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Ok.. so I’m all on this AWARD thing now thanks to datGurl .. and I was thinking :: cuz I do do that .. sometimes! :: that there are just some blogs that I have to read every morning when I have my coffee.

Sadly.. because I’ve been so absorbed in my own crap the last couple of months.. a few of them either POOF! disappeared (like Mad Hatter Tosha of That’s Why) or just aren’t being written anymore ( Gary’s World and The Nightmare Screenplay ) to name two. I guess we all went hiatus at the same time :: insert sad face here! ::

But I still have my cocktail swigging, moose jerky makin’ girl Jean at JeanHasBeenShopping and datGurl from BenzBaby and GhettoGirl to give me something to look forward to in the morning so I made this award for them.

Condition of the award is this:


This way I can find more interesting stuff to read.. BWAHAHahahahhahahah

Don't Forget To Tell Me Who You Passed It To!!

.. come on.

You guys know I am!! LOL !!

So I was all giddy and giggly and OMG! OMG! OMG! when I opened my email and found that the wonderful and glorious DatGurl had sent along these two awards:

This one is especially meaningful because I happen to think that DatGurl is the SHIZNIT and I am so not anywhere near her level of Shiz-Nit-Tiness.

It just rocks that two people with two different mind sets who don’t always agree or everything can respect each other and pass the Shiz around between us.

I love reading her stuff because she just cracks me the fuck up!!

So do yourself a favor and visit her at BenzBaby.

Just don’t be drinking nothing when you read her posts because it’ll wind up all over your monitor!

And then she send me along this one.. The Innocent Angel Award.

Not sure I’m THAT innocent to receive it but I am in awe of the drawing. It’s fucking fantastic and that’s coming from someone with an art degree that’s collecting dust on the shelf!

Maybe it means that I’m a proponent of the innocent?

Maybe it meas that my morals or values make me “innocent’ in this day and age when everybody around me is just all screwed up..


But I love it and see it just makes me want to be a better person, yknow?

So thank you.. thank you.. thank you.. DatGurl!!

You made my day and I’m so happy that you happened to find my site and liked it enough to stick around!

That make me happy!! LOL!!

Yea! More Awards!!! Yea!!

Posted: February 11, 2010 in Awards


Okay.. so I admit I get more then a little excited when I get an award. Especially now since I haven’t been posting as much as I used to.

But on a serious note, there are some people that I’ve gotten to know through my blog or their blog that I actually consider friends. It may sound weird or like I’m on the road to being an old cat lady but what can I say, it is what it is.

One of those people, is a woman named Shelli who has a great blog called SHAKING THE TREE.

Shelli has the same quirky sense of humor that I love and writes like she’s talking to her best friend. She also lives near me .. so who knows, she may be the first blogging buddy that I get to meet in person!

Maybe after all the snow clears.

Anyway.. Shelli was gracious enough to pass the following award to me:

I take this to be the “When Life Gives You Lemons…” award and if anyone should have a sour puss, you’d think it would be me but yknow.. I just go with the flow and manage the damage so I’ll take that nice tall glass of lemonade, thank you!

So in passing it along, I thought it be appropriate to award this to my blogger buds that also have that big glass of lemonade to clink good cheers with:

GARY at World Of Gary.

Anyone who’s ass can erupt like Mount Vesuvius all over his sister’s kitchen not only deserves this award but really, should be the poster child for it.

JEN at Snark Pool.

Jen up and left everything and everyone she knew to move to a foreign country for love. And now she’s a momma to the most adorable-ist kitten (next to mine).. getting ready to have a baby REAL ASS SOON.. and has the most fabulous living room. Now.. if having a fabulous living room in a foreign country is NOT making lemonade, then psst! You tell me what is!!

MARK at The Nightmare Screenplay

Mark has a lot on his plate and honestly, if  I was him I don’t know how my head would wrap it self around what he has to deal with. But there is never a time when I read his blog that I don’t laugh hysterically or think WHY THE HELL DIDNT I WRITE ABOUT THAT!!! And that, my friends, is a huge compliment!! LOL!!

Shelli also fed into my whore-y award-iness by giving me the following:

And this award I am passing along to everyone on my blogroll. If you’re listed then I think you’re one of the best because I read you all the time. If I read you all the time and you are NOT on my blogroll then PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know.. because I forget to update it and I know that there are blogs listed that are no longer in existence and it just sucks that I haven’t kept up with it.

Catholic Girls Start Much Too Late…

Posted: December 5, 2009 in Awards

That’s a line from Billy Joel’s Only The Good Die Young song … and since yes, I started life as a Catholic Girl I can admit that I DID start much too late but thanks to my Blogger Bud and fellow Award Slut Gary, I’m making up for lost time!

So I’m tickled pink and jazzing over the NEWEST pastie in my collection of awards:

I will truly cherish this one because it says “BEST” and if there is ONE thing that I always strive to be it’s the best at whatever I do..

It’s one of the things that made Chief fall in love with me .. that and.. well.. hmmm.. I might have to save the for TMI Thursday because that would just be giving away a little bit too much.

It’s also nice to know that my sluttiness is not only recognized but commended.

So I raise my glass to Gary.

And in the spirit of sluttiness, I’m passing the torch to:

Welcome to the ranks, kids! And remember.. there’s enough corners for us all!!


I read ALOT of blogs :: no offense, but I really need some semblance of a normal life :: and I have more then a few blogs listed on my blogroll.

And we’ve already established that I am an award slut .. and my blogger-bud Gary is an award whore.

AND if you happened to notice :: which, yknow.. don’t feel guilty if you didn’t because you probably have a normal life :: when I receive an award they have come from either Gary or Mark.

AND.. AND.. if you happened to notice :: which, yknow.. don’t feel guilty if you didn’t because you probably have a normal life :: I usually pass the award along to either Gary.. or Mark.. or Jen512.. or Booshy.

That’s because they’re just like me…

And BELIEVE ME.. that is SOOOO scary.

Well.. actually.. even though Jen512 is the youngest of us, she is probably the most mature!! But that’s just between you and me!

I’ve always been a little off :: in a good way :: .. my dad always told me I was left of center.. and there’s nothing I love more then to read blogs written by people that are just like me.

And so..

Because I have no life and I’m all semi-obsessed with this whole award thing :: don’t fret.. it’ll pass.. like the time I was semi-obsessed with cross stitching :: I was sitting here thinking “… DAMN! I should make my own award!”

So I did.


Left Of Center Award

I would have videoed a whole .. yknow.. “thing” but that just seemed like I was too full of myself. Actually.. that’s not true. Well.. it’s TRUE that I thought that it would be a little over the top :: but then, I did get that award too! :: but really it was just too much work!


In keeping with tradition, the VERY FIRST EVER LEFT OF CENTER AWARD is being presented to:

Gary at WideWorldofGary

Mark at TheNightmareScreenplay

Jen at Jen512

Booshy at Booshy

There’s nothing “extra” that you have to do.. just go on being the random, crazy, silly, funny, quirky bloggers that you are! You bring much needed laughter and I enjoy you all immensely!

NOTE: I also created THIS award:


Best Blogger Boob Award

.. but I didn’t know if Gary or Mark would appreciate having the internet  oogled their man-boobs !!