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Shhh!!! I’m going to tell you a secret!!

Are you ready?

Are you SURE??

Promise to keep this just between YOU and ME?

Okay then..

Here it is…

I have other things.. thoughts.. and opinions outside of my life with Chief.

<< insert thunder clapping and lightening here >>

There. I said it.

So like… I understand the appeal, ok?

Taking a peak into someone else’s life with all it’s highs and lows.. function and dysfuction.. is like taking a vacation from our own lives.

Not everyone uses the great Blog-O-Rama for enlightenment, opinion and just to gain a worldly perspective.

Sometimes.. people read other people’s blogs so that THEIR life doesn’t seem so tragic.

I get that. I do.

And even though my life is an open book blog and practically nothing is off limits.. I am not consumed by everything going on under my roof. To be fair, considering all that I have written, I can see how that might be a misconception.. But yknow, I have opinions about things that I like to share. And if you don’t agree with my opinions or thoughts or whatever.. feel free to comment and tell me why.. try to change my mind… I welcome healthy debate and interspection


Do not..


I repeat…


… tell me to “stick with what I know” :: meaning my family dysfunction :: and not offer my opinions on controversial subjects.

I knew when I posted about Gay Marriage and Nationalized Healthcare that the subjects were touchy.. hence the word CONTROVERSIAL in the title line.

My inbox was flooded with email with people telling me .. basically.. to shut up.

Like .. oh.. my blog is read by the Government Good ‘Ol Boys who make every decision based on my views. Come on.

Curiously, no one issued a comment on those posts and my only summation is because they didn’t want a public bashlash.. so they whipped me privately :: and not in a good way! ::.

To those of you who did send me rude, nasty and condesending emails HERE’S THE MIDDLE FINGER FOR YOU

NOTE: ..because even though you state that you’ll NEVER read my blog again we both know that you will

I could give a hoot what you think about me or my views. But I do take issue with the notion that I am just some simple minded Tammy Wynett following fool.

Which reminds me of a funny story.

Years ago, I was stuck in a major traffic jam a half block from where I worked. In order NOT to block the intersection.. repeat.. IN ORDER TO NOT BLOCK THE INTERSECTION.. I pulled my car over to the side and slipped in behind a car parked barely legally next to a fire hydrant.

There was another car trying to make the turn onto the street where i had pulled over :: actually, he should have waited until I pulled out :: and was having a difficult time. So he rolled down his passenger side window and yelled:


Now.. freely call me a bitch because I’ll admit that I can be a major one with little effort but DUMB?

Nah.. I don’t think so.

So I grabbed a big, gooey Dunkin’ Donuts blue berry muffinc and threw it. It traveled right through my driver’s side window.. into his passenger side window and SPLAT.. it landed right on his cheek and then slow motioned fell onto his shoulder where it rolled down the front of his shirt and into his lap leaving a trail of crumbs and purple goo.

His face was priceless!!

And I said to him.. “don’t EVER call me DUMB!”

The point I’m trying to make is that I just sit here and type and whatever comes out at any given moment comes out. Nothing is pre-planned, no agenda is being followed.. no Kool-Aid will be served.

And Dude.. I’m one freakin’ person.. nothing I say matters anyway!