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So has anyone caught the Reunion show yet? If not, it’s On Demand for those who have access to it :: much to my giddy-way-too-much-coffee-at-1am delight. What the hell, I can always sleep at work, right? ::

So if you don’t already know, I am DEFINATELY TEAM MINDY!

I so wanted her to win Bret’s heart and finally despell the notion that nice girls do indeed finish first… even if it’s on a reality show where the “star” :: cough cough :: is a don’t-want-to-be-a-hasbeen-anymore 80’s hair band rocker who wears more makeup then I do and comes in second to Beauty School Barbie in the faux hair department.

But Mindy loves him so I can put that aside.

NOTE: Although.. although.. Bret was looking pretty hot last night with the whole semi goatee thing going. We’ll just forget about the skinny braid that stuck up from the top of his head llike Alfalfa Gone Axl Rose

And she does. I mean, really.. really does as evident by the emotion she poured out on the Reunion show. She FINALLY poured her heart out to him. Told him how she fell in love with him.. is still in love with him.. and had a pleading in her eyes that said, “… you made a mistake now please make it right”

Or maybe that was just the 1am coffee rush I was on.

But I don’t think so.

I think Bret knew, too. That he had made a mistake.. he said to her that if she had said those things to him on the road.. after the was pushing and pushing and pushing for her to open up to him.. that things would probably have been different.

And their kiss? O. M. FRACKIN’ G. I’m sure Taya was watching from the Green Room cracking walnuts in her ass.

Honestly, from what I’ve been reading on the web, the only person who thinks he made the RIGHT choice in choosing Taya is… well… TAYA.

When she finally took the sofa next to Bret, she was NOT the Taya on the show. She was full of this arrogant confidence that was like “AH HA! I WON BITCHES”.

I mean, even the host-guy :: don’t know his name but he shows up on alot of VH1 Reality Shows :: told Bret that he made a mistake.

I’ll say this again in Mindy’s defense.. and which is clearly evident if you go back and re-watch the last few episodes .. she couldn’t get the words out because she didn’t want to get hurt.

Look, unless I missed it, HE never told HER that he was falling for her. Now I know me.. and I know my scars.. and I don’t think I would have been able to expose my heart like that knowing that there were other women he was definately interested in. She even said herself that she never wins at the love game.. and when you beat yourself up that much, you tend to think that nobody you love will love you back.

I think for Mindy, it stopped being just a reality show.. her heart was real.. her feelings were real.. and the fear of being rejected was real also.

I kept hoping that Bret would pull a Bachelor Move.

NOTE: I don’t remember Dude’s name or watch the show but he was the one that got all the press because he picked one and then on the reunion show, flipped the script and picked the runner-up.

I was soooooo hoping that he would do that because Taya .. well, you have to watch it .. but she did NOT come off in a good light and really didn’t seem all that interested anymore.

Mind you.. and to be fair.. they hadn’t seen each other or whatever in a few months and we all know what it feels like to be caught up in the moment and then when reality sets back in, things change.. feeling change.. or your perception of the other person changes.

I normally don’t get THIS caught up in shows like this. Honestly, I don’t. Aside from mindless entertainment, I really could care less about the outcome on any show I watch but in this case.. this was different.

And if I could say something to Mindy, it will be that she is more gorgeous on the inside then on the outside.. that she has a beautiful heart and a wonderful soul.

I have a gut feeling that Bret will be changing his mind and realize that Mindy is everything he said he was looking for.. hopefully, he won’t be too late!

Ok.. Rock of Love and Bret Michaels’ tv seasonal quest for true love is my dirty little secret.

Bret himself is like a train wreck. I mean, not for nothing but I can sorta understand the hair extensions for someone who was known for his long flowing locks back in the 80’s.

Hey, we all get older but as much as I think Jon Bon Jovi is a joke :: and don’t believe the hype, a nasty person. That from personal experience mind you :: at least he has come to terms with his age and hair.

I can even ALMOST put up with his eyeliner.. I understand all about television and lights and having to use makeup to avoid being washed out on camera.

But the EYESHADOW? I mean… EYESHADOW. And very NOTICEABLE eyeshadow. Not something to give definition or for the camera.

This was BROWN SHIMMERY EYESHADOW. Like the kind I wear.

I mean.. come on. Really? Say it ain’t so!

Anyway.. so for the finale, Bret had to choose between Mindy and Taya.

Mindy is a home town gal with a rocking body and a little bit of a devil to her… baptized in muddy water if you will.

NOTE: That’s a line from Toby Keith’s “God Love Her”. Love it.

Taya is :: let us not forget after being told a million times :: a Penthouse Pet of the Year, a singer, a stripper :: oops sorry, “feature” dancer :: and to me, the incarnation of Scarlet O’Hara.

Bret picked Taya. Of course. I mean, come on. Did anyone NOT see that coming? But I think Mindy would have been a better choice.

According to Bret, his problem with Mindy is that she would get into funks and wasn’t a very good communicator.

I think he only got the surface and he needs to go back and watch the shows to really find out what was going on.

Come on Ladies.. you all know how it feels to like someone who likes someone else.

Anyway.. I don’t anticipate Bret being with Taya for long. Especially because this is just about the only think Bret has going for him and I’m sure he’ll put out another album by next season!

Sorry, but I’m definately TEAM MINDY on this one!


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… how could anyone “not” take the botoxed injected – European Weave wearing – eyeliner smudged Bret Michaels seriously. And yes.. every road indeed has it’s thorns