimes I forget that he’ll only be 14 in two months.

Anyway… Weed moves away from him towards the bathroom and Bubba gets up from the floor sniffling. Weed comes back still running his mouth and I tell him “Point Made”. Meaning, sit your freakin’ ass down or I’ll start pummelling you.

Weed who, let’s face it, was probably methed up :: because really, when isn’t he? :: gets my meaning because he knows that I have no qualms about popping him one goes back to finish what he was going to do in the bathroom.

Spazz starts telling me that Bubba did what I told him to do and look what happened.

Let’s re-wind a bit.

A few weeks ago, Bubba was running his mouth about beating this one up and beating that one up. I told him that if he couldn’t write a check that couldn’t cash, then he needed to keep his mouth shut. It’s one thing to beat up on his 10 year old brother :: that would be Spazz :: but it’s another thing outsided our front door. I told him that there was always going to be somebody bigger and tougher to knock him on his ass and so if he was running it, he’d better be willing to stand behind it.

He had mentioned something about Weed saying he was going to kick his ass and saying mean stuff to him so I told him the next time he does, stand up to him because once he knows he can’t push you around he won’t.

Yea… didn’t quite work out the way I thought it would but there’s time.

I’m not going to pretend that these boys won’t be getting into fist fights. They will and I would prefer them know how to fight then to take it to another level and use things that could really do some serious damage to someone.

After all, they’re minors and I’ll be the one having to foot the bill! ;)