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So it’s 1am .. I just got back from the laundromat a little bit ago.

I came into the bedroom and obviously, Chief was watching Heroes On Demand because it was on and he was sleeping.

I don’t bother with the tv ’cause I jumped on my laptop but once Heroes finished.. the On Demand thingy timed out and went back to the regular cable. I don’t remember exactly what I heard that made me look at the screen but I did and saw the Animal Planet logo.

I don’t do Animal Planet because whenever I try to.. they’re either always showing something traumatic to my psyche.. or I can’t get to the remote fast enough to change the channel from the commercial that will be showing something traumatic to my psyche..

Hello?? Did you ever SEE the ASPCA commercials with Sarah McLaughlin sing about the arms of the angel or Willie Nelson singing about maybe how you didn’t love me?

I’m tearing up now..

Anyway.. The show that happens to be on is called The Haunted.

You know, that show about people living in haunted houses that’s usually on A&E or some other station other then the Animal Planet?

Yea.. well they got one on the Animal Planet ‘cuase.. yknow.. pets can sense ghosts and stuff.

But come on…


Is there not ANYTHING else to show on the Animal Planet??

And WHY the hell would you see a ghost with black eyes in your bedroom that causes your two black labs to go high tailing out of the house AND NOT TELL ANYONE?????

Are you fucking DENSE???

Must really be time for sleep!!!