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Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor


First let me say that I was NOT thrilled that David Tennant :: the 10th Doctor :: was leaving after last season.

I’m not a huge Sci Fi fan and had never heard of Dr. Who before I met Chief but I fell in love with the show primarily because I fell in love with David Tennant.

Shhh!! Don’t tell anyone!!

So after watching last season’s finale and threw all my girly, weepy, sentimental bullshit tears, I firmly stated:


Chief was all like, “.. give him a chance!” Mainly because he was worried that our Saturday routine would be ruined.. but I was like NO! NO! I WILL NOT LIKE THE  NEW DOCTOR.

And so when this season started.. I was all prepared to NOT LIKE THE NEW DOCTOR and only watched to prove my point that the 11th Doctor was going to suck major ass but then a funny thing happened.


If David Tennant was the source of wet dreams, then Matt Smith is like the friend you grew up with that you suddenly find yourself with a crush on.

It’s a girl thing. Ok?

Anyway.. so I was just as into Dr. Who this season as I was last and was a little put off that the season was going to end so soon with a two parter.

Part 1 was AWESOME! The Doctor gets hoodwinked by all his enemies and gets locked into an unbreakable box, the Pandorica. It was brilliant writing! Brilliant acting! And I sobbed at the end because not only was it the end of the season but the Doctor was LOCKED in a BOX!!

And so all week I waited anxiously for Part 2 and guess what?

It sucked.

This unbelievable series that has a way to make you believe that what is going on is true had the lamest.. most UNbelievable unbelievable episode that left me saying, “.. you’re fucking kidding me, right???”

So let me ask all you Dr. Who fans out there…

Did you have the same reaction as me or am I just a sill girl who likes looking at cute English guys??


If the following pictures mean NOTHING to you, then you might just want to skip this post because well.. it’s going to mean NOTHING to you.

Martha Jones

Pictured are David Tennant as The Doctor along side the Tardis and the characters of  Rose Tyler.. Martha Jones and Donna Noble.

From what I understand.. this show has been around since the 70’s. I never heard of it, but I’m not a Sci-Fi geek. Chief is.. and when I first met him, we’d rush back from where ever it is we were on a Friday night in time to watch it.

In the beginning, I was all pretending to be into it but then I did get into it.. some what.. and then once it hit me that The Doctor was freakin’ hot.. well, I couldn’t NOT watch it, could I?

Anyway.. if you don’t know the story, I’ll just give you a brief sum up..

The Doctor is a time lord that bops around the universe meeting all kinds of trouble makers and weird creatures and stuff.. he usually has a “companion” .. Rose Tyler :: who he fell in love with but had to put her in a parallel universe :: then Martha Jones :: my personal fave who fell in love with HIM but he never took a second look at because of the whole complication with Rose :: and then Donna Noble :: who just wanted to be friends with him which was fine except there was some accidental something or other that made him have to erase her memory :: Oh.. and he regenerates into a new Doctor :: this so that there isn’t a problem with a non-aging alien being played by an aging actor ::

I hate to say this, but the show is brilliant. The writing is soo good and quirky and comical and the writers really dotted their I’s and crossed their T’s because everything connects.. no matter how many seasons or episodes in between.

But as with any good thing, it was time to end and David Tennant’s Doctor was being replaced. So there was a two and a half DAY marathon showing the whole David Tennant series. And we watched them.. all..

And during the last half hour.. when the doctor is fighting his final battle and the Oods are singing their song and he is saying his own good byes to everyone that apart of his time I started sobbing. Really sobbing. And when Chief realized I was sobbing and got all “.. omg, I can’t believe your sobbing”… I sobbed some more.

And yknow.. they did show the “new” season’s doctor and I already told Chief that  I hated him. That nope… there was no way I was going to accept him as The Doctor with his mushy chin and stupid hair.

He laughed.. but he has NO idea how loyal I am to The Doctor!!!